Makow -- Antidote for Despair: Non-Violent Resistance

March 31, 2021

(The Communist program of "Demoralization" described by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov in 1984 has been realized.
Note the "Mistrust Justice." The Supreme Court took care of that.)
Hundreds of Millions have suffered under Communism and Fascism. Now it's our turn. Covid is just a flimsy disguise. 
In a recent Twitter poll, I asked "Why have MAGA people been so passive in the wake of the Communist coup?" About 50% of respondents chose "Demoralization" as the answer. Look at Bezmenov's chart above to see that we have been deliberately subverted. Between the Covid Hoax and the election fraud, they have shredded the social contract. Democracy, individual freedom and the rule of law have been thrown out. All the institutions upon which we rely -- government, law, media, education, medicine, business & church -- have been systematically sabotaged. Wholesome Christian values like chastity and fidelity were rubbished.  Doing nothing is not an option. The Biden administration is acting aggressively to destroy MAGA people and take down the United States. 
Updated from Feb 8, 2019
by Henry Makow PhD
How do the daily headlines make you feel?
I'll be honest. My first reaction is "F**K the human race. If it can't get its act together, it deserves to be destroyed. I'm 71. I had a good run. Feel sorry for the children though." 
But after I've had my beauty rest and Snickers bar, I realize this is an example of the demoralization infecting the West. 
We have had the misfortune to be born into a millennia-old satanic conspiracy that is reaching fruition in our lifetime. Most of the major historical events have been designed to advance the ascendency of Satan on planet earth. 
We are under daily attack by Organized Evil, the Principle of Death and Destruction. This is confirmed by 
1. The gratuitous attack on gender, marriage and family 
2. The total abdication of journalistic principles by the media and its transformation into a propaganda machine 
3. The unprecedented invasion of foreigners financed by our tax dollars  
4. The normalization of sexual debauchery.
5. The emergence of the lunatic Left from the Satanist-Communist closet. (left)
6. Abortion to the moment of live birth = satanic child sacrifice. 
7. Corporations promoting gender and racial "diversity" and miscegenation. All singing from the same songbook. 
8. Biden's ratcheting up of nuclear war tensions consistent with Jewish armageddon prophecies.  
We need to resist the pernicious power that seeks to rob us and our children of our Divine birthright.
Movements are likely to be infiltrated. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it, Lenin said. What the Illuminati fear, and they said so in the Protocols of Zion, is the "inspired acts" of heroic individuals, or groups of two or three.  
Consider how factory workers sabotaged the Nazi war effort by producing defective parts. We need to support non-violent acts like refusing to follow Covid protocols or pay fines, and boycotting and shaming businesses that demand "passports." Don't pay taxes. Use your imagination. If the law becomes the instrument of oppression, we have no choice but to break it. 
We need to acknowledge and support people who sacrifice themselves for the common good. If we fail to do this, no one will take risks on our behalf. We can stand together or be destroyed alone. 
Don't kid yourself. Anyone without their Chinese Communist social credit vax certificate might as well be wearing a Jewish yellow star. 
When I look at children, animals and nature I realize how infinitely beautiful and precious this world is. 
God has given us everything and if we are miserable, it is because we disobey Him. 
Our minds have been wiped clean of God. Secret Satanists taught us to despise the word "God." 
God is the principle of our personal development and growth.  We can no more reject Him than we can reject food, drink and sleep. 
Being true to yourself is the same as being true to God. 
God is also the principle of mankind's development and growth. He is the principle mankind can unite behind. 
Without restoring God to His rightful place, we are helpless to confront the challenge we face. 
Our purpose on earth is to praise God and fulfil His purpose. 
Want to hear about Extraterrestrials?  We are the Extraterrestrials. We are God's missionaries sent from Heaven to civilize the earth. 
God placed our soul in the natural world (apes) and waited patiently as we clawed our way up to something resembling civilization. 
All of that is in jeopardy now. 
We may be the highest form of life in the universe. I hope not! That's too much responsibility.  
But we must act like we are, and grow up fast. 
120 years ago, the author of the Protocols of Zion chortled, "the mood in the great cities of Europe is cold and forlorn."  They don't want us happy and united.
If we all channelled God (or Jesus Christ) every minute of the day, the world would be heaven. And we would find personal freedom and happiness. Love your neighbour as yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
God is love. He loves us. 
Life on earth is a Miracle. Celebrate the Creator!    
The scamdemic may have an unintended consequence. It has exposed the villains and may arouse and unite all human beings who have a working brain and conscience. Who knows what we may accomplish!
First Comment by Ken Adachi
I'm glad that you've touched on this. Demoralization and apathy IS the intended goal, especially for Doom & Gloom promotion of every stripe which is designed to create a sense of resignation and inaction among those who fall for it (and most of us fall for it initially anyway, because we're snookered into thinking that it's legit). It's clearly psychological warfare put into motion by military/intel types under the direction of Stanford Research and the Tavistock Institute in England.
Our thoughts, whether negative or positive, have a TREMENDOUS influence on our conduct and inner motivation to succeed against enslavement and to triumph over evil. So naturally, they want to keep us as unmotivated and apathetic as possible; ergo your daily dose of anxiety-producing 'threats' of one variety or another.
We're not going to stop the JWO takedown of America unless ordinary citizens WAKE UP and stop ignoring the flashing red neon signs all around them - and get INVOLVED in resisting the JWO enslavement agenda: 5G with 18,000 satellites already approved to beam us, mandatory vaccinations, ubiquitous surveillance, smart meters, monitoring of all digital transactions, facial recognition, retinal eye scans, phasing out cash, the growing  imposition of the Stasi-modeled protocol called "The Program" intended to punish, isolate, torment, and "de-personalize"  anyone who speaks out against government corruption or malfeasance. And NOBODY knows about it:
Look how behavior and attitudes are now being modified ('re-educated') among investigative reporters of conscience and morality in China due to the installation of a ubiquitous digital surveillance gulag that now engulfs every Chinese citizen who steps outside of his home:
We're going to be in the same boat in JUST a few short years if we don't get busy and engage the takeover.

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