Breitbart’s Death and A Short History on US Assassinations

In the wake of the unlikely death of successful and talented publisher and commentator, Andrew Breitbart we are not only saddened but intrigued by his untimely passing. A 43 year old California publishing millionaire collapses in front of his home, dying shortly after. Yes, this is an unfortunate reality of our fast paced world of stress and pressured living, Breitbart was an acknowledged political opponent of Barack Obama. Some have speculated at his anger being responsible for causing a heart problem that could have led to a sudden and fatal episode.

However, there is more to this tragic puzzle than meets the eye. In his political battle against the President’s radical push to transform American society into Obama’s socialistic vision. Andrew Breitbart posed maybe too great a threat to the career of Barack Hussein Obama. It was announced here recently that not only did Breitbart acquire home movies containing damaging information about President Obama’s radical affiliations with known subversives, but that he would use this material to force Obama to have to requalify himself as being eligible to hold the office of the presidency all over again. There would be no automatic vetting of the President by state election boards once the controversy had been fully revealed on film.

Breitbart’s expose’ would also shed light on the fact that news organizations and educators who sympathize with the leftist cause in America had hidden this film footage or severely edited the content so as not to reveal its true convicting essence. Breitbart, said that he would vet President Obama in 2012 under the revelation of the videos he had acquired, Andrew promised a new and powerful weapon against the chances of a successful re-election campaign. It was clear that Andrew Breitbart was more than hinting at the Kryptonite he had in store for an incumbent president seeking another term.

Among a long list of known radicals such as William Ayers, a convicted domestic terrorist, Bernadine Dohrn, his wife and coconspirator, Louis Farrakhan, a known radical leftist hate monger, were others who participated in Obama’s developing career. As allegations grew and political pressures threatened to obstruct his ambitions, Obama used his most well known tactic of disassociating himself from those in his past. Although this stretched his credibility and shed obvious doubt upon himself, Obama continued to deny his past involvement with many of these radical and even criminal elements such as Tony Rezko.

Through these videos of young Barack Obama’s college days, Andrew Breitbart planned to reveal all the rabid and fanatical subversives that the President spent time with and rallied around in his formative years. Yet, for reasons of political expediency, Obama had abruptly severed ties with these personalities once criticism arose to conceal the truth.

 With Breitbart’s exposure of the President’s radical ties the American people could finally have proof of Obama’s influences who publicly expressed their hatred for America, their contempt for our capitalistic society, as well as their hostility toward white people. Of course, this was not only something President Obama would not want potential voters to see, but a side of his ideological development that defined who he really was, and how that dictated just why his policies tended to diminish traditional American interests. It answered all to well just why it was that President Obama has conducted a campaign of weakening this nation with his counterproductive directives.

For example, one film clip shows Professor Derrick Bell embracing young Barack Obama in 1991 during a political event. Bell, a radical Harvard Professor, advocated harassing white people. Professor Bell charged that the US justice system was inherently prejudiced toward black Americans. Derrick Bell made well known his anti-Semitism toward Jews. A radical mentor of Obama’s, Richard Ogletree, admitted to hiding this piece of film footage during the 2008 election campaign for obvious reasons. It is this kind of political manipulation that begins to uncover a conspiracy to black out the troubled past of Barack Hussein Obama. Revealing these facts could upset the carefully molded image created for the public by Barack Obama’s handlers, and change the course of events to come!

 The only limit to the shock factor of an assassination is the clandestined act of killing a key political figure itself. Either the true assassin and the reason for that deed can be made public or not. The reason, who was behind it, the method used to kill, and even the political rationale for such a bold and brutal act can remain a well kept mystery if the factions responsible so deem it to be necessary.

Over the decades a multitude of individuals all over the world especially in America have been systematically exterminated with surgical precision and often very unclear motives. Political figures, enforcement agents, celebrities, UFO investigators, intelligence agents, armed forces personnel, and even journalists have suffered untimely deaths of questionable detail and circumstance. Assassinations are an art as well as a science. Over the last few decades with the help of science, they have become harder and harder to identify due to the disguised method, or the Machiavellian situation that was arranged in order to insure a swift and efficient kill with few if any clues left as to the perpetrators of the evil act.

By the 1960’s the CIA and KGB had perfected many subtle and ingenious ways of causing a swift and hard to determine form of death. By 1962 the CIA was able to introduce cancer as a covert manner of killing a target without drawing suspicion to who and why. CIA laboratories devised methods of toxin delivery that made detection of the cause of death almost impossible.

In 1975 during the Church Committee, Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona interrogated a CIA director who exhibited a hand gun capable of delivering a high speed frozen dart composed of a frozen toxin. The dart would enter the target’s body like any other bullet or projectile and melt as it delivered the fatal dose of poison into the circulatory system leaving only a small reddened area where it had pierced the skin. It would be almost undetectable, especially if a coroner had not been briefed to look for this subtle indicator.

Another innovative form of inducing a covert form of heart attack in a social setting was a cigar that was invented by the Soviet KGB that when lit and casually brought within close proximity of the target would induce a sudden cardiac arrest from the vapor emitted. The agent would merely approach the victim, light the cigar in a relaxed manner, and lean with one hand against the shoulder of the target, cigar in that hand, in a seemingly friendly gesture. The smoke from the cigar, laced with a fast acting airborne chemical would induce the desired rapid death from apparent natural causes.

Was Andrew Breitbart the target of an assassin’s frozen killer dart, delivered by the expert aim of an operative brandishing a pistol designed to propel that deadly projectile? Was Breitbart struck by a fast acting neurotoxin that paralyzed his heart muscle and simulated what appeared to be a classic massive cardiac arrest? Was the unfortunate and untimely death by natural causes being conveniently determined by an unsuspecting coroner, and becoming the inordinate epitaph of an angry opponent of President Obama? Is this the way the compliant leftist main stream media would obediently report the story in response to a deadly event that occurred under suspect timing in conjunction with the release of damaging evidence that was to be presented against President Obama? Does this seem to be a bit too accusatory, or is it simply too coincidental to ignore?

Let me remind you that ever since the horrific assassination of President John F. Kennedy
In 1963, the business of well coordinated and often high tech assassinations has become more and more prevalent as an expedient method of eviscerating threats. Almost every assassination of a leading political figure from Robert Kennedy to Martin Luther King has been fraught with conspiracy allegations. However, that leaves a long list of people who have suffered very untimely deaths that seemed to be from natural causes, yet are unexplainably attributed to those seemingly too young to have been candidates for deaths by natural causes. Many of these people were in a controversial situation and they posed a threat to an opposing faction either intentionally or simply by the weight of the evidence their investigations had uncovered.

A reminder of the CIA’s use of cancer to cause the demise of targeted subjects would be Jack Ruby, the man who gunned down the alleged assassin of JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald. Killing Oswald with a hand gun in front of national TV counters in the parking garage of the Dallas Court House, Ruby pleaded with authorities to be taken to Washington DC where he would expose the whole plot to kill President Kennedy. Jack Ruby’s pleas fell on deaf ears and he would later die in a Dallas jail cell from a form of cancer. Was that just a coincidence? Was that the product of a CIA medical laboratory? Perhaps its just another meaningless conspiracy theory. Funny how more and more of these inexplicable events take place these days whenever it seems the exposure of damaging evidence is eminent.

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Comment by R.Fenbarf on April 11, 2012 at 3:21pm

Have you ever seen the allegations that Breitbart like Glenn Beck are fictional characters presented by the never tell a lie media?

Some people say the guy who claims Breitbarts ears (forensic evidence equally as identifying as a fingerprint)match exactly Coach John Fox

Some people say Glenn Beck is actually actually Allan Lengel.His proof is this hi def picture comparing the two.

He even says Ellie Wohl is playing Orily Taitz the "Birth Certificate Whacko" the so called leader of the "Birther" movement. He says there is no such person as Orly Taitz using these comparative photos.

He might be on to something but how can you be sure? Even with the ears it could just be a coincidence.If they are actors then they must laugh at the opinions and feelings people have based on their actors LOL

 I can't say if he's right. Just some people say he could be right.
  I think it's funny !

Comment by Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz on April 1, 2012 at 8:32pm

I told Breitbart to be very carefull with his exposés. That the Enemy lurked everywhere. I guess he didn't listen.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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