Entitlement Programs?

I don't know who says what to whom and where, but I heard an 83 year old lady speak today as to what she has heard. She said she is 83 years old and draws 195.00 dollars per month Social Security, and I'm guessing Food Stamps. She had heard that Romney and his side kick wanted to do away with "Entitlement Programs". That left me to wonder just as she does, how are they called "Entitlement"? Investment maybe, mandatory none the same that the deductions have come out of people's paychecks for years. So how the hell do we call them "entitlement programs?" Are the ones entitled to this money government squandering and multinational corporations? I don't keep abreast of some things like I should, but I've heard a lot of this term floating around. If it is Obama's tactics or Romney's plan, I have no idea, don't care which. Hell holds a special place for those who create fear from the old and weak, and it stokes brighter and hotter for those who would cause them to suffer and hunger.

So if they, and I mean The Powers That Be, can get programs that are sometimes abused but most times aren't taken away, it will be the doom of most, including the top. Not the masterminds though who are evil to the core, but the middle and upper class, you bet. I hadn't given much thought but this lady talked and what she said made sense. She is 83 years old, so she has seen a lot in her lifetime, and that scares them more than the Hell that await them and those who follow. So what does this mean in actual break down sense. Her logic was perfect.

We cut of the Food Stamps, Social Security, Welfare (not sure if that is the same thing), Medicare, I'm sure there are other programs that I don't know about. How much of this money goes back into circulation? All of it. It doesn't sound as bad as it is, unless you think about this.

No Food Stamps means:
less food purchased and more hunger. This equates to less Super Market sales which means less stockers, less stores, less cashiers, less trucking, less fuel, less packers, less warehouses, less staff, less salesmen, less printers, less printing companies, less managers, less advertising, less commercials. The upside : less trading on Wall Street, less speculators, less regulators, less chemical sales. But it will lead to more in some areas. More disease from malnutrition, more deaths, more hunger, more instability as people move into the mode of survival of the fittest.

Social Security (and other programs similar):
Less product sales, less electricity, less water, less fuel, less manufacturing jobs (what's left), less delivery business, less medical services and jobs there, less retail stores and jobs there, less shipping and jobs there, less wholesale and jobs there, less medicine and jobs there, less managers, less investment and jobs there, less advertising and jobs there, less TV services and internet services and jobs there, less banking and jobs there, less revenue from taxes collected, less property ownership. But it will do more in some areas: More deaths, disease, more instability, more government to regulate the ones desperate to survive, more deficit.

Medicare & Medicaid:
This too will have a large effect creating less healthcare and all jobs in and associated with healthcare. That includes all industries related, advertising, trucking, shipping, schools, medicines, hospitals, less research and development, less investments, less financial, less taxes, less management, less profit, less investment. It will create more death, disease, instability.

This is the tip of the Iceberg and one would be impressed if they set and consider jobs in each area that will not be lost, plus the human humanity. I've crammed thousand upon thousands of jobs in each small category, and I'm sure I missed a few. If you think your job or you will not be in the mix, think again. From the Janitors to the CEOs, and all in between, jobs will be lost and you will find yourself in the heavy mix of things. Unless you are at the tip top of the heap, and those probably will never read this, you will be affected. Here is a hint, six figure incomes are nothing, and that could be wiped out... completely. The independent business will go first followed by small and medium corporations. Hows that for Free Trade?

There are those who abuse the system at the bottom and at the top. We see one out of a thousand or more and they present them as the majority when they're not. Most politicians that make it to DC are out of touch with reality, groomed from the start. If they are real people, people who make choices everyday, balance a checkbook, had real jobs that require work, they are whisked away into that cloud of deception that goes with the job. I seriously doubt that all the lower end of the chain that abuse the system could match just one of the abuses linked to the top of the chain when added together. It isn't the task at hand or the one who is pulling on the chain who determines the strength.

But the real cost of this fantasy entitlement debate is what is lost, humanity. It has long been my estimation that a nation is like a chain, no stronger than it's weakest link. It isn't the length or the size of the chain that holds humanity and makes us strong, but rather all the links that bond together. I'm not exactly sure just how we measure our success anymore as a country and as individuals, maybe I was taught differently. How successful are we that can watch our old suffer, our children suffer, our weak suffer? How strong are we when we see someone weak that we can't lend a hand? How good are we when we allow some to live in agony that don't deserve too?

Now, as a Christian I'll address a few things. We all know the Grace part and that works alone will not do, but note the word alone. For the Paul said people, he does address works without faith is dead, but also faith without works is dead too. It is by Grace that we are saved and that we live, but by acceptance of Jesus and His laws. He does demand we repent, which means we will work on correcting the things we do wrong, and repent means we are truly sorry for it. Repentance is to turn away from sin, and sin is missing the mark which Jesus set. You can't do that with a prideful heart. You can't do that with a boastful heart. You can't do that with excess, aka Gluttony. You can't do that without love for the other. You can't do that with turning an eye. Where your heart is there will be your eye. So what are you seeing? Are you the Good Samaritan? Do you help those who are in need. Do you see that little children do not suffer? It goes a bit deeper than an anti-abortion rally.

Now for the Old Testament people, seems a lot of preachers preach those books. It is sinful to covet, that is, want what the other has. That means keeping up or competing with the "Jones" is a sin. Not paying a proper wage is also a sin, as well as not paying a workman his worth. It is an unforgivable sin to call someone useless. It is a sin to see people hungry, sick, or destitute when you can do something about it because of excess God has allowed you to gain. Pride should have nothing to do with success. The Bible is full of those who fell to pride and arrogance.

And so now the whole ensemble. Read the Good Samaritan and apply that. Read how you are not suppose to judge, see someone in need that you can help, love your enemy. Fight evil with good. It is not that you or I have earned anything, but rather that God has allowed us to have or do what we have or done. We are to administer grace, love, compassion, and as I've heard so make say, "Take up their cross". Today's times, I wonder if they are taking up their cross to crucify or be crucified. I do not believe that when Jesus said to take up the cross He meant to beat people with it. So the bottom line is the Lukewarm thing. You either are or aren't a Christian. Some things are hard to do, and some are even harder that the Bible teaches, it isn't pick and choose and it isn't graded on the popularity scale. Now I see political things where Christians are Republican and all unbelievers are Democrats. That is blasphemy in it's worst form. Just as it was in Jesus' day, I seriously doubt He would like part of Politics, but they all wanted to use Him. I apologize on behalf of the Christians who fall for those who shout out loudly, like in the day of Barabbas, falsely claiming Christ as their own, He can be yours too, and He is nothing like some of His alleged followers. Please bear in mind that someone can stand in a barn, moo, eat, drink, sleep... but their not a cow and probably won't give milk either. May God forgive us for what we have and are becoming.

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Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on January 6, 2013 at 11:23pm

I've never seen the Opt Out option in all my years. The system itself was good but broken by the ones in power years ago and they still do. We're not suppose to see though the kitty they have stashed in a bank abroad on a little island bank that last account I saw was 9 Trillion dollars. This is there for all the Senators and Congressmen no matter the "party" they belong to for their personal use. 

Comment by Sweettina2 on October 6, 2012 at 12:19pm

They piss me off so bad calling SS 'entitlement'.  SS has always had a surplus!  They have robbed it time and time again to pay for their war for oil, never paying it back.  But they dont talk about that.  SS is like a retirement pool that people put into to have something to help with retirement....nothing wrong with that.  If we stopped giving tons of money to the bank and all that is stolen we would have no deficit!  Ohhhh that make me so mad.

Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on September 27, 2012 at 8:49am

My sentiments exactly Hugh. We pay into this for security for ourselves and for those who need a bit of help, and everybody needs somebody sometime. MOst of the brass in DC seem to think they're entitled to our money and we're not. To eat and we're not. We pay in and they take out, then bitch about it. Pisses me off to hear I paid into a system, forcibly too, and they think it's their money and not mine, who deserves it, and who gets it. Their buddies end up with it or we use it to occupy and attack other nations. It gets a tad bit old. I think the plan was extremely good and it works as long as they keep their hands off. I think the plans they question are good plans, and it grieves me that older people who paid in are going hungry now along with kids and in between that need help. I grew up poor and on a farm but we never went hungry, nor seen anybody around us go hungry. I must say I miss my great grandparents, but I am so glad they aren't around to see what we have become as a nation. They probably wouldn't be surprised, but they'd be heart broken.  

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