Examples of Moronic Voting in the US The Source of our Destruction

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For the very things I will mention in this article I was kicked off Linked In. For some vague violation of their standards. In other words, I was censored. I was trying to demonstrate to the minds of the sheep how ridiculous their rush to the vaccines was and how easily they were misled while millions of illegal aliens were allowed by the federal government over our borders who were not medically checked or required to even wear masks. The fact that each and every day our collective intelligence is insulted does seem clear enough to those who would rather just conform and frown on those who have better reason not to comply.

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What happened to the Hippocratic Oath?

Let’s begin with the so-called Covid 19 vaccines. People were scared into taking vaccinations which did not convey immunity. Why is that? Well, explained the experts these were a new kind of immunization that worked off MRNA rather than a weakened or dead virus that the body’s own anti bodies would form a resistance to forever. Instead, Americans were injected with serums full of Nano particles that interfered with the body’s natural genetic structure causing all kinds of side effects. Much less the fact that traditional vaccines were tested for years before being introduced into the mass market and if any such vaccine showed signs of causing injury or death it was immediately removed from the shelves. Remember the Swine Flu virus? 59 deaths and the vaccine was removed immediately, but with the Covid 19 serum and thousands of deaths and injuries resulting was the vaccine hastily removed? No sir. They went right on with their vaccine mandates, their mask mandates, and lockdowns. All methods that didn’t work. All the while with their public service announcements urging Covid 19 vaccine compliance!

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Proof is in the pudding even if that pudding is deadly

Even when people actually died hours after taking the Covid 19 vaccine perhaps after having given a public presentation highlighting their willingness to take the shot. They died. What happened? If it got reported at all it was quickly covered up or it was not even reported. Those on the social platforms who laughed at those who refused to take the vax died after taking their shot. Yet, those who orchestrated a resistance of groups against taking the vaccination mysteriously died, question is, of what? They could have been diagnosed as having died from Covid but really? Was it the seasonal flu, pneumonia, or respiratory infection that killed them though intentionally announced as the corona virus? Most likely. With 35 to 80 thousand people in the US dying every year from the flu alone, suddenly it seemed to disappear and was replaced by a modern day plague we call the Covid 19 virus and its infamous variants.

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Then there’s that nagging question. Why even when Joe Biden was vaccinated 5 times did the Covid 19 virus return when he was not only vaccinated but got his booster shots? Hmm seems to be a fly in the ointment. Seems there’s a filthy lie in the propaganda machinery. Seems that medical services administrated are just as deadly as they ailment they are supposed designed to treat!

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Just asking

So I asked Mr. Brainless Conformist out there if he didn’t just happen to notice that while he was being urged to take an untested and unvetted vax that had displayed injuries to recipients even in the first run trials, why he didn’t see the problem with being pressured to accept a vaccination when millions of illegal aliens were being allowed into the US without being vaccinated and even being loaded up on passenger jets and buses destined for all over the country by a federal government whose job it was to defend the borders of the United States? Why? Apparently, Linked In considered questioning the faulty thinking processes of the sheep we call citizens as being a violation of their standards.

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Asking again

So, we see two things at work here. First the introduction of a dangerous serum into the masses without sufficient testing, and we see the social platforms unconcerned with the health of the public censoring those who ask the question, why would you submit to an untested and questionable vaccine, that doesn’t even impart immunity like a normal vaccine, while millions of illegal immigrants are allowed to invade our borders and they’re not even medically vetted or required to take the vaccine? Well, I guess that’s just too much brain work for the modern 3rd grade level mentality targeted by broadcasters to the TV and radio audiences.

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Q & A for the president

That we are being subjected on a daily basis to impossibly rationalize contradictions to reasoning and we’re simply expected to accept it and shut up? Sadly, that are way too many conditioned mental patients walking on the streets to think clearly enough to simply ask why? Why Mr. President is the federal government letting us down? Why Mister President is the government not protecting our borders? Why Mr. President are drug companies being indemnified for putting dangerous drugs out into the market, insufficiently tested and causing injuries even in the testing trials? Please Mr. President explain.

Here's the exact response and apparently it was sufficient for the sheep among us. “Our borders are secure what are you talking about?”

“Of course the new generation of MRNA vaccines are effective and trouble free. Who told you different? And if you refuse to get vaccinated you are a threat to public health.”

Arizona Republican Party - Home | Facebook

More unbelievable garbage we are expected to accept

Oh, and by the way, the newly elected governor, Katie Hobbs, of Arizona is now having the southern border wall of Arizona dismantled. How did a treasonous liar like this ever beat Kari Lake, a bright, intelligent, and conservative, in the election? Well, folks once again our intelligence is not only being insulted, but we are witnessing blatant corruption there is no excuse for as they no longer throw caution to the wind. Why? Because they know the Department of Justice will not prosecute them, but even more so, the compromised sheep we call citizens who won’t even raise their voice or question the obviously corrupt outcomes!

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