Never Seen Before Evidence – 9/11 – The “Hidden Airport in Masonic Footprint”

Back in 2008, Professor Paul Zarembka, author of the

Hidden History of 9/11, thanked me for correcting a common error which appeared in his book, and in many other articles, publications and websites worldwide.  I was the first person to discover and prove this error was the case.  He at first thought I was Professor David McCann from Yale University.  This mis/disinformation is still believed by many; that there were ‘two’ aircraft sharing the same tail number.  Though as said; I showed this wasn’t the case as it was the ‘time-zones’ that gave it that impression.  Tail Number N591UA has been widely misinterpreted as being the aircraft seen in two separate places - but at the same time, when in fact it was not, it was always the ‘same’ aircraft. 

There's people in this world who have very different views as to what might have really happened on 9/11; there's those who believe the official storyline, or some of it, whilst others such as I, do not believe their version of events whatsoever. 

Planes either hit some of the locations that day or they didn't. 

All the evidence I've seen so far proves the alleged original air-planes - did not hit anything.  Video footage alleged to have been taken by Michael Herzarkhani on September 11th 2001, captured ‘Flight 175’ hitting the South Tower. 

With no wings or tail falling off - seems to prove the footage has been doctored. Especially the tail - as this didn’t even make a cut or leave an impression in the building that a tail on that sized air-plane would have done. So would have most definitely landed on the ground below with the tell-tale AA logo for all to see.

I believe and continue on this premise that the "four" known planes were 'switched' by replacement planes - 'drones'. 

There is also a strong camp, who believe hologram air-planes were used and as crazed as this may sound technology exists to make this possible.  But I can't see that being the case here, though cannot dismiss this line of thought by those others.

There's even data that seems to prove the original flight data had been 'doctored' to produce the incorrect results, placing the planes at different heights than they really were, though I have detected what appears to be fraudulant data.  

ACARS [Aircraft Communications Addressing & Reporting System], have long confirmed one of the aircraft was still flying in the air long after the crash; 20 minutes or so at least, and incredibly in the very same area I am talking about below.

There's also an abundance of evidence that backs-up the claims that the 2nd aircraft that hit the Twin Towers was a dark-grey – military aircraft, and NOT a commercial airplane; many witnesses have clearly stated and described this aircraft in the above video.

Though again I'm not really discussing this kind of problem - as I want to concentrate on the actual alleged "location" and the "aircraft" said to be used that day and not all the obvious points that have long been covered and already available to be seen. 

The most likely theory that UAV - ‘drones’ [unmanned aerial vehicle, colloquially known as a drone] were used, is the most feasible explanation to date.  You only have to see how commonplace they are and in their smaller variants.  The world record for an unmanned flight of a commercial aircraft has long been broken; - proving this kind of sized aircraft can be flown by remote control and from the comfort of another place and by simply using a computer.      

So if "we" are to agree that "drones" [replicas of the airplanes they were imitating] were used, then they had to take-off from somewhere? 

There also had to be a place where the “other” alleged ‘original’ aircraft, laden with “passengers” [mixture of military and secret servicemen and women], - had landed.  The same applies to the alleged airplane that crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania; despite evidence concluding this couldn’t have happened that way. 

Apart from it being disintegrated by some kind of energy weapon, like that suggested by Dr Judy Woods, though she is referring to the Twin Towers, there are other micro-wave weapons that can vaporise aircraft - especially it's passengers.  No aircraft of that size and particularly the one in question could have crashed into that field they way they say it did. 

The same must be said about the alleged aircraft crashing into the Pentagon, evidence proves this was impossible to have occurred the way it’s been officially reported.   Therefore, on all the evidence I have seen to date and I have studied and researched on this subject - and in-depth since 2005, - for prior to this time I too fell for the “official storyline.”  I too accepted the whole 9/11 thing as being what it was reported as; ‘a terrorist attack’.  Though this is clealry no longer the case, as I am now 100% convinced 9/11 was what many others have long been saying; “An inside job" indeed!

What often has thrown many others off the scent and right track, is the matter of how could this take place, and with so many others involved.   But the biggest poser so far, was as I have found an explanation as to what more than likely happened to the “real” aircraft if they didn’t actually crash into the Twin Towers, Pentagon or a field in Shanksville themselves - and where they must have ended up going to.   

The four flights involved needed a flight-path – that on the surface of it; appeared they had departed their due airports and were on the way to their original destinations.   We know recorded evidence seems to prove two of the actual aircraft never even departed their respected airports.  However, we have to work on the premise that four aircraft, whatever they are, as it’s no more difficult to repaint an aircraft and give it a false tail number, than it is to do the same with a stolen motor vehicle, - must have departed to give it the impression they were involved in the crashes. 

So where on earth must they have gone to if they weren’t involved in the actually incidents? 

This means the original four aircraft [though only two, if two never took off] - and then two drones to replace the ones alleged to have crashed into the World Trade Centre Twin Towers.  This means the possibilty that six aircraft were involved.   No aircraft hit the Pentagon or crashed into the field in Shanksville, though these two aircraft would have needed to have gone elsewhere.  By having two replacement aircraft to hit the towers, makes it that the four actual planes involved not hitting anything, - and only two drone planes needed to strike the towers.  

[Even less if the 'hologram camp' are right!]

This is six aircraft in total, the original four planes - along with the destroying of two military drones.  There's the possiblity that a smaller plane or drone crashed at Shankville, but appears more likely to have been either an explosion inside a pre-made hole filled with old debris of aircraft parts, or it too was a missile that  also appears to have hit the Pentagon, following pre-planted bombs in certain part of the building, and what too many witnessess have claimed really happened that day.

If you were to devise such a mastermind plan for  9/11, you’d need ‘a base’, not so much where to control and give orders from, but a place where you could have full control over the whole plan and all the aircraft involved.  One that ensnared a whole area you confidently have supremacy over, one that would uphold to your rituals and allow you to use the powerful use of symbolism, so as you can clearly show whose in complete command and control, - this will be your footprint.

The place you'd need to use would have to be close enough to where all the original aircraft were heading to.  Other airports have been suggested, such as Cleveland, though I guess they are wrong, - red herrings, or genuine mistakes. 

  Within this secure footprint you’ll see the “drones” take-off, whilst also being able to see the “replaced” aircraft that the drones had taken over the flight-paths-of, along with its “passengers” – and then landing at your controlled site.  This obviously requires an airport with the facilities to carry out such a task. 

You’d want to disperse your “passengers” – that if what I’m saying is true; were probably a combination of genuine and false people – secret servicemen and woman of the military or their related agencies, - and see to it these people are then dealt with and in whatever way you had preplanned for them.   

Out of the hundreds of airports, towns and places I have researched and studied, I’ve concluded only one could be befitting enough that would help fit the needs to make sure this kind of operation could be successfully accomplished.  One that fits in with all the timings, that allowed flights to take off and land in sequence like they did on 9/11, - that the recorded flight activity that day at the airport, proves this could have possibly been achieved.

Here for the first time ever and being the only person to date to suggest such findings; - I would like to announce that in my opinion this place is ‘Harrisburg International Airport’, in Pennsylvania, USA, that could have been supported by the Capital City Airport, also in Harrisburg, this latter airport could have homed the two "drone" aircraft that hit the Twin Towers.  The former could have dealt with the other commercial aircraft involved. 

Now, I, nor can anyone else presently say this for certain as there have been other airports indicated; such as Cleveland Airport, which was evacuated around 10am amid rumours an hi-jacked airplane was going to land. 

According to the media, one plane landed approximately 10:45am, but Delta Airlines confirmed Delta Flight 1989 landed at Cleveland at 10:10am, with 60 passengers.  It's then turned out it was not an hi-jacked plane, but it was suspected of having a bomb on-board; the plane was searched for almost two hours and no bomb was found.

Though there is not real evidence that Flight 93 landed at Cleveland, in the Loose Change video, in which the film below has a segment from, it's claims that it was Flight 93 that landed at Cleveland at 10:45am - with 200 passengers on-board, and that the two planes were then taken to seperate sections of the airport, with some passengers from Flight 1989 saying they were taken to the FAA Head Quarters, whilst others claimed being transported to the NASA hanger that's also at Cleveland airport.  

The film goes on to say; that the flights and times were switched, and that perhaps it was Flight 93 that landed first at 10:10am, and that it was Delta 1989 that came in later at 10:45am. 

They also reckon the combined passengers on all the four flights that day - that according to evidence obtained; ranges from 189 - to 243 passengers in total - and therefore could have been on-board those two airplanes.

So like I've stated, who can say for sure, did four airplanes land at Harrisburg, or was it only three and Flight 93 went to Cleveland?  Or a combination; such as one or two landed at Harrisburg, and two at Cleveland, or just one, - and a third [not including Capital City Airport] went to another yet undiscovered airport. 

No one really knows for certain about the other airports; other than Harrisburg International Airport 100% features in the 9/11 data of evidence connected to one of the aircraft at the very least, and is situated in the most ideal of places to carry-out such a task. 

Birds-eye view of Harrisburg International Airport

Capital City Airport - PA - 13 April 1999.jpg

This is a birds-eye view of the Capital City Airport in Harrisburg on the opposite side of the Susquehanna River to Harrisburg International Airport.  Originally called Capital Landing Field, the facility opened in mid-1930 and was Harrisburg's original commercial service airport.  Capital City Airport is located adjacent to the Defense Distribution Center, one of the largest military distribution centers for the warehousing of supplies and equipment for the U.S. Armed Forces. A parachutte rigger detachment from the 82nd Airborne Division also operates out of Capital City Airport.

Since 1999, Capital City Airport has been owned and operated by the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority (SARAA).

I am not using the following Masonic pyramid “symbolic" meaning as backing up my argument or as being concrete evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, for I mainly want to highlight and conclude Harrisburg International Airport & Capital City Airport as probably being the base/s involved on 9/11, - and purely on its own merits and the very specific convenient location of these airports.

It’s surrounded by military camps and other airports, alongside many industries related to the government and its military complex that employs thousands of local people in the community, it and the whole area is capable of being able to see that this type of plan was carried out in relative seclusion and under strict military control.

In 2010

Forbes rated Harrisburg as the second best place in the U.S. to raise a family, and The Daily Beast website ranked 20 metropolitan areas across the country as being recession-proof, and the Harrisburg region landed at No. 7. The financial stability of the region is in partly due to the high concentration of state and government agencies, such as the military who occupy huge amounts of land and where there are both army-camps and residential dwellings where many of their families were born and bred.   

The Pilots for Truth Organisation - have already covered this subject and spookliy enough and without my prior knowledge, as I worked on other factors to find Harrisburg International Airport and concluded it must have been this airport involved on 9/11, and it wasn't until a Freedom Of Information Act request was answered that confirms my findings!

That's two 100% confirmations that Shanskville and Harrisburg are both "connected" to 9/11, and that by doing what I simply done by joining these two places together; I almost fell off my chair as the hairs stood-up on the back of my neck, - when all of a sudden this three demensional pyramid revealed itself and two of it's cornerstones!

In the above excellent video it covers the; War Games, simulated radar tracks, aircraft exceeding their max operating limits by more than 130-150 knots. Inaccurate aircraft position reports, false aircraft target reports, aircraft converging - flying virtually in formation with - and then diverging from the reported 9/11 aircraft. Fighters launched in the wrong direction, aircraft seemingly still airborne after the alleged attack, poor communications, phones not working - and much more is investigated in this film.

Why were the USA defenses ineffective? Pilots For 9/11 Truth analysed NORAD response; Audio recordings, as well as Radar data provided by government agencies.


 An ACARS system is a device used to send messages to and from an aircraft. Very similar to text messages and email we use today, Air Traffic Control, the airline itself, and other airplanes can communicate with each other via this "texting" system. ACARS was developed in 1978 and is still used today. Similar to cell phone networks, the ACARS network has remote ground stations installed around the world to route messages from ATC, the airline, etc, to the aircraft depending on it's location and vice versa.

ACARS Messages have been provided through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) which demonstrate that the aircraft received messages through ground stations located in HARRISBURG, PA, and then later routed through a ground station in Pittsburgh, 20 minutes after the aircraft allegedly impacted the South Tower in New York.

How can messages be routed through such remote locations if the aircraft was in NY, not to mention how can messages be routed to an aircraft which allegedly crashed 20 minutes earlier?

Pilots For 9/11 Truth have briefly touched on this subject in 9/11: Intercepted through the excellent research of "

Woody Box", who initially discovered such alarming information in the released FOIA documents(1). We now have further information which confirms the aircraft was not in the vicinity of New York City when the attacks occurred.

This message was sent on Sept 11, at 1259Z (8:59AM Eastern) to United Flight 175, tail number N612UA, routed through the MDT remote ground station (Harrisburg International Airport, also known as Middleton).


ACARS - Source and full details - (

Symbolism is everything to those who control us.  It speaks volumes to those who understand it.  We already know of the Masonic road-layout and design of such cities like that of Washington and London; that from a birds-eye view can easily be seen.

In regards to the USA, we all take it that at the tip of the pyramid; resides those in power = Washington DC, Capital Hill.  There are those who argue that the ‘real power’ comes out of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia; that then filters down to the Grand Lodge of Washington.

The Tun Tavern

The Tun Tavern was a tavern and brewery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which served as a founding or early meeting place for a number of notable groups and people. It is traditionally regarded as the site where what would become the United States Marine Corps held its first ever recruitment drive during the American Revolution at this place.

In 1720, the first meetings of the St. George's Society (forerunner of today's "Sons of the Society of St. George") were held there. 

In 1732, the Tun Tavern hosted St. John's Lodge No. 1 of the Grand Lodge of the Masonic Temple in its first meetings.

The Masonic Temple of Philadelphia recognises Tun Tavern as the BIRTHPLACE of Masonic teachings in the whole of America.

In 1756, Benjamin Franklin, used the Tun Tavern  as a recruitment gathering point for the Pennsylvania militia as it prepared to fight the Native American Indian uprisings.

The Tun Tavern later hosted a meeting of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the Continental Congress, and on 10th November 1775, the First Continental Congress commissioned Samueal Nicholas, a Quaker innkeeper, to raise two battalions of Marines in Philadelphia; that to this day every year on the 10th November the U.S. Marines WORLDWIDE toast the memory of the Tun Tavern;

"Hip-hip-ho-Ra, Hip-hip-ho-Ra."

The early history of Lodge No. 2 is the history of Freemasonry in Pennsylvania and in fact all of America.

The Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Most Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania and Masonic Jurisdiction Thereunto Belonging is the premier masonic organisation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania! Wow, what a mouthful! 

It is one of the oldest Grand Lodges in the U.S., having been established on the 26th September 1786 by delegates from the thirteen lodges holding warrants (or charters) from the

Provincial Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, a provincial grand lodge of the Ancients' Grand Lodge of England.

In the very same year the Bavarian Illuminati was formed in 1776; Benjamin Franklin, was one of the diplomats chosen to negotiate peace with Great Britain, and who helped draft the Declaration of Independence, and one of the 56 who signed this monumental document that set America "free" from the shackles of the British Empire.  He was also instrumental in achieving the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, and the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and when he published the first Masonic book in America.

I hope this little piece of information makes sense as to why "they" say the "real" power lays in "Philadelphia-Pennsylvania" - then filters through to Washington. 

As you can see by my own photographs; I first went to Google maps, typed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the site of the alleged crash of Flight 93, - this is seen below in the red marker balloon "A".

Then look to your right an you’ll see Harrisburg.  Lower right is Philadelphia, and below centre is Washington D.C. – now join the dots! 

I drew a straight line between Shanksville to Harrisburg, then a line from Harrisburg to Philadelphia, a line from Philadelphia to Washington, and then from Washington to Shanksville, - finally drawing a straight line from Washington to Harrisburg; - this gives it that unique-three dimensional pyramid shape when you turn the map upside down! 

If it’s not intentional, then what a coincidence! 

An exact pyramid shape, even with a 3d effect!  Make what you like of it, but it speaks volumes to me.  And no, I will not accept the argument that you'll find the exact shape on many other maps; - this "pyramid" has a signifcance value of four, and at the four points; - it is therefore beyond coincidence, being accidental or by mere chance.

For you tell me; what are the real odds for this to coincidently occur?

John Ogonowski

John A. Ogonowski [1951-2001] 

That's why this is all so strange, if Flight 11 didn't crash into the North tower and was replaced with a drone, he wouldn't have been killed in the actual crash.
On the 17th September 2003, in article entitled; Flight 11 crew not forgotten by Sally Applegate a correspondent for the Georgetown Record, stated: American Airlines Captain Walter Sorenson of Groveland was scheduled to fly Flight 11 on Sept. 11, 2001. He was disappointed when he was replaced by Captain John Ogonowski, who had seniority over Sorenson and requested to fly that day instead of him. 

At first reading this it might not seem that odd, as others have suggested Ogonowski might have needed the cash and wanted to do some extra overtime, but that certainly wasn’t the reason. 

In fact there's no way John Ogonowski wanted to fly on September 11th, and why he was probably booked off from work anyway, as on that day many special guests were coming to tour his dozen acres of Asian crops flourishing amid the hay and pumpkins at White Gate Farm, his home. 

Ogonowski and his wife Peggy, a former American Airlines flight attendant, had hosted such events before, and he told project director Hugh Joseph that he would 'do his best' to be around for that one. 

Then the very night before 9/11, Hugh Joseph got a call from Peggy - saying: Listen, John’s not back yet, but he got the final word that he has to fly tomorrow.  He can’t switch.

Who on earth would have insisted Ogonowski flew Flight 11 that particular day, though more important - why?

Why would or did Ogonowski, already off work for the day, then decide to pull rank on Captain Walter Sorenson, and demand he flies the airplane instead? 

Is/was it because he has had special training and a member of an elite squad - required to  fly the plane as requested by whoever insisted he worked - knowing they could trust him to turn up for work as normal and then fly the plane to Harrisburg.

Why would Ogonowski agree to do so when he knew full well he was showcasing his dream to new clients the very next day?

Don't expect to fall for the line; "But what about his family?"

Many men have left their love-ones never to return, and especially those in the military. 100s, if not 1000s of men during WWII, and other wars, did exactly that; they appeared to have died in action, when in fact they had adopted a new indentity whilst having to go undercover, and even had other wives and children in other parts of the world, - with their original wife and kids being none the wiser and had "buried" him long ago.  

Prior to 9/11, Flight 11 was no out of the ordinary flight, it was as normal and as common as a Greyhound bus; - you would have thought a number of his friends and work colleagues would have been more than willing to stand-in for him, knowing how important his growing project was to him and that it was the next day, - but let's not forget that it was Ogonowski who "insisted" he flew on 9/11, he was the one who all of a sudden telephoned the scheduled pilot Captain Walter Sorenson, and then pulled-rank on him, insisting he fly instead of him. 

Ogonowski was an ex-military man, is it possible he was assigned as a secret serviceman-come-spook, who was on a retainer and kind of 'sleeper' until the order ever came in for him to do whatever it was ordered for him to do.  

Why else would he cancel such as important personal event to him and insist to fly someone elses shift? 

Could such a person be living somewhere like Asia, Cambodia, Vietnam or the Thailand areas?  Many an ex-serviceman live out there with an whole array of people living under various pseudonyms for one reason or another, are living in secret hideaways. 

You would have thouht anyone connected to 9/11, would probably be dead/killed or well looked after.  

Many marriages end in divorce and often children are involved, though to both them their father and her husband died a hero on 9/11. 

Ogonowski’s body was never found, and has never been formally identified.
Ogonowski was a leading figure on behalf of farming in Massachusetts, particularly for immigrant farmers from Cambodia, whom he assisted as part of the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

John served as New Entry's first mentor farmer and dedicated acreage of his property to help Cambodians begin farming.  He gave production advice, helped put up a shed and greenhouse, and often did not collect the rents.  John's family and brother, Jim Ogonowski, are still actively involved in the project and assist to keep the farmers on their land to preserve John's memory.

John meeting one of the famers on the scheme.

He went to a school at Keith Academy, Lowell, and was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War, flying

C-141 transport aircraft.  

Keith Academy

Originally built as the Middlesex County Jail, the building that housed Keith Academy is now a condominium complex, was and still is called the twin towers, the building is constructed of granite and is still an impressive structure.  Founded by the Xaverian Brothers religious order, an order that is heavily influenced by the Jesuit’s. 

He was a member of Pi Lambda Phi International Fraternity Inc. which has 35 active chapters and four colonies in the United States and Canada. 


Pi Lambda Phi International Fraternity Inc.



John Ogonowski -

First they blank you, then they scorn at you, then they want to kill you, - but then it dawns on them; - you're right, - and they now want to kiss you! -  Myhat'ma Izrite


Can you help solve the riddle?

As you can see; the above pyramid covers four points - the 'fifth' lower cornerstone has not yet been identified? 

Does anyone know what "place" could be at the precise area of the fifth corner?


I hope evidence like this will help refuel the debate, and a demand into what really happened on 9/11 will take place, - and that a full and independent inquiry is held, contucted by members of the general public and not government paid officials - and filmed live on TV. 

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Greater Harrisburg Pennsylvania Area military establishments include Mechanicsburg NAVICP Naval Depot, New Cumberland Army Depot, Carlisle Barracks and War College. The nearby Three Mile Island facility was site of a nuclear accident in 1979.

New Cumberland Army Depot (NCAD) is located on 850 acres near Harrisburg. The New Cumberland Site encompasses three DLA entities: Defense Distribution Region East (DDRE) Headquarters [which was dis-established in 1998], Administrative Support Center East (ASCE), and Defense Distribution Depot Susquehanna Pennsylvania (DDSP).

The installation encompasses 851 acres along the Susquehanna River in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania about 5 miles south of Harrisburg. The depot is bordered by the Susquehanna River to the north and east, the Pennsylvania Turnpike to the south, the Capital City Airport to the north and west, and a residential community to the west. Facilities within the installation include over 200 buildings, 26 miles of road, and 18 miles of railroad. The installation employs about 3,000 civilian and 100 military personnel, making it one of the area's top 10 employers. The impact on central Pennsylvania's economy is significant. with more than $240 million per year spent on payroll and related expenses.

The Quartermaster Department had originally built the depot at New Cumberland in 1918, naming it the Marsh Run Storage Depot. The installation was used as a storage and distribution point for supplies to and from Europe during WWI. After World War I it was designated an Army Reserve Depot for the storage of quartermaster, signal, ordnance, engineering, and chemical wear materiel. In 1960, aircraft hangar and maintenance shops were constructed for U.S. Army helicopters and other aircraft. In 1962, the installation's name changed to New Cumberland Army Depot (NCAD). During the Vietnam War, the New Cumberland Army Depot primarily focused on overhaul/repair of the CH-47 Chinook helicopter, especially the rotor blades. In April 1976, the Department of the Army announced the possible realignment of the Aircraft Depot Maintenance workload at New Cumberland to Corpus Christi, Texas. This consolidation move would concentrate all Aircraft maintenance into a prime facility constructed for the sole purpose of maintaining aircraft. Aircraft repair for the Mohawk OV, UTE-21, Cayuse OH-58, and components for several aircraft were transferred to Corpus Christi. Some maintenance work was also commercially contracted out.

In 1984, aircraft maintenance operations were discontinued, and NCAD's mission was modified to function solely as a major supply depot. The phase-out of the Rotor blade program at New Cumberland and its transfer to Corpus Christi was completed by October 1, 1985. New Cumberland participated in the U.S. Army's Operation Dragon Tail in 1990 by delivering supplies directly from the wholesale level to awaiting soldiers on the ground at Fort Bragg, NC. In 1991, NCAD merged into DLA, and the name of the depot was changed to DDRE-New Cumberland Site. In 1992, the New Cumberland Army Depot transferred from the U.S. Army Depot System Command (DESCOM) to the Defense Logistic Agency (DLA). The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) nominated DDRE-New Cumberland Site for the FY96 Secretary of Defense Environmental Security Award, for the category of "Environmental Cleanup for an Installation."

DRMS and its customers continue to reap benefits from implementation of the Recycling Control Point (RCP), an automated process for disposal of excess personal property stored in DLA's distribution depots. Defense Distribution Depot New Cumberland and Defense Distribution Depot Mechanicsburg, both in central Pennsylvania, are the latest sites where RCP is operating, bringing nine depots into this automated world. Implementation of RCP at these last two depots coincided with a pilot program developed in coordination with GSA to improve the RCP program.

Strategically positioned near the center of the Philadelphia/ Baltimore/Pittsburgh "triangle" and within easy access of most northeastern U.S. urban centers, Harrisburg is the hub of a metropolitan area having more than 500,000 people. Established in 1785, Harrisburg became the state's capital in 1812 and was incorporated as a city in 1860. Harrisburg was said to be the objective of General Robert E. Lee as he and his troops marched northward in 1863. only to be called to Gettysburg before crossing the Susquehanna River. Its location, and resulting transportation benefits, coupled with the city as the seat of the state and county governments, make Harrisburg not only a major business and political centre, but a community in which the quality of life is excellent. In the last decade, Harrisburg has experienced a phenomenal resurgence with more than $850 million invested in new construction, ehabilitation and economic growth.


On the same side of Harriburg International Airport and not far from Captial Airport opposite is the US Secret Services offices at 228 Walnut Street # 400 Harrisburg, PA 17101-1736 map

About US Secret Service Phone: (717) 221-4411 

Top 5 Federal Government-Police near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

US Secret Service in Harrisburg, PA is a private company categorised under Federal Government-Police.  Companies like US Secret Service usually offer:



In the above Youtube video, you can see Police Chief Mark Kessler; when in January 24, 2013, and less than 44 miles from Harrisburg, in Gilberton Pennsylvania, he said he's drawn the line in the sand, and will stand with Freedom Over Tyranny, a group against gun control, as he and the city had unanimously passed a resolution that states; they will NOT comply or enforce any new laws infringing on the 2nd Amendment.  The chief said he would refuse to take away anyones guns.

It gives a good insight as to how these local law enforcement officers react and their opinions on gun control in general, these are the type of men you want fighting a war.

In relation to this and in an article By Eric Dolan, Randy Morris and David Warner of Political Blind Spot .org [whose website seems not to be working] wrote an article titled;

The Town Of Gilberton, PA Has Been Taken Over By Miltia
Welcome to Gilberton, Pennsylvania, where men with loaded guns, propping up a suspended police chief accuse all other citizens of being “tyrants”. It is a place where men with Swastika tattoos claim the “other people” are the Nazis. What, didn't you hear about this on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or really anywhere else? Isn't NPR even interested in this story? For whatever the reason, no one is touching this. Perhaps the Federal government fears a stand off and doesn't want this to snowball, or inspire other towns with similar demographics to go the same route. Whatever the reason, this is a true case of media blackout. - Source:

There might be no credibility to the above statement, - but if there is, and that's how these writers see these men in Gilberton, - 45 miles from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, then you can see how easier it would be to get the right kind of people to help you, especially if you tell them the "nation" is under threat and/or attack.

It was reported on the 1st August 2013 that Chied Mark Kessler had been suspended for 30 days in connection to this, and his making of Youtube videos about himself and the 2nd Amendment.



The Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) was an automated control system for tracking and intercepting enemy bomber aircraft used by NORAD from the late 1950s into the 1980s. In later versions, the system could automatically direct aircraft to an interception by sending instructions directly to the aircraft’s autopilot.

In normal operation, communications between the SAGE centers and the interceptor aircraft was relayed via radio equipment at the radar sites, which were more widely spread out than the SAGE centers themselves. A properly equipped aircraft, like the F-106 Delta Dart, could feed the SAGE directions into the autopilot and fly “hands off” to the interception.

NASA and the FAA flew a plane by remote control in 1984;

"In 1984 NASA Dryden Flight Research Center and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) teamed-up in a unique flight experiment called the Controlled Impact Demonstration (CID), to test the impact of a Boeing 720 aircraft using standard fuel with an additive designed to suppress fire."

"On the morning of December 1, 1984, a remotely controlled Boeing 720 transport took off from Edwards Air Force Base (Edwards, California), made a left-hand departure and climbed to an altitude of 2300 feet. It then began a descent-to-landing to a specially prepared runway on the east side of Rogers Dry Lake. Final approach was along the roughly 3.8-degree glide slope."

Indeed, prior to 9/11, remote-controlled planes could fly up to 8,600 miles (from the April 24, 2001 edition of Britain’s International Television News).

One day after 9/11, an article appeared on the top science and technology news service stating; “hijackings could be halted in progress with existing technologies, say aviation researchers”. The article quoted a transportation expert as saying:

“Most modern aircraft have some form of autopilot that could be re-programmed to ignore commands from a hijacker and instead take direction from the ground . . . .”

See also this article, in which the former head of British Airways

“suggested . . . that aircraft could be commandeered from the groun...

And some allege that the use of remote control could explain

some of the strange behavior by the 9/11 planes.  More on the case of drones being used see;

Submitted to the 'Operation Paul Revere' contest, hosted by

••• Please watch and rate the film on the Operation Paul Revere contest site:­y/american-drone/ •••

*** Featured on Infowars' Official YouTube Channel! ***

Haunted by a mission gone wrong, U.S. drone sensor operator Calvin Williams begins to feel suspicious about drone warfare and the implications it could have on freedom domestically. When his suspicions turn into reality, he is forced to act.

Written and directed by Johan A. du Toit

See Part II of this blog:


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Comment by Exposure on September 6, 2015 at 4:14am

For some reason the blog has lost some of its original content, the following seems to be missing;

Despite all the previous arguments and evidence presented to date that clearly shows the American government’s own official storyline on what had happened on 9/11 is far from true - and that it was what is often termed “an inside job”; - on what I'm about to reveal to you adds even more intrigue to this mystery - and a rather more sinister edge to it all.  

This article is not for the novice on the subject of 9/11; as I don’t really want to cover the already exhausted evidence presented to the world by the many excellent truthers who have dedicated, if not their lives in the process of trying to expose what really took place that fateful day on 9/11 – 2001, they have spent hours, months or even years researching the subject, so what I’m trying to say is there is an abundance of evidence already been compiled and incredible films made and uploaded to websites such a youtube and alike for anyone to find out what really occurred that tragic day. 

For those who do not know of me, as I do not wish to come across as boasting; but I think it's only fair you know a little about the person who is claiming such controversial things like I am.

I’m the author of Trapped in a Masonic World, it took three years to write its 360,000 words and as long to research it.  It, and I was banned from various so called truth sites, including 9/11 Truth on Facebook, and publishers wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole.   I begin to write the book which was to be about 9/11, however, whenever I did any research as to who was really running this world, that it become blatantly obvious the Freemasons and its thousands of affiliates are the ones that do.  Of course they are NOT all “in on it”, - 99% of them have been hoodwinked, - though it’s their mere existence that keeps the same 1% of the fraternity always in power and control. 

And I am not referring to the Freemasons being behind 9/11, as I will no doubt be accused of.  In the above book I just mentioned; I clearly explain that almost every member of our worldwide governments are also members of the very same secret society, that being the Freemasons.- This well proven and known about fact is hardly my fault, you can't going around shooting the messenger just because they remind you of this fact. 

 I never got around to publishing what I found-out about 9/11 and have filed my research away.  I was to include the following information I had discovered in the new book, so have sat on these observations for some years. 

Of course I understand that those who believe the "official" storyline will totally disagree with me, and that the expected army of trolls [those behind who I am exposing] will accuse me of 'insulting' the families and memory of those who tragically died that awful day.  Well I'm not, and if a member of my family was involved in 9/11, then I'd be camped outside the Whitehouse/Downing Street - demanding a public inquiry and not just accepting all the blatant lies and cover-ups the US government and the media have been telling us.

The is one of the worlds biggest murders, why on earth isn't there a full independent inquiry?

How much more evidence do you want to see before your understand that our world is run by well paid and finely educated gangsters; - and in proper "Gang'em style at that!

My book A Madness Shared by Two, proves a police cover-up in the case of the Swedish Eriksson twins, who were captured on film throwing themselves into the oncoming traffic on the M6 motorway in the UK in May 2008.  Despite their horrific injuries and experience, Sabina Eriksson was released from hospital after only five hours, whilst her twin Ursula lay in intensive care with life threatening injuries. Hours later it's alleged Sabina bumped into a man in the street, went back to his home, then stabbed him four times in the heart and chest the very next day.  His name was Glenn Hollinshead.  As said; the book reveals a cover-up and that two police officers lied on TV, and that the hospital concerned, alongside the BBC and Mentorn productions, the makers of the film Madness in the Fast Lane, seem to have colluded and helped cover-up what it is I have since discovered and revealed, - and what the book is based on.  I conclude Sabina Eriksson was innocent of Mr Hollinsheads' murder or manslaughter in which after 16 months on remand she pleaded guilty to, dispite protesting her innocence prior and right up until the final day of trial, and when I believe a "deal" with the police and prosecution was made.  I further believe the 'real' killer/s are still on the loose and were never even looked for by the police, - as it was far more convenient to blame and convict Sabina, whilst covering up a massive police operation I suspect the twins were embroiled in. 

I also regularly blog and under various names - I wrote and could say predicted that the Indian girl found after 17 days following the collapse of the building she worked in;

"Miracle" Find of Indian Girl or Fake?

  • Posted by Exposure on May 10, 2013 at 1:30pm

Dhaka building collapse: Woman pulled alive from rubble...

It's being widely reported that a woman has been pulled alive from the ruins of an eight-storey building that collapsed in a suburb of Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, 17 days ago.  Yet what's even more remarkable, is how is it possible she lay hidden and unheard for all this period of time in the worlds worst building collapse, in which it's claimed in excess of a 1000 people, mainly women, died as a result of the buildings collapse, the building floors almost pancaked on top of each other; - creating plumes of dust and mountains of broken bricks, cement and twisted wire lay strewn all over the place, - yet this girl, not only survived for 17 days and with little or no water at all, her "Purple" dresswear and attire remained in pristine condition. 

It begs the question; "How is this possible?" - It's surely more miraculous that her clothing, face and hair survived so well?

World Exclusive - We Were Right! Rescued Factory Girl a HOAX!!! - Posted by Exposure on June 30, 2013 at 5:36pm

Bangladesh clothes factory disaster miracle branded a HOAX by colleague of woman rescued

Back in 2008, Professor Paul Zarembka, author of the

Comment by Exposure on August 1, 2013 at 9:25am

Thanks Vincent, and for your kind words...

Comment by Exposure on August 1, 2013 at 6:59am

Hi Vincent,  not sure what you mean by original URL, - this is the first and original blog I first posted on the subject and have since put it other place and blogs - I have just uploaded a short video showing how I found the pyramid on the map!   I've no subrcibers on youtube - deleted the old account - so not many views so far, this needs to get out to a wider audience - any assitance would be appreciated - and why I out this on 12160 first! 


Comment by Exposure on July 31, 2013 at 7:52am

Thanks Scotty, - glad you like it, - the odds of that happening? - One point shows the state it took place in, one the field where it's said Flight 93 "crashed", one points to the seat of power in the USA - and another - Harrisburg Airport!  Wish the Lottery would be so easy to workout!!  Cheers 

Comment by scotty michele brown on July 31, 2013 at 12:20am

Very informative. I enjoyed reading and hope to look at some of the referenced material.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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