If "Joy" is Mother Earth's Frequency, What Are WE Offerring?

Thanks to those of you who responded to my last email, unfortunately I'm still playing the game of sometimes being able to respond, and other times dealing with "your email has not been sent" ... (sometimes I can send one out and that's it) so I've been unable to respond to individuals, but know that you are greatly appreciated, along with the prayers many of you sent! My Deepest Gratitude for WE are ONE, and I return the Love and support!!

I will be working on incorporating another email server so that I don't have to deal with this, however I haven't been feeling such a sense of "urgency" because that was a self defeating issue.... between what I "Know" is being perpetrated upon unsuspecting People, and Our Spirits, which in my opinion, are eternal. Believing that has taken away any fear I have of leaving this body behind, however, my intention is not to pass with a lot of drama...which may not be under my control.

In any event, while still on this plane, I am doing what I can to remain optimistic, in spite of what looks like overwhelming evidence of imminent destruction ....it still is up to the individuals who put on uniforms, load and fire weapons....and don't think for themselves...but IF they did, and IF this upcoming eclipse actually can "reboot" us, just like computers, and IF WE are holograms and Our World depends on How and What WE Think and Imagine....well then......What kind of frequency do WE wish to offer on an individual basis? 

If you are a "Controller" without empathy, what could happen with the addition of Love to your psyche? What might happen to individuals whom all of a sudden get a HUGE DOSE of the Guilt, Remorse, and Knowledge of the Pain and Destruction they caused, coming instantly into their Hearts and Minds? What might happen if an "Accountability Upgrade" hits ALL of US along with the energetic frequency of "Simultaneous Love for LIFE?"  Could be extremely interesting if in fact WE Are in Holographic Universe, and those predictions of "Humanities Golden Age" would begin........and on the "off" chance that this works....well, then I'm going to gamble on LOVE and put my energy there.

Vote for "Heart Centered Thinking" and to help your focus, please take the time to read and watch this video. After all, it's just a little under an hour and a half, and in that time, the information shared may speak to Your Spirit bringing comfort; at least it has done for me.

So before I go off to look at a few video tutorials, lunch is on the menu along with some more inspiring utubes.
Oh....and I realize that newly updated United WE Strike is not easily downloaded on small devices due to the large amount of information there, and I apologize for that, however the info is important, so please forgive the delay and just check it out when you're online with a more capable venue. When I figure how to break it up into more pages, I will, but until then, I'm enjoying NOT being tied to my laptop or bad news...kind of fun to plant mental seeds when I can, and let Spirit do what it will. As long as I keep plugging away and improving my diet, exercising and thinking for myself, then I'm in the flow and here I go.........


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