How to Shut Down 5G Instalations in Your Home Town.

Australia – barrister Ray Broomhall pathway to protect people from smart meters and towers


Australian Telcos Forced To Cancel 5G Rollout In Sydney

this is a barrister’s advice and is not light reading At ARPANSA, we set the safety standard sets limits for exposure to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic energy (EME) that is emitted by mobile phones…

This is short for Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency which is a government agency

I just received access to an important development in Australia in the form of an update from Barrister Ray Broomhall who has brilliantly found a legal pathway to protect people from  smart meters and towers. (correspondent)

“The simplest argument is that ARPANSA cannot give medical advice. Only medical practitioners are qualified to do so. Medical opinion always has health precedence over that of a scientist in law.

The precautionary principle must prevail as a matter of State and Federal Policy. ARPANSA must follow this precautionary principle as a matter of law, as it us encoded in all legislative instruments.

If ARPANSA doesnt apply the precautionary principle then they are acting outside of the objective of the ARPANS Act and thus its scope of power.  I pushed on this fact and ARPANSA were forced to concede. See their latest disclaimer on the ARPANSA website saying they dont give medical advice, the disclaimer is actually the precautionary principle at play I suggest you get a medical opinion as to whether EMR emissions from the smart meters are safe or not. Provide your doctor with the science.  Once you have a positive medical opinion, send a copy of it to the power utility with a letter outlining your fears of harm based on that medical opinion.  Your letter with the medical opinion and proof you sent it is powerful evidence. Without it lawyers such as myself cant proceed.

If the utility ignore your letter and they continue to emit or threaten to emit they have technically assaulted or threatened to assault you with electromagnetic radiation in the legal sense. A simple remedy can then be instituted using your letter as evidence they have not heeded medical advice. We can then commence abatement to stop emissions through councils or in the alternative make court application for restraint via either a peace and good behaviour order, Apprehended Violence Order or protection order depending in which State you reside.

Private criminal prosecutions can also be auctioned against emitters, Councillors etc if they ignore your letter under various criminal offense provisions. Corporations are not exempt from criminal prosecution. There are many other options also with I have used successfully also. Quite frankly I have been very strategic in the way I have been applying the law throughout Australia to get to this point. I was the lawyer behind Dundas Street in Coogee in Ranwicks 5G war with TPG, I also had 30 others communities in Qld, Vic and NSW also fighting TPG.  We eo(?)  they pulled out. I was the lawyer behind Wilson’s Creeks fight with Telstra, we won both of these fights in using the precautionary principle, forcing Councils to either reject development or to issue abatement notices to stop emitting after development had been approved.

ARPANSA Standards are now a dinosaur and completely irrelevant. Dr Rodney Croft and ICNIRP’s nocebo effect actually helps the cause as we can now sue for the anxiety caused by the emitters actions. Fear of harm is anxiety and a powerful tool I use to fight back. Telco’s and utility companies cannot hide behind the Standards anymore. The Criminal codes in each State work independant of ARPANSA, ACMA, ICNIRP,  the WHO etc and various Federal legislative instruments such as the Telecommunications Act etc.  I will present this at a conference in  WA this weekend with my colleague Greg Melick SC. Greg is a very prominent barrister, current Deputy President of the AAT, he is also the Integrity Commissioner for Tasmania.

Also speaking is Dr Cooper, he is regarded as the foremost expert by the Courts at present  regarding EMR health, he was an expert witness in the McDonald v Comcare case alongside Dr Bruce Hocking which set precedence for EHS in this Country. Our talks will arm medical practitioners and lawyers with the tools to fight.  Our talks will be recorded and will be put on social media. I have so much to explain over and beyond this email. Hopefully this will empower you and others and if everyone has knowledge of this process, spread it world wide we might just win this war.

Please note that if only one person is effected, the Courts will look after that individual favorably against the greater need of the masses need for luxuries and essentials such as better communications etc. The High Court has clearly ruled on that.  If after all that, you need help, just google me, find my number and give me a call.

Kind regards,


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