Creating a Civil War Through Cyberspace

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What is a bot? This is a false profile engaging someone on a social platform for political purpose. It can be either leftist or conservative, but most times is going to be a tool of political opposition in favor of the Democrats. As Rush Limbaugh, the famous conservative radio and TV show host in today’s technically advanced cyber space a single political opposition company with 2 employees can generate a million negative e-mail comments with ease. Limbaugh was the targeted enemy of the Democrats and constantly experiencing their wrath.

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The Democrat ground game

Today with even more technical sophistication you can scale that million e-mail attacks up to 30 million or more by a relatively few operatives. You see it social platforms like Quora, Twitter, Tik Tok, FaceBook, YouTube, and even dating sites with chat rooms. In 2008 during the media awarded election of President Obama Democrat trolls were on high alert trying to either convince people hiring Obama was the cool thing to do or shaming anyone who wouldn’t vote for Obama. This while the so-called media journalists on TV shouted down anyone they interviewed who dared to ask who this unknown Senator from Chicago was with few if any accomplishments. Well, he was the first president of the United States elected for the color of his skin, not due to his experience, nor whether he even qualified as a true citizen of the US as proof of his birth was highly questionable if not unacceptable. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his cold case posse of retired detectives who volunteered their time would later prove that Obama was a truly an unconstitutional Manchurian Candidate.

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Beating you into submission

However, it seems that truth now has no value at all. America can be lead to the slaughter by fake leaders elected through stolen elections. The Deep State has no use for serving the people or conducting business as a Constitutional Republic. So, what happens when you want to start civil war in America? You can race bait, start a series of false flag operations to create mass shooting for either incriminating the other side or taking away the people’s self-defense so they have no safety when attacked as they wait a long time for the defunded and understaffed police to show up to zip up the body bags and apologize for those who were victimized by the thugs working for the Democrats! But, there’s another effective way of stirring up conflict and hatred with scalable numbers cheaply and effectively.

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The corrupt apparatus

Hire a firm or several who specialize in electronic political opposition. They used to be called Political Research Companies, not anymore. They can generate all kinds of hate e-mail going out to anyone who opposes their point of view, anyone they are politically at odds with, or to foster anger and hatred! Basically, whoever hired them for the point of view they will defend or attack. These bots are simply faked profiles with hardly any content, they can appear by the thousands in an hour and give the impression that there is wide support for their point of view or be used to intimidate!

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Are we on the brink or already there?

These bots can be used to simply generate hostility between political factions, as well as spreading lies about candidates that do not represent their actions or disbelief. This will ignite the unhinged into committing acts of violence, spur destructive activism, and create social tension on a national scale. Could this ignite a civil war based upon race, skin color, political differences, or identity politics? Well, they’re doing it now to the point that when you’re on the internet and on a social platform you don’t really know who you’re engaging! You wonder why when you make a statement someone is throwing unprovoked obscene insults at you to get you to reply, maybe deleted from the social platform or just get you mad! Check out the profile. Usually little if any followers and scant personal information. Good indicators that it’s a falsely created account! They use millions of these to try and influence the conversation, so beware and don’t get sucked into engaging with them or wasting your time arguing with them. Again, could this stir up enough animosity to ignite a civil war? Seems like we’re already there in the big blue cities!

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