Do You Think If You Comply and Deny that They Are Going to Leave You Alone?

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In 2020 the major news outlets even the conservative ones like Newsmax and Fox were not allowing their own commentators to even mention voter fraud. When you’re a supposedly conservative TV news network and you’re ignoring the blatant evidence of massive voter fraud and irregularities and refusing to connect the dots, you know the system is rigged and that something illegal is afoot! Were the Democrats going to allow Americans to enjoy a vibrant economy, more job employment than any time in history, abundant and cheap energy, and a secure border with Mexico? No, of course not! They couldn’t wait to put their plans into action! They are not going to leave you alone!

Hands With Latex Gloves Holding a Globe with a Face Mask

Fear Mongering

When the break out of the supposed modern day plague, a Corona Virus alleged pandemic rapidly spread across the country even though it was deemed 99% survivable all we heard was the number of cases, not the number of actual deaths, and most definitely not the number of vaccine related deaths and injuries! Did the sold out media bother to check with the astounding numbers of fatalities and permanent injury from the serums hurriedly rushed onto the market with little testing, and even indications during the testing that there were injuries? The information was there for all to see on the VAERS government data base. What was even more astonishing was the fact that after reporting 18 thousand deaths and more than 50 thousand permanent injuries that these only represent 1% to 3 % of the actual cases because VAERS only gets a small number reported to them. Were they going to leave you alone? No!

Person in Yellow Coveralls Holding Spray Bottle

We are your God!

Constant public service messages on the radio, constant news on TV announcing the supposed greater reported outbreaks, new variants on the horizon, “Get your vax! Get your vax! Get your vax!” And if you have then, “Get your boosters! Get your boosters! Get your boosters!” The drone of audio and visual propaganda looms large in front of an audience of followers, conformists, and go along get along advocates who think that magically all this show of smoke and mirrors is going to stop and we will arrive at the new norm! The new norm is going to be more of the same! Damaging vaccines, compelling the sheep to conform, and shaming the ones who have the due diligence to think and resist the insidious plot to kill millions to be the enemy! No! They will not leave you alone!

Rolling out the assault

When AG Eric Holder made two intentionally political comments at the beginning of 8 years of the Obama freak show, he set the stage for the upcoming plans for social unrest and chaos saying that the true domestic terrorists in this country that kept him awake at night were US veterans, Evangelical Christians, Conservatives, and the right wing extremists! While instructors for federal employees under the Obama White House labeled our founding fathers as domestic terrorists who ordered the deaths of British public office holders! So, this was an accurate description of what our founding fathers gave up, fought, and died for future Americans? Now, I ask you. Were they going to leave you alone?

Image result for images of starving american children

Using hunger as a hostage tactic

While some 17 million children go to bed hungry in America every night our federal government sees fit to release illegal aliens of draft age, not women and children, into cities all over the border just hours after being detained by the ICE without medical evaluation, back ground checks, or even masks while we, the American people are constantly urged to wear masks, take dangerous serums for a common virus that is easily survived without the vaccination, are they going to leave you alone? How much money does it cost taxpayers for funding Planned Parent Hood, National Public Radio (NPR) including the slush funding of election campaigns? Billions that could end hunger for small children in poverty or under irresponsible parental care, but just like any dictatorial regime that stops humanitarian aid convoys and uses its military to horde life-saving supplies, your government, the Biden White House is seeing to it that the children starve. Are they going to leave you alone? No!

Image result for those who protest against Biden


Here are the enemies delineated by the Democrats in power along with the treasonous Republicans going along with this insanity! If you are a conservative, a constitutionalist, believe in America first policies, a Christian, a Trump supporter, against the government violating your privacy, against the government violating your 2nd Amendment rights, and think that the Covid 19 and all its variants requiring injections and boosters is not only dangerous to your health but an illegal violation of your state of health, then you are an enemy of the state! You are inconsiderate to the sheep hiding behind their masks. You are a threat to the propaganda program laid out by your masters. And, they will not leave you alone! You will never be able to make them go away by complying! It’s not going to happen! Wake up!

Image result for illegal aliens traansported to US cities by Biden White House





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