I think that it was Fireguy who brought this article to our attention....you can find it here:


Leaderless Resistance


My counterparts will take the position that change by force of arms is godless, immoral, socially unacceptable, and fattening....and that's fine. Stay with me now.....I'm taking the position of sometimes death is necessary to get a man to stop doing what he's doing (helping rape this country)-- but "needless" and "wasteful" killing IS wrong. Period. I will leave the pros and cons to this argument for some other time over coffee, I'll buy :) If you, gentle reader have a problem, please stop reading now....


Leaderless resistance, while likely (if not historically) effective, needs to be guided. As HOLLYWOOD will tell us, we should go marching off and attack the nearest peace officer like an idiot. Hollywood does this so that the malcontents can be thrown up against the policemen while the politicians and the big businessmen can rape us of our livelihoods safely as they sign the policeman's paychecks. Shooting the police makes as much sense as shooting the bank teller because the CEO of your the bank foreclosed on your house. This is wrong (duh)....


Is NObama at fault? Not really....he is the pawn....the enabler. Big Pharma, Big Business, and Big Banks are his employer. They are the problem (Bribery is SUCH an ugly word on their part!)


Watch him (or her)....study his habits. When is he NOT in his bulletproof limousine? Who has access to him when he is not shielded by his billions of dollars in defensive hardware? Is it as simple as a .308 round to the head? Or poison in his food? After the first few, the rest will "get the message" and start behaving in our best interest or (more likely) flee from their posts like the politicos in Wisconsin did when the unions started marching with torches and pitchforks.... Flight or better behavior, problem solved.


We don't want violence....we are a decent, hardworking folk. But we won't tolerate tyranny and enslavement either.


Leaderless Resistance....

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