Democrats: the Machiavellian Operatives and William Cooper

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Machiavelli the Modern Democrat Model of Tyranny

Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli 3 May 1469 – 21 June 1527) was a Florentine diplomat, philosopher, politician, historian and writer who lived during the Renaissance. He is best known for "The Prince", written about 1513. He has often been called the father of modern political philosophy and political science. Machiavelli looked upon religion or lack of religion as having a direct effect upon political doctrine, did not consider divine intervention as a factor.

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Devil's advocate or writer?

His most noted work of fiction was entitled "The Prince" became the subject of much debate with many scholars arguing that it was a blue print for evil rule while others thought of it as a vision of grandeur as it was an expedient way of governing the masses. Machiavelli made a distinction between benevolent governance and evil and deceptive, tyrannical rule. While many attribute his influence as creating republicanism in Europe, others have considered his work to have been instrumental in the invention of a new ruthless methodology of rule by force through misdirection. Soon the term "Machiavellian" swept through the Renaissance era whenever clandestine acts were suspected. Even in Great Britain he was given the name "Old Nick" usually attributed to being a nick name for the Devil.

Father of political deception?

Whether he intended it or not, it would seem that Niccolò Machiavelli is synonymous with False Flag Operations, Black Ops, Psy Ops, and other such counter intelligence type missions. Looking at the current Democrat Party in the US one might easily draw a similarity between their modus operandi and a "means to an end" philosophy of politics as it is clear the Democrats will fund domestic terrorism, make illegal deals with foreign governments, assassinate the character of their opponents, make death threats, and use false narratives as a well known Communist brain washing tool. In the modern anti-patriotic Democrat party they can never achieve honesty or support on a level field of debate so they must rely upon division and the creation of hostilities through clandestine means along with fake news.

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Architects of subversion

Examples given: The rioting in major US cities in the summer of 2020 at Seattle, Portland,  Minneapolis, St. Louis, Los Angeles, and even Washington DC by such groups as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matters funded discreetly by the Democrats with decidedly Communist beginnings. The Democrats will divide, destroy, and create social unrest if they cannot be in power as they refuse to co-exist with any other American political party either Independents or Republicans. Refusing to prosecute wrong doing for those on their side of the aisle when they control the Department of Justice.

A prophet of destruction?

Others who have predicted the Democrat playbook such as William Cooper, former USAF officer and Naval Intelligence operative in his book "Behold a Pale Rider" in 1991 describes precisely what the future held for America under the ever more ruthless and Machiavellian operations of the federal government primarily headed by the Democrats. School shootings, drugged hit men conducting mass public shootings, domestic acts of terror, school indoctrination of children into anti-American teachings, and even advised that a 9-11 event would happen that would use Bin Laden as a scapegoat, which it did. William Cooper envisioned the intentional theft of basic social freedom orchestrated by a corrupt government. He was later murdered by Sheriff's Deputies who acted on behalf of the IRS. He was accused of running from them and then shooting one deputy in the head.

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Thing was, Bill Cooper, had lost a leg in 17 years of service in two different branches of the armed services. Why? Cooper represented everything a corrupt government must suppress if it is going to hide the truth about itself. Just as today with "puppet boy" Joe Biden telling world audiences that our major threats to national security are "Global Warming" and "White Supremacy" the perfect Machiavellian themes!

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