Declassified intelligence reveals the massive scope of US aggression against the world

Saying that the United States of America is conducting the most comprehensive aggression against the world might seem like an overreaction. However, when declassified intelligence reveals that the belligerent power in decline has launched proxy wars and illegal military-intelligence operations, better known as "black ops", in at least 23 countries in as little as 3 years, that's when we realize that this American aggression against the world is very real. According to The Intercept, an American non-profit news organization, the Pentagon spent at least $310 million on launching 23 proxy wars and major black ops between 2017 and 2020, targeting Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Tunisia, Niger, Somalia and many other countries.

The US has used the secretive 127e authorization protocol to "legally" conduct the 23 proxy wars in those 3 years. Naturally, the US definition of "legal" is questionable at best, given its horrendous track record of illegal invasions across the globe and thousands, possibly even more, illegal detention centers around the world, run by the CIA, NSA and numerous other US three-letter intelligence agencies. The self-proclaimed exterritoriality of US laws is as illegal as it could possibly be. And yet, the US insists it can dictate other countries to comply with those same laws, despite the fact that there is no conceivable mechanism to make this belligerent approach legal.

According to The Intercept, it obtained the relevant documents through the Freedom of Information Act. According to their report, this is the first official confirmation of America's participation in the so-called "127e programs", of which 14 were in the Middle East, with the rest focused on the Asia-Pacific region. The Intercept claims to have received additional confirmation of this from sources in the US government who are familiar with those programs.

The Intercept reports that 127e is one of the virtually unknown powers that Congress has given to the US Department of Defense in the last two decades. The act gives US special forces the authority to conduct "counter-terrorist operations" in cooperation with foreign and even "irregular forces" (i.e. terrorists) around the world with minimal oversight by officials of the countries in which they are being conducted. The program allows Americans to arm, train and provide intelligence to these forces. However, unlike similar, more traditional forms of cooperation with other countries, the purpose of 127e is to make "partner" forces unequivocally follow orders from Washington DC and carry out missions to further US interests, effectively serving as proxy armies of the Pentagon.

The Intercept states that almost no information about these operations was disclosed to Congress or State Department officials. It is generally unknown where such operations are being carried out, how often, what the stated goals are and even the identity of foreign forces with which the US cooperates through this authorization. While the release of these documents sheds more light on the 127e, it remains largely unknown to the public and even members of Congress itself, who are almost never briefed on the programs implemented through the authorization. Sources of the American non-profit news organization even claim that most members of Congress do not even have the authority to see reports on such programs, and those who do, hardly ever ask for it.

"Authorization 127e is designed to prevent surveillance," explained one source from the government.

"The Pentagon prefers to conduct operations with minimal oversight or interference from Congress and has done so for years. Special operations units like their autonomy very much, but it's a problem when something like that becomes normal," Stephen Semler, a foreign policy expert, told The Intercept.

Semler says that attention should be paid to the powers that enable military cooperation, whether it is for special "black ops" units or the regular military, because it is through them that endless wars can be "sold" to the public. Other critics also state that in this way the US risks being involved in human rights violations and foreign conflicts, without the knowledge of Congress or the American people. On the other hand, Pentagon officials familiar with these programs claim that they are "essential for the fight against terrorism".

The knowledge on 127e authorization became somewhat more available to the general public in 2017, when four US soldiers (presumably Navy SEALs) were killed in action in Niger, which is why more senators asked for information on why the US military was operating in that country. The Intercept states that it has been waiting for more than a year for the White House to reply to their requests regarding the 127e. The Pentagon and Special Operations Command declined to comment on the matter, citing that it is classified information.

Naturally, the use of the "it's classified information" argument can be applied to deny the public any knowledge of numerous illegal activities the US government and military are conducting across the globe. Even in the cases when US personnel are killed in such proxy wars, the American public should not limit itself to cheap quasi-patriotic moralizing about the US servicemen "defending America". The public should hold its government accountable for conducting illegal military operations in other countries in the first place.

Declassified intelligence reveals the massive scope of US aggressio...

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Comment by Parrhesia on January 23, 2023 at 8:23pm

The Intercept's article has accurate information in this case but focus on it being an article from The Intercept instead of the information in the article.  The CIA creates and finances most, if not all of these terrorist groups so they can keep the military industrial complex going and make the Bankers happy lending $ to both sides.  'CIA created ISIS', says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange today said the CIA was responsible for paving the way for ISIS..."but WIKILEAKS - what do they know?  Why was the US in Afghanistan for over 20 years?  The US are such badasses they should have taken care of that pretty quick.  United States occupation of Haiti (1915–1934); Vietnam War (1955–1964, 1965–1973, 1974–1975); Laotian Civil War (1959–1975); American intervention in Yemen (2002–present); American intervention in the War in North-West Pakistan (2004–2018); Second U.S. Intervention in the Somali Civil War (2007–present); American-led intervention in Syria (2014–present).  That's just a few, but the endless war pattern should be obvious.  It should occur to anyone that invading and bombing a country might make them hate the US.  That's why these countries call the US "The Great Satan".  "Terrorists...drawing up their plans up against the US for a major strike somewhere" - of course you couldn't provide any proof of that, but we know the US certainly bombed them.  Probably just Levin's ranting - like Putin is ex-KGB so he likes beating people up, Putin is a "genocidal maniac", "He's a desperate man, who will do desperate things, he's a killer".  Total BS with absolutely no factual basis.  If I wanted to lower myself to ridiculous accusations, I could point out that Levin was in the Reagan Whitehouse when the Franklin child prostitution ring came through several times and they were little boys, so therefore he's a fudge-packing pedo.  I have just as much evidence as you do on Putin.  How about Yuri Bezmenov, he was ex-KGB.  Guess he liked beating people up too. 

I do not believe that you don't condone needless military intervention.  You are a Levinite, he's a neocon and has supported over the past twenty years invading:  Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Libya and now getting involved in Ukraine. None of these countries were a threat to the US.  He's a small-minded person who believes calling for war makes him a tough guy (and don't forget, these wars are good for Israel).  He turns callers' volume off if they disagree with him, rants, then calls them names and then disconnects their call, because he can't support the BS he spews.  He says super intelligent things to his callers like: "I Don't Know Why Your Husband Doesn't Put A Gun To His Temple".  To be fair, she was listening to his show and even called the idiot, so maybe he was correct. 

BTW, Levin was Anti-Trump, until he wasn't:  Over a month after Donald Trump was nominated, in September 2016, Levin stated on his radio program that he would vote for Trump in the presidential election, following his declaration earlier that year that he was in the "Never Trump" camp and would never vote for Trump.  I'm guessing this is when you became a Trump fan too.

Don't believe he's a warmonger?  I'll leave you with a quote. 

Mark Levin: America First Means ‘Having the Biggest Kickass Military on the Face of the Earth to Use It if We Need It’

Comment by Doc Vega on January 23, 2023 at 5:39pm

Parrhesia I don't condone needless military intervention in the affairs of other nations, but say the US pulls out all together. Who fills the vacuum as was the case when ISIS occupied a conquest the size of the State of Delaware with 7 million people under their rule? Yeah there's be less taxes, and more boys coming home form the world then what happens to the world? Terrorists begin developing their sanctuaries, begin growing in numbers and of course drawing their plans up against the US for major strike somewhere. Especially now that we have open fucking borders? Yeah, we got ourselves in a bit of a sticky wicket just as Robert Welch predicted in 1957 and again in 1974 how do we withdraw? 

Comment by Doc Vega on January 23, 2023 at 5:32pm

The Intercept is a shamelessly leftist slanted website like Salon and Vox. No objectivity only the radical left agenda. You should go to a credible source but then again it appears that you are a leftist yourself dedicated to your propagandizing.

Comment by Parrhesia on January 21, 2023 at 4:16pm

I used the Intercept to expose the 127e Program, and the information can be confirmed.  127e was originally known as Branch 1208, and according to a former Defense Department official, powers were exercised in Iraq in the early years. Validity is enshrined in US law in accordance with “USC Title 10 § 127e”.

I guess somebody needs to tell these 85 countries that the US didn't conduct “counterterrorism” activities between 2018-2020.  (btw: During Trump's term)  These operations included air and drone strikes, on-the-ground combat, “Section 127e” programs in which U.S. special operations forces plan and control partner force missions, military exercises in preparation for or as part of counterterrorism missions.   

But the US is there to protect civilians because they are the good guys:  1.5 million+ civilians have been killed by US/NATO actions in Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq.  See how the US is interfering in the peace process in Yemen; US meddled in Saudi-Yemen peace process - 12160 Social Network

And there you go again with the "Whataboutism" diversion.  If you can't use Russia as the bad guy, you point at China.   As far as the Chinese Wind Farm, six states — Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota and Oklahoma — currently ban foreign ownership of farmland.  That would be Texas government officials' job to stop that from happening.  Don't blame China.  The US has 850-900 bases all over the world, but China isn't allowed in Niger.  Currently China has military bases in Tajikistan, Cambodia, African country of Djibouti, Solomon Islands and they are also present in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Maldives, Chad and Mexico. However, China does not have a permanent military base in these countries.  But be very afraid that China is in Niger that adds to their other four foreign bases and ten countries in which they are present. 

The US government (in cooperation with globalists) are taking your freedoms, bankrupting and destroying your country.  They've been doing it for decades.  When the pResident threatens US citizens with F-15s for the third time (Biden taunts 2nd Amendment supporters at MLK event: 'You'll need F-...), and you can see what the US has done to civilians in other countries, you might want to wake-up to what the US government is.  It isn't enough for them to just destroy the US; they pull this kind of shit in other countries.  These never-ending wars are what has put enormous strain on the US financially and morally.

Funny how I can provide evidence that the sources I use are valid.

Comment by Doc Vega on January 21, 2023 at 4:00pm

Oh by the way. Why were Navy Seals operating in Niger? Well for your nformation the Communiust Chinese have been building airports, bases, and dams in that part of the world they intend to occupy and launch military operations from and they have a nice big tract of land in south Texas a bullshit wind farm not even located in a wind zone replate with an airstrip long enough to land the shuttle in as well as bombers and fighter aircraft and it's even linked up to the electrical grid all bought by a Chinese general. Parrhesia you are getting your information by the wrong sources revisionists, leftists, and Democrat paid propagandists when it comes to indicting the government for interdiction operations that represent threats through out the world! 

Comment by Doc Vega on January 21, 2023 at 12:54pm

Oh my God you're using the Intercept as your source? They are nothing but leftist bastards and anti-Trumpers! You might as well be using Vox or Salon these are all leftist journals supported by Democrat and Soros money! 

"Destroying the New World Order"



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