Dems fell right into Trump's trap, triggering national defense cyber warfare authority for military tribunals, mass arrests and charges of TREASON

Situation Update – Dec. 4th – Offensive cyber warfare mechanisms ac...

Friday, December 04, 2020 by: Mike Adams

Image: Situation Update – Dec. 4th – Offensive cyber warfare mechanisms activated, election outcome now bending toward national defense scenario

(Natural News) Today’s Situation Update (for Dec. 4th) has been published and is linked below. Note that thanks to the rapidly unfolding post-election situation in America, we will be publishing updates on both Saturday and Sunday, so check back for those.

This particular update discusses some of the “smoking gun” video evidence of vote fraud in Georgia, as well as the “20 binders” of fraud evidence from Nevada. But the real discussion in this update concerns the “national security option” which increasingly appears to be the most likely outcome stemming from Election Day treason and cyber warfare carried out by Democrats, globalists and the CIA.

Not only do we know that President Trump invoked language from his 2018 Executive Order in h... — thereby providing the full public justification for Secretary of Defense Chris Miller to start issuing all necessary orders — we also know that many other critical documents and secret orders were put in place between 2018 and the 2020 election:

  • Trump’s 2018 Executive Order states that persons or organizations are guilty of foreign interference (acts of war) against the United States if they, “have directly or indirectly engaged in, sponsored, concealed, or otherwise been complicit in foreign interference in a United States election.” This includes, “to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or 
  • services to or in support of, any activity” related to the election theft.
  • 10 USC, Section 394. Subtitle A, Part 1, Chapter 19 describes the role of conventional military forces in dealing with cyber warfare (election theft) and specifically focuses that power in the hands of the Secretary of Defense, who is now Chris Miller: “The Secretary of Defense shall develop, prepare, and coordinate; make ready all armed forces for purposes of; and, when appropriately authorized to do so, conduct, military cyber activities or operations in cyberspace, including clandestine military activities or operations in cyberspace, to defend the United States and its allies, including in response to malicious cyber activity carried out against the United States…”
  • We also learned that the United States Code specifically calls for these defensive operations to be conducted in secret, which is why the so-called “rendition flights” are not yet public knowledge: “…a military activity or military operation carried out in cyberspace, or associated preparatory actions, authorized by the President or the 
  • Secretary that (A) is marked by, held in, or conducted with secrecy, where the intent is that the activity or operation will not be apparent or acknowledged publicly.”
  • In addition, we became aware that President Trump announced a new doctrine of “offensive cyber operations” on Sep. 20, 2018, just eight days after signing his “foreign interference” EO. As described by The Washington Post, this new doctrine swept away Obama-era doctrines: “The strategy incorporates a new classified presidential directive that replaced one from the Obama administration… It allows the military and other agencies to undertake cyber operations intended to protect their systems and the nation’s critical networks.”
  • Then, finally, we learned that President Trump issued a new National Security Presidential Memoranda (NSPM) #13 in 2018, which covers “offensive cyber operations. He kept this directive hidden from Congress for 17 months. The exact language of this NSPM is still classified and has not been released to the public. Here’s a list of all the NSPMs, but notably, “offensive cyber operations” is a secret and is not publicly shown.
  • Trump is now poised to veto the reauthorization of the NDAA in order to force 
    • lawmakers to repeal Sec. 230. The NDAA grants special powers to the Commander-In-Chief to declare American citizens to be “enemy combatants” and to detain them without trial. But Trump doesn’t need the NDAA during times of war, which is exactly the scenario under which the 2020 election took place.
    • In addition, Trump is now working to clean up the CIA. Former director Gina Haspel has likely already been fired, and now Federal News Network is reporting that one of the top information technology officials in the DoD, the “deputy CIO” (Chief Information Officer) has been reinserted back into the CIA. His name is Peter Ranks. A DoD spokesperson describes Peter’s accomplishments: “Under his leadership, we’ve made great advances in execution of the DoD Cloud Strategy and development of the software modernization approach while supporting the entirety of the DoD workforce with remote work capabilities during the pandemic…”

    The obvious, rational realization in all this is that since 2018, Trump has put in place a cyber warfare battle plan for America, and that plan was initiated on November 3rd with the real-time trapping of treasonous actors as they tried to steal the election.

    Importantly, those who committed election theft fell right into the trap by tripping into 

    national security” traps which moves their prosecution out of civil or criminal courts and into military courts. This point cannot be overstated. This is how Trump achieves a flanking maneuver around corrupt judges in traditional courts.

    It also underscores why much of the activity taking place right now is not known to the public. It’s all covered under the secrecy provisions mentioned above.

    What we should all expect to see in the very near future (weeks at most) is historic assertions of military authority, followed by an acceleration of arrests of traitors, public confessions and a wave of resignations of Democrat leaders from Congress. The result will be Trump in the White House, a GOP-run Senate, a GOP-run House and a conservative SCOTUS. As a bonus, if Trump exercises his full authority to seize corporations which aided and abetted the cyber warfare attack on America, we may also see CNN, the Washington Post, Twitter, Facebook, Google and other treasonous operations seized or shut down.

    Listen to the full analysis here:

  • Hear all of my Situation Update podcasts for previous days at the Health Ranger Report channel on

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