If They Can Do This to an "America First" President

The year in favoritism toward liberal bias

Since coming off the escalator in 2015 and announcing he would run for the presidency in 2020 the US media made it their full time project to attack a man who worked tirelessly for America. They created false evidence that would be a felony charge for all who participated and approved the fraudulent dossier that attempted to portray Donald Trump as a Russian collusion suspect while several Democrats have been identified as having accepted foreign money illegally, colluded with Chinese spies, and have even interfered with the judicial system of Ukraine using US tax dollars as a bribe (Joe Biden).

Job on the line, Wray threads needle on controversial issues
Rotten to the core

When the FBI was caught fabricating false evidence nothing happened to those charged and those responsible. A chain of conspirators were caught red handed with the evidence and no action was taken by a Justice Department infested with Obama appointees! Just as in all the scandals of the Obama White House, the Fast and Furious scandal, the IRS scandal, the Solyndra scandal, the Benghazi massacre, the insurmountable deficit spending, and so many more violations in the people's trust, and yet President Trump was impeached twice? For what? Before the false pandemic engineered by the Democrats, Doctor Fauci, and the Communist Chinese, the US economy grew to record growth and employment while the President approved a record tax break for the lower and middle class. Instead, we saw a non-stop persecution of Donald J. Trump for 4 years by the US media.

Dark Forces: The Truth about what happened in Benghazi
Criminality ignored

People had to risk their lives to testify against the Obama Administration over the deaths of US Border Agents over the Fast and Furious debacle. The Benghazi survivors were gag ordered and isolated from the American public after their ordeal to discourage their testimony. When CIA contractors (elite mercenaries) testified to what they saw and the 13 hours they spent defending a US Consulate that had been infiltrated and compromised by Al Qaeda who was hired by Hillary Clinton for the security contract and nearby military bases were ordered to stand down, nothing was done to prosecute those responsible. However, for a President (Trump) whose policies delivered massive economic growth, record hiring of minorities, and withdrawal from the never ending war in the Middle East, Donald Trump was attacked like a traitor would have been by those who were, in fact, committing treason!

Trump's 'voter fraud' hotline faces rush of prank calls | Donald Trump News | Al Jazeera
Appallingly obvious

However, to top it all off the 2020 Presidential Election was blatantly stolen through voter fraud, state legislatures who illegally allowed their voting laws to be changed at the last minute, mail in balloting that was calculated to honor unidentified voters from false addresses, those who voted more than once and even in two different states, and some 8 thousand dead voters not even removed or updated, as more and more evidence pointed to a conspiracy to deny President Trump another term. When the courts refused to hear the evidence it was obvious the fix was indeed in and the "Deep State" had concocted a multi-layered campaign of attack to unseat a President who put America first and was exposing the waste, over spending, and corruption that goes on at the Capitol unhindered by a Justice Department that refuses to do its job! This we know.

Democrats warn Trump not to fire Rod Rosenstein after bombshell report

The true enemies of the state

What else do we know? We know that the Democrats will over spend on the federal government's budget, fund foreign governments hostile to the US, they will lie, cheat, and steal to stay in power, and even murder as Seth Rich and Ambassador Christopher Stevens can tell you. That is, if they were alive today! We know that a Democrat administration will fabricate false evidence to frame a sitting President. We know they will print enough fiat currency to devalue the US dollar and ensure that in the near future we will have a collapse of the Federal Reserve Note. We know they will increase taxes while forcing the US Taxpayer to foot the bill for illegal aliens trespassing across our borders, robbing Americans, dealing drugs, committing violent crimes, and destroying the property of those Americans who own property near the Mexican border.

God, Government, and the Road to Tyranny: A Christian View of Government and Morality: Phil Fernandes, Eric Purcell, Rorri Wiesinger: 9781591602682 - Christianbook.com
What are they capable of doing to you?

The question then comes to mind. If our federal government is willing to persecute and frame a pro-America President (Trump) who created economic stability, record job growth, made America strong through better trade deals that did not cost American jobs, and even lessened the income tax burden upon the people, what will they do to you, Joe Sixpack? What are they capable of doing to the average law abiding citizen who expected our government to serve the people? With Kamala Harris and other Democrats saying that they will go after Trump supporters and Trump staffers to make sure they can never get another job again in DC or anywhere else, where do you think that leaves the rest of us? The witch hunt for Donald Trump hasn't ended yet and now it appears it has just begun for we who supported our President!

For America, the tyranny of government is more dangerous than COVID-19

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