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In this day and age when our public schools are teaching youngsters how to use sex devices in elementary schools and being subjected to Drag Queen book readings, our fellow Americans have grown completely oblivious to the meaning of July 4th or Independence Day. Few know that Thomas Jefferson’s composition of the Declaration of Independence was also joined by efforts of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston. It was actually July 2nd that the document was completed and presented to the Continental Congress, but finally signed on the fourth.

The battles of Concord and Lexington had been fought the previous year 19, April, 1775 so a state of war had already existed for a year or more. Several battles between the British occupational forces and the Colonial Continental Army following the shots that were heard around the world at Lexington and Concord were fired. Hostilities had existed years prior to the Declaration of Independence. In 1770 the Boston Massacre had occurred in which several civilians on the streets of Boston fell when a crowd of angry people confronted a small number of British troops which ended in a tragic shooting by the endangered King’s Army. The soldiers were defended in court by no other than John Adams who acted as a lawyer for the British soldiers.

In 1774 the Boston Tea Party, a demonstration against the taxation without representation against the British Crown in the Boston harbor took place. Colonists disguised as Indians threw hundreds of pounds of tea into the waters of the harbor costing the British trade significant losses. In the aftermath British Parliament had declared the city of Boston in open rebellion against his Royal Majesty. These were the incendiary events that contributed to the building tensions that led to open warfare with the King George government.

Few Americans today stop to even realize that our founding fathers who signed their names to the Declaration of Independence that would soon be sealed and delivered across the Atlantic to the King’s court could have been the death warrant for all who ratified the document in the Continental Congress. Attorneys for King George the Eighth inspected the contents and legal verbiage of the Declaration of Independence and found it to be impressively composed in legal form, but despite its incontrovertible style it would also be evidence to convict all who participated should the British army prevail and the 13 Colonies lose their gamble for independence.

The American Revolution for Kids - Lexington & Concord, The Shot Heard Round the World - Road to Revolution for Kids

As a matter of fact, many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were men of substance owning estates, plantations, farms, shops, and taverns, men of means who had much to lose. Some of them indeed lost their businesses, their families, and even their lives in order to make this radical and unprecedented move against the mighty Royal Crown. As a matter of fact, only a third of all colonists at the time were for independence from King George’s empire. About half of the colonial settlers were loyal British subjects with the others being undecided. However, as a protracted conflict of 8 bitter years of fighting progressed by the end of the war the vast majority of colonists were for an independent America.

It is quite ironic today that such a significant event has been down played, overlooked, and forgotten by our taxpayer funded educators. Children are at a loss for words when asked about what the 4th of July represents and among adults it is also very surprising just how few Americans realize how and why the Constitutional Republic was born and under the recognition of and granted by God. These founding fathers who worshiped the Christian God on Capitol Hill would be shocked to find that separation of church and state has spawned an atheistic party we know as Democrats who are doing everything in their power to subvert the US Constitution and take down the Republic with a socialistic abomination.

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Our Founding Fathers would be infuriated by the leftist manner in which the city of Boston is now ruled. They would be appalled at the heavy burden of taxation without representation as well as over regulation that burdens every essential American industry putting a huge burden upon the American citizen. George Washington, Father of our Nation, warned of foreign entanglements, the very thing that plagues out country today and weakens our economy and defenses. The evolution of the United States under the tutelage of profiteers, career politicians, and self-serving lawyers is no longer for, of, and by the people as the signers of the Declaration of Independence intended.

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One might recall that years ago an old phrase used to affixed to every deal that a person signed. “Just put your John Hancock on the dotted line,” was the popular phrase. Even an insurance company used the trusted name. John Hancock being one of the well-known and trusted patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence as well as the US Constitution inspired the signing of one’s name for any significant purpose. Today, you rarely hear this phrase, and so it is in the present post-Constitutional era of America as, former Inspector General for President Reagan, Mark Levin says it.

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