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To most scientists they will tell you that the Doomsday Clock set each year and reset again at the beginning of the next year that it all began at Bikini Atoll in 1953 when the first hydrogen bomb was first detonated. At that time the realization of mutually assured destruction had been perfected. While scientist Enrico Fermi, one of the original atomic bomb researchers under Robert Oppenheimer was sure that the entire atmosphere of the earth would ignite once a successful atomic bomb was detonated, the hydrogen bomb chain reaction would be much quicker and more thorough. Of course, the Russians based upon their stolen data from Los Alamos would allow them to catch up fast and now two super powers would share the deadly capability and begin testing.

Chinese navy holds live-fire drills in South China Sea | World News - Hindustan Times

Deadly comparisons

According to most analysts now with the alignment of the NATO alliance over the Ukraine and Russian war, and the increased aggression of Iran, China, and North Korea, it would seem that a pre-World War II buildup of international tension and armament is ongoing. From the militarily fortified island chains of the Pacific by the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy to the artificial islands of Communist China used as missile bases and airstrips in the South China Sea, the comparisons are staggering. Just as the US imposed crude oil sanctions upon the Japanese due to the atrocities they were committing in Manchuria, rumors have it that the Biden White House covertly sabotaged the Nord Stream pipeline running to Western Europe.

German government sends battle tanks against Russia and multiplies military aid to Ukraine - World Socialist Web Site

Potential for the worst case scenario

Just as Germany is sending tanks to Ukraine via railroad along with other NATO partners delivering missiles and artillery to the Zelensky Administration, Russia is now moving ten tactical nuclear missiles to Belarus, the escalation is undeniable. Just as Iran is now shipping cruise missiles and drones to Russia, the US was supplying its allies such as Great Britain, France, and even Stalin’s Russia aircraft, tanks, and ammunition through the Lend and Lease Act. Some people have tried to somehow excuse Russia from being at the heart of the provocation when in 2012 Russian bombers made high speed passes at US destroyers in the Baltic Sea while US captains were told to stand down, an act many veterans said had it been during the “Cold War” would have elicited an immediate and deadly response from the US. We are now seeing air to air aggressiveness between Russian and US fighter pilots in various parts of the world.

Lend-Lease Act - World War II

Playing against a stacked deck

Yet, despairingly that’s where the similarities basically stop as it’s a new world out there today. As Iran is has now 86% completion by its centrifuges full of refined uranium ready for weaponizable use, if hostilities break out there will be no catch up time for the US to activate its awesome industrial output which won the Second World War. World War III could be devastatingly over in a few days with untold destruction and the after match of radioactive fallout on a continental scale. This is why, more than ever, America must be ever ready to respond in the event that any one of several hot spots ignites into a regional conflict. I say this as Iran has been bombarding a US Military base in Syria. Yes, the Doomsday Clock is ticking! Keep in mind that the US continues its trade deficit with China and that even defense contracting supplies are still made there and shipped here! Why wouldn’t that be of concern?

This is not what preparedness looks like

Under the Biden Administration though our preparedness amounts to having forced thousands of seasoned veteran non-commissioned officers into retirement over refusing to take the controversial Covid 19 vaccines to forcing the armed service personnel to read CRT (Critical race Theory). The Celebration of Gay pride in the US Army and LGBTQ parades on US airbases is of concern. Even Drag Queen book readings on US military bases has been allowed while General Milley at the Pentagon denies he knew anything about it! Along the US southern border with the unprecedented influx of illegal aliens allowed by the Biden White House, US Airbases are being used as daycare facilities for babies and children of the foreign trespassers! This as the Chinese are using genetic studies to give their fighting men a physical edge on the battlefield! It would seem that the US is being intentionally compromised from within.

Does the past mirror the future?

The Japanese in World War II had mistakenly under estimated American resolve to win the Pacific war. They thought if they won a string of well-coordinated victories that they could negotiate a settlement retaining their conquests to add to the Japanese empire, but they were wrong. Was war avoidable in 1940? No. The Axis Forces were determined to attain global conquest and even if the US had managed to negotiate a non-aggression pact, with Hitler as soon as the Nazis completed their heavy water experiments, atomic bomb laden V-2 rockets would have been the next step in finalizing German ambitions for world domination. The Western World would have been nuked into submission, and that is yet another grim parallel that exists today thanks to people like Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and John Kerry who negotiated the rise of nuclear arsenals for North Korea and now at the threshold for Iran. These parallels between the past and today are striking as the Doomsday Clock counts down.



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