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BoA:Audio celebrates our 200th episode with the long-awaited return of William Zabel to the program.

Incommunicado since his original appearance on the program back in 2009, William Zabel will provide us an update on his whereabouts over the last three years as well as an in-depth look at the Columbine Conspiracy. We'll rip the lid off of this bizarre story and gain even further insights into what William believes happened in Littleton, Colorado in April of 1999. In this nearly 2.5 hour-long conversation, we'll discuss how and why the conspiracy began as well as how the events of the school shooting really unfolded and suspicious details from witness testimonies which suggest the 'official' version of events is false. Along the way, we'll learn about the Columbine connections to evangelical Christians, HAARP, Sharon Stone, Dana Plato, 'death education' programs, and many more odd aspects of this story.

Altogether it is an amazing, and long thought to be impossible, sequel to one of the most discussed episodes in the storied history of BoA:Audio as William Zabel makes his triumphant return to the program.

Full Preview: Kicking off the program, we learn why William Zabel has been incommunicado these past three years and he details a litany of instances where it appears his phone and email accounts were tinkered with and prevented him from receiving messages. Having cleared that up, we then dive right back in to the Columbine Conspiracy and William reveals that his research over the last three years has focused on the evangelical Christian community in Colorado being involved with the conspiracy. This leads to William talking about how the town of Littleton, Colorado is replete with former government intelligence operatives.

Having established some of the 'forces,' at work behind the scenes at Columbine, we then get into how the conspiracy was born and the ultimate goals behind the school shooting event. William shares some stunning revelations about how the plans for the shooting conspiracy appear to date years before the event. He then talks about how an impending gun bill and a NATO plan to establish Denver as a military encampment played a role in formulating the conspiracy. Finally, he explains how a third element, sinister Christian forces, used the school shooting as a 'Satanic sacrifice.'

Detailing this intelligence-Christian connection, William talks about how ministries were working with military intelligence to develop spies while using this relationship to bolster their memberships and fill their coffers. Focusing on how this applies to the events of Columbine, he talks about how the shooting galvanized local churches while also leading kids towards working with intelligence communities.

Looking at some of the more suspicious elements surrounding the Columbine shooting, William talks about a newspaper report that reveals that detectives destroyed a timeline covering the events leading up to the shooting as well as 'associates' of Klebold and Harris. This leads to William talking about one particular individual who was seen at the school that day, despite graduating two years earlier, and had motives which would implicate him in the shooting. He also discusses a number of instances where victims of the shooting 'predicted' that they were going to die that day.

Getting meta for a moment, we ask William why he seems to be the only person doggedly pursuing the conspiracy theory surrounding the Columbine shooting. He explains how he lucked in to the conspiracy as well as how other researchers were either shunned as outsiders. We also find out if William has ever been threatened for looking too deeply into the Columbine story. This segues to William telling us about how he has uncovered over 50 people who have 'disappeared' or died under suspicious circumstances since the shooting.

Next we dig deep into the Columbine Conspiracy by having William detail what he believes unfolded over the course of April 19th and 20th. William extrapolates on his belief that the Columbine event began on Monday the 19th as an overnight hostage situation and explains why this this theory is more plausible that it first sounds. He also talks about how nearly half the students were at school those days and why he thinks no one has ever revealed this remarkably different timeline. William also introduces the idea that many people in the Littleton area believe the shooting only took place over the course of 45 minutes on Tuesday because they were the victim of HAARP-based mind control.

Going further down the rabbit hole, we then find out how many perpetrators William believes were involved in the hostage situation and subsequent shooting. He also talks about how there were multiple bombs found at different times prior to and after the shooting which suggest explosive-making abilities beyond that of Harris and Klebold. We then find out how the other perpetrators of the Columbine event managed to escape from the school and evade justice. Wrapping up the events of that day, Williams details what likely happened to Harris & Klebold and why the likely did not commit suicide but actually were murdered as part of a larger agenda concerning gun control.

Connecting some of the loose ends and other details surrounding Columbine, we find out why any initial suspicions about the event seemed to dissipate rather quickly and how researchers were dissuaded from looking at the case by the government. We also find out about the Sharon Stone connection to Columbine that William has uncovered in recent years as well as how infamous Diff'rent Strokes actress Dana Plato has a Columbine connection as well. He also cites the filing system for FBI documents and how the system confirms his suspicion that the Columbine event began on April 19th not April 20th. William also notes additional new evidence which contradicts the official report which claimed that police snipers in the area had not fired any shots.

Following that, we find out about the sinister program known as 'death education' and William talks about how this had cult origins and played a role in the events of Columbine. Looking back on the 10th anniversary, when we first interviewed William Zabel, we find out if there was any credence given to the conspiracy theory surrounding the events of a decade prior.

Taking the conversation ever further afield, we then find out if William has researched the Denver Airport and he shares his findings on that infamous location. He looks specifically at the notorious paintings found at the DIA as well as the suspicious methods of construction and the underground areas alleged to extend far beyond the airport. Eerily, William also talks about odd ghostly-type encounters that his family and others have had at both the airport and the area around it.

Heading towards the close, we find out if Williams thinks the 'true' story of Columbine will ever emerge in the mainstream. We also find out if anyone will ever be brought to justice for Columbine. We also ponder the idea that if people are brought to justice, then it would likely take down the entire conspiracy. William also gives us an update on the state of and he explains the much-discussed 'gibberish' found there as well as provides an update on the status of the site.

Wrapping up the conversation, William talks about why he isn't afraid of the grand conspiracy or being threatened by insiders and authorities. Since there appear to be many Columbine suspects still at large, we learn about William's encounters with these people and what they say about their role in the event. He also talks about how the Trenchcoat Mafia wasn't a Columbine phenomenon, but part of a larger group created by the government. Closing it out, we get a preview of what is to come at as well as the potential for a hard copy version of William's long-awaited book on the Columbine conspiracy.

William Zabel Bio

William Zabel has been a graphic designer since 1996, working mostly with post production graphics for television and film. He also worked as an actor in a variety of tv shos and films including "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane." Perry Mason, Father Dowling Mysteries. Played a doctor in the entirely Denver based film, "Nomads."

He has spent twenty years doing political research into government corruption, murder, mind control, and government waste and abuse. He has researched abuse by military and civlian law enforcement including the Panama Invasion, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma CIty Bombing, as well as the Columbine massacre, and Virginia Tech massacre.

He has also researched many paranormal events including the strange events at Denver Internatinoal Airport, hauntings in local Denver buildings and historical sites, and spend time with his UFO friends (some MUFON) staring up at the sky at night.

His website is

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