Episode 32 Occupy: Robbing Cowboys and Indians



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Hage case
"It is of special interest to note what Sheriff DeMeo did in Nye County in our case in the last clip. Our story is on 1 and 6...."



The Dann sister story helps us reunite left/right - bad guys misrepresenting this story as rich, white tea party issue.


sheriff can and must legally deputize "militia" at Bundy ranch. "NRS 248.090  General duties.  Sheriffs and their deputies shall keep and preserve the peace in their respective counties, and quiet and suppress all affrays, riots and insurrections, for which purpose, and for the service of process in civil or criminal cases, and in apprehending or securing any person for felony, or breach of the peace, they may call upon the power of their county to aid in such arrest or in preserving the peace.
[5:38:1861; B § 2956; BH § 2123; C § 2244; RL § 1647; NCL § 2148]"

NRS 248.210  Duties concerning riotous assembly; penalty.
1.  When six or more persons, whether armed or not, shall be unlawfully or riotously assembled in any city or town, the sheriff of the county and the sheriff’s deputies shall go among the persons so assembled, or as near as possible, and shall command them, in the name of the people of the United States and the State of Nevada, to disperse immediately.
2.  If the persons assembled do not immediately disperse, the sheriff and the sheriff’s deputies shall arrest them that they may be punished according to law, and for that purpose may command the aid of all persons present or within the county.
3.  If a sheriff or the sheriff’s deputies, having notice of an unlawful or riotous assembly, as provided in subsection 1, neglect or refuse to proceed to the place of assembly, or as near thereto as he or she can with safety, and to exercise the authority with which he or she is invested for suppressing the same and arresting the offenders, he or she shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished accordingly.
[Part 87:108:1866; B § 2685; BH § 1722; C § 1868; RL § 2836; NCL § 4836] + [88:108:1866; B § 2686; BH § 1723; C § 1869; RL § 2837; NCL § 4837] + [90:108:1866; B § 2688; BH § 1725; C § 1871; RL § 2838; NCL § 4838]

NRS 248.220  Sheriff may call upon Governor for military aid to assist civil authorities in suppressing violence.  When there is an unlawful or riotous assembly, with the intent to commit a felony, or to offer violence to person or property, or to resist, by force, the laws of the State, and the fact is made to appear to the sheriff of the county, the sheriff may call upon the Governor for military aid in the manner provided by law, to aid the civil authorities in suppressing violence and enforcing the laws.
[Part 82:108:1866; B § 2690; BH § 1727; C § 1873; RL § 2839; NCL § 4839] + [Part 93:108:1866; B § 2691; BH § 1728; C § 1874; RL § 2840; NCL § 4840] + [94:108:1866; B § 2692; BH § 1729; C § 1875; RL § 2841; NCL § 4841]—(NRS A 1967, 1341)"

legally and peacefully end the Bundy standoff.


About 1% of U.S. sheriffs, as of today, say they will arrest Feds breaking the constitution. Constitution trumps executive order, if enough deputies legally back it up. This is the real story from last Saturday - the constitution still works! In Nevada, additionally, the governor can legally call up Constitutional militia.
"Notice NRS 412.026 Composition of militia. Item 3. If a volunteer military organization is formed and becomes licensed by the governor, it shall consist of an organized body of able-bodied residents of the State between the ages of 17 and 64 years who are not serving in any force of the Nevada National Guard and who are or who would have declared their intention to become citizens of the United States."

"Mary Dann (January 2, 1923 – April 22, 2005) was a Native American activist. She died from an accident on her ranch in central Nevada on April 22, 2005.[5][6]"





Your tax dollar at work BLM cattle death trap



Raymond Yowell

"In 1995, Mr. Yowell was Chief of the Western Shoshone National Council, the traditional government of the Western Shoshone Nation. Under his leadership, the Council decided to challenge claims by the U.S. and Nye County, Nevada, that they had title to Western Shoshone lands. This litigation was conducted jointly by the Western Shoshone National Council on behalf of the Nation, and by Chief Yowell as representative of the class of Shoshone persons who assert individual relationship to the lands.


"Ramona Hage Morrison has been actively involved in a successful 22-year long case involving her family's ranch vs. the USFS and BLM. She has worked on private property policy during much of her professional career, including in Washington D.C. She is an expert witness on property title, in particular western ranches and farms, with extensive knowledge regarding vested irrigation and stock water rights. She served as a title witness in her family's case, U.S. v. Hage. She will talk about the landmark Hage litigation, and why an exhaustive chain of title was the key evidence necessary to defend their vested water rights, forage rights, range improvements and rights of ways."

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Guests Richard Mack, Raymond Yowell, Ramona Hage Morrison

"Destroying the New World Order"



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