Most still don’t believe

what they can clearly see 


The key symptom that told our controllers when to strike with their most outrageous scam ever was the public’s consistent failure to properly analyze events of earth-shaking consequences that have disrupted our lives and shaped society over the past century. This happened most notably in the last two decades, or since the 9/11 false flag fiasco. Since then it has been a whole string of strategically sculpted stories, from assassinations to wars to school shootings to pandemics, all lame excuses for the collateral damage they left in our minds.


By the increasing success rate of media manipulation and getting the public to believe its false stories, this process — which is now perceived as media hypnosis — had won the battle with individual consciousness. Ever since, we have all been swamped by an ever-swirling, ever-changing miasma of misinformation, and putting our trust in the media master of ceremonies rather than relying on our own perceptions and instincts.


Thus, the power of fearful consensus silenced the objective observations of practical scientific truths in order to, inadvertently or not, protect the sanctity of the scam that had been played upon, not only us, but the entire world.


After the success of the 9/11 deception, the public had been suitably anesthetized by a series of stultifying school shootings among an avalanche of threats of imminent destruction being etched in the minds of worried parents. Terror blotted out common sense, and we revealed to our controllers the utter weakness of our collective will and the ability to comprehend scientific data, which had long since been totally garbled by the constant avalanche of misinformation.


In effect, by our non-actions and failure to perceive situations correctly, we admitted we were ready to be completely bamboozled by fear of disease threatening our lives and willing to trust our devoted family the good old USA government to look after our well being and be square with us about what they were doing. We learned to do this from our beloved and trusted media, which has nurtured us and guided us (hmm?), throughout our lives.


Such is the power of media hypnosis. Throughout the 20th century our minds have been trained for this moment. We have become so gobsmacked with 3D reality that we prefer to remain lost in the tasty pleasures of suburban luxury we all so immensely enjoy. This keeps us totally oblivious to the grim reality of the senseless and unceasing expenditure of other people’s blood, and now, even of our own blood. It all seems to us — when we look at it honestly — that something a little bit deeper is really going on.


Surely it has been the most common mistake ever made by a populace trusting in any government that scrupulously kept (and keeps) its innermost motives concealed from the public but freely reveals them in posh parlance among the trillionaires who control the whole world. 


Flat Earth or not! In either case we have the same oppressors, today apparently trying to reduce the world’s human population as quickly as possible. It is right to think of such people who could devise such a plan as less than human, and worthy of the same unfortunate future they have so eagerly proposed for the rest of the population, you know, those dumb cattle like us.


No. 1. Cattle aren’t dumb. Some people even worship them. What would we do without hamburgers? And what would that do to us? Some people say we’re about to find out.

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Comment by cheeki kea on May 7, 2020 at 4:57am
Comment by cheeki kea on April 26, 2020 at 6:03am

He's right, "by our non actions and failure to perceive"... situations, we let fiction and bullshit over ride us into compliance, in the collective sense, but even this can back fire for them. People are enjoying the shut borders and seeing foreigners being sent home. They like the national approach of in house control as a lesser evil than globalist overview. Easier to influence, control or mitigate. A better hope for success on a individual level and with others. Because of Rights. (Some cattle know they have the right to travel for example and they'll find sneaky ways to exercise it. Other cattle will just scarper and soon be gone from the grid.) 

"Destroying the New World Order"



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