I am rather thankful that Health Canada has done this (sending bodybags to natives). On June 26th, on 12.160MHZ I posted an article "New Flu Freak possible Bio Specific Weapon".

The day before, Public Health Service Canada had called and guaranteed me we would not be forced into vaccination and we could stop it with a court injunction. She might have to check out the amendment to Quebec Public Health Act 2.2 update of July 27, 2009 or the new Bill C6 to see that guarantee is no longer there. ALL RIGHTS STRIPPED!

In the article, I warn that the sample of 1918 Influenza being used to make vaccins comes from an inuit woman who died 80 years ago.


In 1997, freelance investigative reporter Robert S. Finnegan, then living and based in Alaska was present when Dr. John Hultin managed to con the Natives of Brevig Mission Alaska into allowing him to exhume the bodies of several Native Alaskans against the almost violent protests of the Natives.

Plying the Natives with lies and money, Hultin managed to find two corpses that appeared still viable for extraction of the H5N1 DNA buried in the permafrost. One corpse retained the viral DNA in its desiccated lungs. He then returned to the lower 48 with enough DNA to resurrect this killer virus that had been eradicated in the early 1900’s. Hultin turned virus samples over to the CDC and the U.S. Army (Jeffery Taubenberger) who then proceeded to weaponize the virus H5N1, baptizing his new doomsday creation with the name "Bird Flu."

This is the same sample used by these folks to make live vector viruses for vaccination preparation and distribution.


Summary of oral evidence: Dr John Wood and Dr James Robertson, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) 27 April 2006

Dr John Wood and Dr James Robertson are Principal Scientists in the Division of Virology at NIBSC. Dr Wood and Dr Robertson lead the NIBSC’s influenza group and their responsibilities include the control and standardisation of influenza vaccines. On behalf of the World Health Organisation (WHO) the NIBSC is involved in the serological testing of vaccine trials; the PREPARATION and DISTRIBUTION of INFLUENZA VIRUSES TO VACCINE MANUFACTURERS; and the COORDINATION of EU STRAIN SELECTION PROCESSES.

That’s right folks , Dr James and co. grow/collect/and control influenza virus strains for vaccine makers , we told you the vaccine WAS the sickness! They do this for WHO (On behalf of W.H.O.) and coordinate the spreading of sickness (strain selection process) in europe.

Now I sent out my warning to many reservations and indian contacts at the time. Few listened. But these body bags being sent have perked up some ears now. The 2 most important reasons? 1; Health Canada didn't say it was an outright mistake, but rather, was quoted as saying "We sent them TOO SOON!" The 2nd is this: I've been here commenting for a few years now. When CBC posts a story, they leave it up for more than 2 days before comments are closed. I've seen stories open for comments going on 6-7 days. CBC released the news article about the body bags on the 16th. Here we are the 18th...less than 48 hours...and the comments are closed with none posted. This tells us all plenty about censorship at CBC !

So now I'll send you a link to my updated article on the lab freak human-bird-pig-insect flu. You can check out about Canada's Bill C6 on Atomic News Review or The Flu Case, they also have articles on Quebecs health Act update and rights stripped from us. This is the short-cut.....


This gives the original article, a July news update, and the Sept.16 report on the body bags from Reuters.

Now here is some helpful advice on NATURAL products much more effective than the psychotropic neuro-toxic chemical drugs they keep pushing on and into us.

Oil of Oregano, Coconut Oil, Leeks, onions, garlic, colloidal silver, Vitamin C & D ( in natural form - milk-plants-grains), lots of fresh fruit and veggies. Elderberry Extract has been proven by an Isreali Doctor to be 100% effective in destroying ANY form of Avian Flu, Black and raspberries, wild grapes . They have alcohol based sprays of oil of oregano and cinnamon that kill pathogenes and bacteria BEFORE they can infect you. Sterilize your environment properly, and no bugs can crawl around or on you......STOP USING TOOTHPASTE AND FLOURIDATED WATERS! Flouride blocks the thyroid, which helps regulate body weight and stops the thyroid from sending out repair tissue and cells. ANY OTHER REAL NATURAL INFO, not the luciferian expert's advice. THAT'S guaranteed death!

2 least affected groups by 1918 Influenza? Sailors, who spent all day in the sun making vitamin D in their skin, and workers of cinnamon factories along with their family memebers ( coming home with cloths FULL of cinnamon. Research before being a doubting monkey. Time has NEVER been shorter than now!

My children, parents, and myself have been dammaged and dehumanized and dumbed down by vaccins. My wife nearly died last fall from flu vaccin. I know all too much and too well about what a vaccin is. It's letting the god of science invade your temple and slowly hypocrytically kill you. Live Vector Virus. I live virus chemically weakened with vector parts attached to transmit more easily. When they tried making a new species of fruitfly by hitting it with massive amounts of xrays, they created over 1000 freaks, all weaker and ugly and some dying right away....but NO NEW SPECIES!

THAT'S NOT the kicker. These flies were left alone to keep breeding without xray poisoning. After a few generations, the flies children came back to normal. The the same original form and creation. DNA is made to return to it's normal bounderies.

Intelligence should realize what this implies. Even though the virus being injected into you is chemically weakened ( and not even in the March baxter/Czech case), it will NOT REMAIN THAT WAY! Your healthy body and a few hours reproduction return that deadly puppy to normal. BUT YOU'VE BYPASSED NATURAL DEFENCE SYSTEM...IMMUNE SYSTEM! So now you are infected. AND this freak can help invite other freaks in, or start turning on naturally occuring compositions the body creates to remain healthy.

Take squalene for example. The body makes squalene. THEY inject you with squalene combined with weakened virus ( and chemicals and mercury and drugs and aborted dead fetal tissue, etc). The body's immune system comes to fight new invader....but now recognizes squalene as being PART OF THE PROBLEM. So after defeating the squalene/virus concoction, the immune system now turns on NATURALLY OCCURING SQUALENE...and your body actually starts fighting itself. Research, not ear tickle!


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