Current Global Military Matrix-Are we Already at War?

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In the next couple of weeks Taiwan is scheduled to conduct a presidential election with the winner giving a speech to his or her people. Xi Ji Ping of Communist China has vowed that this will never happen, that Taiwan is part of China’s empire, but the little island of Formosa and its people are determined to remain independent. The outcome in worst case scenario as discovered in Chinese secret files that the war would begin with China launching preemptive missile strikes against Pearl Harbor in Hawaii at the Pacific Naval fleet there and at Guam, who contains significant holdings by combined US forces. This would be a gamble for control of the South China Sea region, and all its shipping lanes. Whoever controls that theater of operations controls 2/3 of cargo trade in the international markets and captures 80% of the world’s semi-conductor manufacture. A blow like this if successful could leave China in the brutal driver’s seat for a long time.

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Less than 2 weeks ago the North Koreans launched a huge missile offensive at South Korea! Occasional skirmishes have occurred over the years as, believe it or not, the Korean War was never formally declared an armistice, the two sides only agreed to a cease fire, however, this doesn’t justify all out unprovoked aggression against the Seoul and its people. Details from the press are few and vague, but word is out that Japan is furious and over the last few months has been carrying out naval exercises with South Korea. The Communist Chinese have threatened Japan or any other US ally that joins into a military action with the US. Japan has been modernizing its sub fleet as well as it very capable fighter jet squadrons. Japan is just one of many US allies in the Pacific theater. The Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and some others will align with the US if it shows purpose and commitment, under the Biden clown house that is questionable. Korea’s leaders want to immediately attack in kind but for the pleadings of the Biden carnival show state department.

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We are all ready at war in the Red Sea as Yemen, you know that little country that Obama ordered our ambassador out of then commanded US Marines to drop all weapons and to load aboard a super cargo plane leaving millions in weapons at the abandoned facility. Yemen has become another asylum for radical terrorists who have launched drone strikes against US troops and ships. 3 weeks ago a massive drone attack campaign was fought off by US Naval destroyers, frigates, and missile cruisers! Over 200 such crafts were flown against our ships. The US response was heavy bombardment in limited areas, but there was damage to the Navy’s fleet. Drones, UAV’s, or AV’s are small craft that while not stealthy are still difficult to pick on radar if not massed together. The fighting went on for at last 3 days with no cease fire agreement signed. Iran is identified as having funded and equipped our adversaries there! Of course in this action the actions of our enemy were ill advised and costly.

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Available weapons arsenals of the forces that would be involved in a regional war are worrisome as territory defended by Taiwan is condensed and an easy target from mainland China even though Taiwan is well equipped with US and allied weaponry and even submarines. Yet, a very long and protracted conflict could prevail if the US is faced landing and maintaining an occupational presence as the fighting moves further north. China has a huge land mass that can be used to withdraw into and still hit its enemies with long range missiles and even hypersonic missiles though it’s not known how many would be transported there. The same is true with Russia, whose most effective strategy throughout its long history of wars has been to outlast their opponents by entrapping them in the vast, uninviting terrain of brutal winters, muddy permafrost, and distances that stretch the limits for fuel and human endurance.

In today's warfighting environment, the F-35 outperforms the F-22

A look at weapons inventories gives the US a staggering advantage but for how long until attrition and loss of resources take their toll. Currently with 600 operational US bases in the world and 14,030 5fth and 6th generation fighter jets (F-35‘s and F-22 Raptors) with eleven to 20 operational US carrier fleets depending how command wants to divide the ships, able to project power to any corner of the globe, neither Russia or China can come close to the sheer numbers of American aerial forces. This does not even include US allied arsenals.

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Russia musters about 2,430 strike capable aircraft of a combined older number together with the newer fighter jets as the SU-27. It has been recently revealed that the much touted hypersonic missiles of the Russian military has turned out to be prone to malfunction and more propaganda than real successful numbers. Yet, Russia has a larger thermo-nuclear missile arsenal than the US.

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Mainland China has fallen behind on its commitment for producing nuclear powered air craft carriers and even lost one after launching it. Why? Because the technology is hard to build and to keep reliable, something the Chinese have little experience in. In their aerial capacity to fight an air war the Chinese have 3,330 J-20’s and older military warplanes, but are well behind the US. China’s strength would be in numbers of her troops and high command’s willingness to sacrifice them in order for an all-out win. However, a huge army of foot soldiers as Napoleon once said, “An army fights and maneuvers on its stomach.” That might just be the key factor for China, their inability to supply the food and hydrating needs of a monstrous war time force under the assault of its enemies, as in massive combat not all that food production will be available.

With all these problems of logistics facing both sides, whoever moves the most units efficiently and costly enough will go a long way to victory! Yet, whoever is able to target and destroy vast supplies needed to keep those soldiers going will be another critical factor. The question of managing our allied involvement and using them effectively would have another challenge. Estimates of US losses have been estimated as 500 US joint operational aircraft and at least one aircraft carrier. With the attack scenario predicted of a China strike if they did hit Guam and Pearl Harbor first casualties and material losses could even more critical.

However, the game changer may already have been introduced in battle. It seems that the Russian hyper missiles have performed poorly in Ukraine with the US ARMY Patriot anti-missile System being effective against them. The equivalent of the Israeli “Iron Dome” system exists in the US Army arsenal under a different name and has met and exceeded expectations.

Few people know that our military has already been in direct conflict with Russian troops when the Wagoner Group fired upon a US base in Syria! Prigozhin and his Wagner military group found elements attacking the US base to have been quickly fired upon by US troops, and a lot of aircraft replying from C-130’s, Wart Hogs, F-22 Raptors, and even directed artillery retaliation from a neighboring American artillery base. The Wagner offensive was quickly smothered with the fury of US combined forces until none of them were left or even recognizable shredded to bits in the burning soil. When the US called upon Russia to ask for their forces were attacking, their response was, “No!” The Russians were contacted again by US joint command and informed that indeed there were no Russian soldiers alive The Russians failed to respond. This is the Wagner Group that fought to within city blocks of Putin’s government offices.

There is one key factor to worry over though. Under the botched and incompetent leadership of the Biden White House filled with “Yes men” like General Milley and General Frank MacKenzie who ran the botched Afghan pull out, with Chinese infiltration of US infrastructure, with Chinese effective deployment of spy balloons, with Chinese operatives in the US government, not to mention Biden’s top secret documents having been viewed by, God knows who, as they were left practically open to the public. How much of the US battle plan does China already know about? How much has Biden willingly shared with the Chinese through the millions son Hunter has brought into the country for the Biden family? America might be facing the worst consequences in history by a true treasonous President that would make Benedict Arnold look like an amateur compared to the corrupt, conscientiously absent, senile, Joe Biden!


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Comment by cheeki kea on February 2, 2024 at 11:45am

That's a great essay but I fail to see Americas allies gearing up in enthusiasm to provide any meaningful aid in a war-like situation because nobody takes their concerns seriously anymore..The latest get-together venture AUKUS does not even include NZ or Canada in any capacity known indicating reservations or background concerns. Just recently assistance was called for in the Red Sea saga and here they rounded up just 6 individuals to help out and called it a great contribution. Here's the point if major enemies like China and Russia really were as threatening as claimed then Why are they letting them walk right up to the border Of America and waltz right in with Glee?! That is the Double-Think question to ponder, but not for very long before coming to the conclusion that this is a bloody joke. The rest of us need passports, papers, visas and sometimes pre-arranged permission before we can just rock up and enter America, and we're the 'friendly' people? That's getting to be debatable.  permission before we can just rock up and enter America. 

Comment by FREEDOMROX on January 30, 2024 at 2:13pm

How do you take a Country down, or an Empire. First, you over-extend the military and keep them out of domestic affairs. Second: You allow illegal immigration, fund them with taxpayers dollars until millions are dependent... then shut off the tax cattle's spigot... and bam!! You now have millions of Homeless Illegals, without any way to support them, running wild throughout the US, murdering, pillaging, and then... War Powers, Martial law, gun confiscation in the name of National Security... All planned and addressed at the World Economics Forum. WAR IS GOOD! If you want world wide genocide. Interesting times!! INDEED

"Destroying the New World Order"



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