Connecting the Recent Dots over Potential Taiwan Invasion

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With what’s going on in Ukraine right now tensions are already as tight as can be, but add to this the latest suspicious activity leading one to anticipate the worst in Taiwan and the South China Sea. Thanks to stories analyzed by Dan Bongino, former Secret Service and NYPD officer, things look very potentially threatening. All you need to do is tie one story to the next and the picture begins to unfold. If China comes across the Taiwan straits, most certainly war would break out. Thanks to the Biden clown act the US military has begun to doubt its effectiveness, but perhaps China is about too confident in their capability as well.

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Story No. 1 It was revealed the other day that Communist Chinese malware has been discovered at Guam Island a major strategic launch point for US Naval operations regardless if a conflict arises anywhere in the Pacific Theater. In the event of war, of course China would want to interdict anything coming out of Guam. Malware there is concerning. You might recall that Guam was once the site of US Marine Corps barracks attacked and occupied by the Japanese in WWII, and has become a major US Navy Base with flight operations as well. Remember too that during the Trump Administration little “Rocket man” of North Korea had threatened to nuke Guam. North Korea has always been considered the retarded little brother of China.

Story No. 2 Fifty members of the US Senate were issued satellite phones for what the Pentagon tells us are for National Security purposes. Does the US government know something we don’t know? Why satellite phones? Because in the event of major communications disruptions, due to war? The need to get a hold of people at any hour for major national announcements and action would necessitate a satellite phone! Is there something major going on? There will always be clues before a disaster or major engagement that the wise should well advised of.

Story No. 3 The US military has just purchased 290 drones that specialize in radiological detection and other military related functions. Quite a huge expenditure. Probably about half a billion in funding. That’s quite a chunk of change for simply routine peace time conduct! Once again, what is going on? Remember all this was preceded by the Chinese surveillance balloons that the Biden Administration treated like a minor violation of US air space while analysts informed us that these balloons were taking topographical data and existing infrastructure on the ground.

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Disruptions of Routine Operations

In prior months the Chinese were sending unprecedented numbers of warplanes into Taiwan’s ADIZ day after day while doing so much sword rattling that the weak kneed Biden White House terminated regularly scheduled US Navy submarine patrols through the Taiwan Straits for a month before resuming those operations through what are international waters. It is clear that the incursions by the Communist Chinese war machine into Taiwan’s ADIZ were to study the response of the Taiwan defense forces!

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Final Thoughts

If the ultimate conflict between the two super powers were to break out the entire world would suffer supply chain interruption and a kind of devastation never before seen in the modern world. Are the Chinese crazy enough to risk that? If they were to succeed in defeating the US and the combined forces of its allies, China would be in control of the majority of the world’s shipping lanes, in control of the largest electronic chip capacity, in control of the South China Sea and the Eastern China Sea, and unquestioned dominance of other Asian nations such as the Philippines, North Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other island groups. Most people would agree that the weakened actions of the Biden White House have only emboldened our enemies.

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