High Treason in America: Who Are the Perpetrators?

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Dictionary Definition: The crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

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Let us examine what constitutes the prosecution of this heinous crime and who in our present federal government qualifies even though the problem under the Democrats has become systemic:

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  • Open borders policy that has allowed at least 3 million illegal aliens across unguarded southern borders and even interfering with the states enforcing a federal law that the Biden White House refuses to uphold.
  • Governor Abbott in the State of Texas attempts to activate the foreign invasion clause, but the federal government under Biden refuses to acknowledge the status. This would have allowed the US military to come to the defense of the borders. One might recall that during the Bush Administration the US Army was deployed due to the drug cartels infiltrating the US border with armed patrols of mercenaries.
  • State of Texas alone has filed 35 lawsuits against the Biden Administration for the violation of Texas border safety and the crisis caused to Texas towns overwhelmed with illegal immigrants.
  • A supply shortage caused by the deliberate interruption in the supply chain thanks to the lockdown and vaccine mandates urged by the Biden Administration
  • Supply chain shortages caused by federal and state government handouts in the form of unemployment checks to able-bodied workers causing a shortage of manpower.
  • Billions made on a weekly basis by the drug cartels sending fentanyl and other drugs across the border for profit, human traffickers making billions moving illegal aliens over the Rio Grande for billions of dollars per week unimpeded by a border patrol that has been intentionally castrated by the restrictions imposed upon them by the Biden White House!
  • There is more than speculation about how much of that money that is being funneled into the waiting pockets of traitors on Capitol Hill in the Congress and Senate so there is little incentive to remedy the border crisis!
  • The huge charity organization industry tied up in Washington DC taxpayer funding is responsible for perpetuating this crisis as well.
  • There is nothing to claims of humanitarian, asylum from persecution, or for the freedom from religious persecution. This is all about the Democrats creating a huge voter base from the illegal alien population they have allowed to invade our territory!

 Image result for images of American traitors hanged

President Biden is nothing more than a clueless front man for a cabinet of foreign governments, advisors such as Barack Obama, donors such a George Soros, and those anti-American traitors who are politically opposed to America’s existence. For these perpetrators to swing from the gallows would have been the punishment that would have been righteously administered as it was even into the 1950’s. Under the corrupt influence of Democrat tyranny we have seen criminals of all categories released without bail and allowed to murder on the streets again. Joe Biden and his cabinet must be removed and charged and the Democrat Obama pointed DOJ must be purged of treasonous bureaucrats as Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton advised future generations that such measures would be necessary!

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Comment by Doc Vega on September 22, 2022 at 11:04am

tjdavis Thank you for your support.

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