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Two years ago you allowed yourself to be caught up in the intentionally encouraged fear and paranoia by the compromised mainstream media about a supposed plague. It, according to news reports was spreading rapidly even though by all accounts and past medical history it was not progressing at historical pathogenic patterns. Then it was identified as originating from a bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, China were the strain somehow escaped into the population due to sloppy security procedures. When President Donald Trump referred to it by its name as being the city of origin “Wuhan Virus” the media called him a racist.

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What racism had to do with labeling a supposed sickness by the location it came from is a puzzle to me, but gosh they know what they’re talking about right? Unbeknownst to the general public Chicago Democrat, Barack Obama in 2005 began the development of bio weapons labs in the Ukraine, particularly aggressive strains too like Ebola virus. In the same year of the so called dangerous Corona virus, an illness that it was quietly mentioned under the breath of most announcers if at all that you had a 99.9% chance of survival unless you were suffering from a terminal illness, and children were practically 100% safe form this emerging plague! Yet, the alarm signals were blaring. Reports of death, patient loads at emergency hospital centers were over whelming! They were dragging the zipper locked bags of the dead down hallways!  Oh my God!!!! Why they even discovered that well-meaning Mister Obama whose wife is really a man dressed up like a woman, had been involved in the Wuhan bio lab in China just as Doctor Fauci had. Did any of this raise an eyebrow or cast doubt in the mind of the general public! Nah!

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Thought it was the time of year for the seasonal influenza, colds, respiratory infections, and pneumonia, these predictable illnesses just seemed to disappear! They all stepped aside for the dreaded Corona virus! Now Doctor Fauci, who had initially said there would be no need for concern, no need for quarantines, or a need for masks, was now saying time to mask up, time to shut down public attendance at restaurants, bars, coffee shops, libraries, open sidewalk cafes, and other businesses! Millions would die! The bodies would be stacking up due to having no place to dispose of them. Coroners were told not even to autopsy these bodies! Why? The virus took on supposedly geometric proportions of spread even though exposure and time frame just didn’t add up!

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Do you think it could have been that actual cases of Corona virus were just cases of flu, colds, fevers, respiratory infections, and even pneumonia and were just that, and they were simply being intentionally misidentified as Corona virus or one of its ominous variants? Even when a generally recognized malady like kidney failure was diagnosed they called it “Covid kidney failure”. Ingenious right? Just give a normally occurring sickness a new name, scare the hell out of the public with health alerts of a possible pandemic, and you don’t need to cry wolf anymore because the public will panic just as you wanted them to! Now you’ve just created a massive sociological experiment that can be studied and documented for future government use!

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Next, the world media and the governments were jamming an untested and highly irregular MRNA injection down everyone’s throats, telling them, “just shut up and take it!” Now the interesting part is that there were people that died within hours after taking the much prescribed vaccine, which wasn’t a vaccine, while others were developing debilitating nerve damage from the injections, but still millions were told, “Take it or lose your job!” So many who did not want to did against their better judgment while others willingly took the shot without so much as a concern because they are well trained monkeys who don’t need to live in a cage at a laboratory, they’ll comply without even thinking!

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Did anyone in the general public even ask why doctors who came out against the Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, death serums, even Moderna, who had never even gotten one of their drugs approved by the FDA before, lost their licenses to practice, were censored from the media or were even murdered? Nope! Why should sheep have imaginations or justified paranoia? You just need to be a compliant, passive, and thoughtless waste of space, and you will not suffer the ill will of big, suffocating, tyrannical government. Can you do that? Just don’t ask any questions!

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  • But, how did you die even though you were in the hands of medical care and had a 99.9% chance of survival? Well, you could have fallen off a ladder at work to your death and been mortally injured as a Covid death. You could have gotten killed in a car wreck and been designated a Covid death. Or, perhaps you had a respiratory lung infection, a fever of course, and the doctor telling you he was overloaded with patients said, “Wait until you can hardly breath anymore and we’ll give you Remdesivir and put you on a ventilator! “ And you did just that! Had your doctor warned you about the side effects?
  • Back pain.
  • chest tightness.
  • dark colored urine
  • hives, itching.
  • light-colored stools.
  • nausea and vomiting
  • possible kidney failure.
  • Flushing
  • Headache

No, apparently your doctor, you know that God of medicine you’ve been trained to regard as all knowing and all seeing, put you on the drug anyway along with hooking you up to breathing pure oxygen which caused an insult that further complicated your lung congestion, and like so many others who failed to do any research at all and believed that anyone who did question this entire fake plague event, they were just conspiracy theorists who ought to be locked up. Then guess what happened? You died!!! You got to solve the big mystery of what happens after death. You became just another statistic to be filed away with all the others who died of a knowingly faulty treatment regime that should have been criminally libel but wasn’t because your well-meaning big tyrannical government decided to give all the multi-billion dollar drug corporations indemnity, in other words immunity from prosecution. RIP. Unlike the MRNA vaccines people were subjected to that did not provide immunity at all.

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