Little Known Story Of The John Birch Society

From the 1950’s through out the following decades to the present, the John Birch Society has been demonized by our liberal press and Democrat party. Typical of the left’s influence in molding US society and our foreign policy, it all began by labeling conservatives who warned about the socialist agenda as merciless war mongering bigots. That practice of slander and smear continues to this very day with such charlatans as Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and Reverend Jesse Jackson, all of whom have promoted racial strife, and condemnation of our society, while promoting the entitlement mentality. These are only a few of the many.

However, this article is not about the hate mongers of free enterprise and individual liberty who have vilified the John Birch Society. It is about the largely unknown story of how the society was formed and who it was named after. This story will illustrate for you the origin of this organization that few would bother to do a little research to find. We will now also look into the prophetic political nature of this ideological group.

The story goes all the way back to the Pearl Harbor Tragedy and the beginning of World War II. In the aftermath of the devastation that nearly destroyed the US Pacific Fleet, President Roosevelt desperately searched for a way to hit back at the Japanese who had scored a string of bloody victories across the Asian territories of the Philippines, Corregidor, Guam, Wake Island, Taiwan, and the Chinese mainland within mere weeks of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. The American people were angry, but demoralized by the seemingly unceasing expansion of the Japanese empire.

Within four months of December 7, 1941, American aviators led by Jimmy Doolittle were unleashed in a top secret and risky mission to take the war directly to the Japanese mainland and bomb their cities, refineries, ports, and factories. The raid brought hope to the American public and played a big role in forcing Japan to  commit a large portion of her forces to defending her homeland that could have been deployed against fledgling US Pacific fleet.

The unthinkable plan succeeded despite long odds and not only avenged the Pearl Harbor disaster, but gave the US public and armed services the moral boost they needed. Major Doolittle, former hot shot stunt pilot, and early manned flight innovator spear headed a nearly ill fated mission over Japan into a successful attack that had the Japanese bewildered, and their citizens doubting the propaganda of their leaders.

Thanks to an unplanned early detection by a Japanese picket ship, Aircraft Carrier Hornet and its task force was forced to sink the Japanese reconnaissance vessel, but not before it had radioed the position of the American fleet. Pilots who were to launch their bombers within 400 miles of the Japanese coast were now forced to get airborne quickly 688 miles from the Japanese islands. The aircrews now knew going into it that they would probably crash land short of friendly Chinese airfields after they dropped their bomb loads over hostile territory heavily defended by antiaircraft artillery and fighter planes. They were also forced to launch early, thus negating the radio beacon guidance systems that were to be activated by time sensitive coordination. Therefore, Doolittle’s aircrews would also be flying nearly blind navigating with obsolete charts and aerial photos.

As the B-25 Bombers met most of their objectives or found alternatives under murderous barrages of ack ack fire and pursuit by Mitsubishi Zero fighter squadrons, they zig zagged their way from over Japan and out across the massive China Sea. Luckily, only one crew had to ditch in the waters off the coast, while the rest of the 20 Billy Mitchell Bombers managed to fly inland through bad weather and over thick jungles to crash land short of Chinese held territory.

According to Major Doolittle, as he and his men hid in the cabin of a boat from the Japanese soldiers who were frantically searching for him and his other crewmen, a Caucasian man dressed in a suit knocked at the door. Afraid that the Japanese had found them, no one answered. The man spoke with a southern drawl and asked aloud if any Americans were there. Finally Paul Leonard, one of the bomber crewmen, said, “Hell, no Japanese can talk American like that.” He opened the door.

It was John Birch, a missionary stationed in Hangchow, who had lived among the Chinese, spoke fluent Mandarin, and had seen the brutality suffered at the hands of Japanese soldiers who invaded the poor, uneducated, and agriculturally dependent peasant population of mainland China. Forced to evacuate himself in the face of Japanese occupation, Birch had returned.

John Birch aided the downed American pilots, offering money, his interpreting skills, and his knowledge of the geography to get the American aviators to safety. He even offered his services to the Americans as a chaplain and begged Jimmy Doolittle to put in a good word about him to the Major’s superiors so that he could serve in a useful capacity. Through out the war John Birch would dedicate himself to the fight against Japan until the war’s end.

On August 25, 1945, John Birch was murdered by Chinese Communists 10 days after World War II was officially over. In memoriam, his name served as an icon that would guide the society in its fight against socialist influence in America despite its liberal detractors who have blindly insisted that there is no threat as liberals attack the conservative movement.

In an age where the federal government is passing laws that limit free speech by trying to close down conservative and Christian talk radio, labeling it “Hate Speech” while approving millions of dollars to support leftist public radio and financially failed liberal publications in the private sector, the John Birch Society continues its legacy. That legacy has been to abolish foreign charities that have added billions to the national deficit. That legacy has been to remove the US from its membership in the United Nations. The John Birch Society has discouraged US involvement in overseas conflicts, anticipating the capitulation induced by liberal influence in the US government and society.

Robert Welch, the founder of the John Birch Society, predicted in a speech in 1958 that the socialist threat to America would manifest itself in deficit spending, huge expenditures in social programs to achieve social engineering, an excessive military presence all over the world, and the erosion of the people’s Constitutional rights. Welch specified these conditions among others as the method of social takeover that liberal proponents would propose and instigate in order to achieve their goals of compromising the American heritage of freedom.

Once again in 1974, Robert Welch reiterated his warnings and prophetic vision of just what the left would do to the nation and how they had already achieved much of their agenda. Growing foreign influence in American domestic affairs, crippling levels of foreign aid to the United Nations and other countries, the growing burden of government regulations upon US businesses, the increasing taxation that plagued US citizens, and dependency on foreign energy resources. These were all the predictions of Robert Welch as he tried to awaken the American public. All this as his organization was ridiculed with false accusations. This is how the propaganda of the left has destroyed jobs, increased the cost of living for Americans, and tainted the classrooms of public schools with radical leftist ideology, sexual confusion, and the advocacy of big government in every aspect of our private lives.

The John Birch Society has courageously fought the introduction of Marxist doctrine into our Constitutional Republic, yet has been attacked for its efforts being branded as hawkish and extremist. This is how liberal influence has opposed the sincere and well intentioned front aimed at preserving our Constitutional heritage.

Don’t let others think for you. Do the research and find out just how the mainstream media has maligned the good intentions of conservative groups as they continue their campaign of disinformation in our besieged nation.

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Comment by Doc Vega on September 8, 2012 at 3:02pm

To say that there is no left and right ideology and that it is simply a cooked up scheme by the One World Government would be naive at best. There is a long bloody history of Communist takeover through out the 20th century whether you say it is contrived or not I say it is the methodology used b the One World Government to reduce mankind into a mediocre level playing field of government enforced confiscation of personal wealth which flies against every American conservative principle that our forefathers established the US with. There is no use in denying it. Time to live in the real world and know who your friends and enemies really are.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on March 18, 2012 at 5:24pm

Interesting lesson in history, but it does seem slanted towards the "right."  Because it has become clear that the left/right dichotomy is just one of the myriad divide-and-conquer efforts of something far bigger, operating its left hand to spar against its right, meanwhile slipping, not "socialism," but corporo-fascism in, preparing the scene for the entrance of a dictator.

We need to back off eachOther and fight the real enemy:  Those who divide Us, distract Us, and do Their dirty work behind closed doors.

I hope You will choose to read My blog, the bulk of which is designed to galvanize a solidarity towards the goal of ending poverty, hunger, homelessness, wage-slavery, oppression, class wars, interweb takeover, dictatorship, communism, socialism, conservatism, war, and the control of the power elite.  You can read it here:

The goal is to establish as complete freedom for ALL on this planet as possible.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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