OATH KEEPERS, Internet disinformation and what is really happening at the Bundy Ranch.

OK how about we get a little real. First learn about the FBI and COINTELPRO.

COINTELPRO The Naked Truth

Once you understand that then read this:

Bundy Ranch Advisory for April 29, 2014

Yes, it is true: Oath Keepers received a bizarre bit of leaked info which could not be verified but which also could not be ignored. Our contact is connected with the Department of Defense – or “was”. The info we received stated that Eric Holder of the Department of Justice had okayed a drone strike on the Bundy ranch near Bunkerville, Nevada, within a 48 hour period over the weekend of April 26/27, 2014.

That, fortunately, turned out to be “dis-info” – a false rumor. And though it came from a trusted source, Oath Keepers could neither prove nor disprove it. Oath Keepers is thankful that the rumor was false and no one got hurt. Oath Keepers also is aware that the source of that rumor requires debriefing, which would hopefully lead to the author of that operation. It was a directed attack on Oath Keepers to do several things including gaging our comms depth, our speed in Intel, and study how we responded. The project’s cheerleaders were already implanted in the militias operating on-site at the ranch, so that when Oath Keepers responded to the rumor new forces would be ready to pounce on Oath Keepers.

Oath Keepers is doing excellent work at the ranch. We are in touch with the family and they wish to continue working with us. Oath Keepers are encouraged to donate at our website or send checks directly to Cliven and Carol Bundy (* see below)

This mis-info came from a trusted source, a former Special Forces soldier with significant connections inside DOD. Though the info was unbelievable, in the present climate generated by the BLM and Senator Harry Reid (who called the ranchers and their friends “domestic terrorists”), Oath Keepers decided that the info must be regarded as indicating that a drone attack was at least “possible”.

Knowing that this sort of info is at least bizarre, Stewart and our Board members who were there at the ranch finally, after painstakingly going over all possible angles, decided that this should be handled just as the authorities would handle a bomb threat at a school – evacuate the kids from the school immediately and then sift for the bomb, if indeed one turned out to exist there. Stewart knew this was a potential trap for Oath Keepers, but felt that he could not remain quiet about the info which had come to us. Better safe than sorry, in a nutshell, defines his thinking on this. Oath Keepers is tremendously happy that nothing happened and that this was a bad tip, a piece of “dis-info”, a “psy-op”.

On the basis of that, Oath Keepers alerted the Bundy ranch and all who were working there this past weekend. Oath Keepers advised people there to consider evacuation. Now we’re being attacked on many fronts in the backwash.

Let’s take a moment to assess the psychological environment in which this rumor was active. The BLM had already accosted members of the Bundy ranch on the road, tackling a woman roughly, letting one of their combat dogs loose on Ammon Bundy (Cliven’s son), and tasing him in a confrontation brought about when armed fedgov troopss accompanied a BLM effort to round up the Bundys’ cattle and the Bundy family came out to protest. Ensuing days saw rising tensions and a build-up of troop levels by the BLM, which had finally amassed a veritable army which included S.W.A.T. and helmeted combat agents and snipers. The Bundy’s children could look up and see snipers aiming rifles at them from ridge-lines. There was much fear, much agitation, and much tense concern, as we might imagine each of us would feel if a federal agency sent troops into our own yard.

So that was the temperature on the ground leading into last weekend. But in the national political environment we saw a very damning picture presented by a Nevada Senator named Harry Reid. Senator Harry Reid greatly fueled the tensions nationwide, deliberately. Reid, as the whole world knows, publicly declared that the Bundy family and their neighbors and supporters were “domestic terrorists”. Yes, believe it or not, a sitting U.S. Senator actually said that. His statement is now coming home to roost. Here is why.

All Oath Keepers know that President Obama signed into “law” the infamous NDAA-2012, which placed American citizens under military jurisdiction. Under the NDAA-2012 any American citizen may be picked up by the military and placed in custody under a military tribunal – without even being charged with a crime – and – without benefit of a lawyer – and – may be held indefinitely until the so-called “war on terror” is finally over, which some politicians have said could last a hundred years or more. We also know that the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001 greatly released restrictions on government enforcement agents and permitted them to violate American citizens’ unalienable rights. We all know that the NSA is collecting all of our communications. We know that dissent against current policy in government is being targeted by government agencies including the IRS and DHS.

Additionally, our situation includes the observation that Americans now bear the brunt of more than 70,000 S.W.A.T. raids a year, mostly over victimless so-called “crimes” or just to serve warrants. Our police are being militarized and under the command of the US Department of Homeland Security are now in effect an extension of a standing army being readied to control mass dissent among the people. (See: NORTHCOM in Colorado, which is now home of the first US military deployment of combat troops on US soil. Worse, we note that federal agents are now militarized and are extensions of the military, same as are our local police. All are interfaced under DHS authority. We notice that the BLM placed combat troops online against the Bundy family, pointing military guns at our cowboy citizens in an unacceptable and unforgiveable portrait of enforced tyranny. The fedgov cannot take back the fact that they brought a ghastly army down to bear on an American ranching family and their friends. They did it.

Further, we also know for fact that the President has a private, secret “kill list” of people his Administration may consider killing on sight, sans any due process, simply on the President’s word.

So all of that is in the picture here as we look at the “leak” which got everyone excited. Considering how bizarre that listing of government sins-against-the-people really is, it’s not such a far reach to understand why a threat of a war-on-terror-styled attack in retribution for the Bundy cowboy defeat of the BLM gov-thug soldiers earlier this month is not such a far-fetched idea after all. At the very least, and under current environment terms, letting people know the nature of the alleged threat was the right thing to do.

In the wake of this remarkable anomaly, I see that some so-called “patriots” have gone to exaggerated extents to attack Oath Keepers. The hysteria levels are up past flood-stage markings. We have people accusing Oath Keepers of many different offenses, including stealing money we collected for the Bundy family. Oath Keepers has resources and attorneys and a good name to protect. Regarding the money-related accusation, the Oath Keepers book-keeper just informed me that we have raised more than forty thousand dollars for the Bundy Ranch operation, and of that sum we have presented a check for $12,500.00 to the Bundy family – not cash, a check. All accounting will be available in coming weeks as receipts are collected, and our membership may know with confidence that full reckoning will be completed. Here is part of the statement I just got from our book-keeper:

“Here are the things I know we bought, food, water, ice, clothing, tents, field equipment/supplies, port-o-potties and travel expenses for the OK BODs and anybody willing to take rotating shifts out at the Bundy Ranch. We also gave the Bundy’s $12,500.00 via a check, not cash.”

She told me that we’ve taken in more than forty thousand dollars.

Please allow me to explain something in better detail. First, Oath Keepers raised that money from sympathetic members and supporters. We are very proud of everyone who shouldered the cost of doing this at the Bundy Ranch. We presented the Bundys with the check for $12,500.00 without any stipulation – it is their money to do with as they choose, and we need no accounting from them regarding that money. We will be able to account for all monies we’ve taken in. Oath Keepers is grateful to every member and supporter who sent money to this project, and we stand honorably to account for that money.

Also regarding the money part of this operation: The following is a video showing part of what that money accomplished at the Bundy ranch. Oath Keepers has played a powerful role in how the public came to see the justice in Cliven Bundy’s battle for his State’s right to own and manage its own land. We work with People Against the NDAA, and we work with the Tenth Amendment Center, among other fine organizations including the Fully Informed Jury Association.

We understand that the Bundy affair is classic and that Mr. Bundy himself is a patriarch of our American heritage and as such he is to be protected by the people at all costs. His vision is in harmony with that of the founders, and we all know it. When Oath Keepers brings in to the Bundy Ranch out-of-State legislators, and when CSPOA and Oath Keepers bring in men and women from our Peace Officer community to stand by Mr. Bundy, the power in the unique outreach style of Oath Keepers becomes clear. Please enjoy this brief example of the good that came from our members’ and friends’ financial support, and, again, please accept Oath Keepers thanks to each of you who have contributed to make this sort of moment possible:

All Oath Keepers may be proud that we were part of that moment and that we indeed helped that moment to happen by our activism. So please know this from my fingertips to God’s eye:

Oath Keepers is happily hosted at the Bundy Ranch by the Bundy family. A film/video is en route to Montana right now, riding by car with Stewart, for editing and subsequent posting to our YouTube channel. That video will feature Stewart himself in powerful expressions of the principles on which Cliven Bundy stands, and the direness of the hour in our Republic’s history, and the need to overcome the UN’s Agenda 21 domestic usurpations carried via now-stolen “federal agencies and departments” such as the Forest Service and the BLM. The BLM’s policy is mirrored in Agenda 21, and the entire Bundy Ranch affair traces back to corruption in internationalist-federal deal-making in the name of the People’s government. Chinese management of Nevada land is at the bottom of this, as Alex Jones exposed Senator Reid’s connections with a Chinese firm wanting to operate a solar energy farm on land related to the eco-plans for developing that site, which included moving a population of desert tortoise from that site to the area where Bundy’s cows graze – and that was a problem for EPA as well as the Endangered Species Act, which caused seriously-armed federal force to move in to make sure that the Bundy cattle were removed from the new home of the tortoise – correct me if I’m wrong. This is United Nations covert activity inside the United States and it involves the planet’s largest Communist nation, China. The Bundy connection connects also the relationship of the BLM to the Reid family. It is deep stuff.

And that is why suddenly, as Oath Keepers is getting into gear to ramp up and build upon this defense of the people against the BLM’s tyrannical forces, and as we are making awesome strides, all hell suddenly breaks loose with the militias, who in a surprising twist of fate, have decided to destroy Oath Keepers at the same time we’re hit with a rumored leak about a drone attack being possible. Sheesh. The militias are being unruly about it, and somewhat rude, assuming that the word “rude” includes threatening to shoot Stewart or his officers in the back “for desertion” – if you can believe that. Some of the alleged militia leaders are threatening to accost Oath Keepers’ leadership if leadership step foot on the Bundy Ranch. That is fairly rude, but that has actually been said.

Other accusations bordering on the absurd are being passed around, and it appears to be a concerted or choreographed Internet activity as if designed by anyone wanting to discredit Oath Keepers. There are pieces to our puzzle which are not yet on the table, but it is obvious that somebody wants us shut down and will use what national media coverage exists to smear us to a progressive audience we would not otherwise know existed.

A typical FBI psy-op would plant “leaders” in every militia they could infiltrate. What those sorts of FBI agents or surrogates do is always “handled”. Some of the purported “leaders” of the militia at the ranch are doing exactly what any agent provocateur would do after having infiltrated the militia and claimed a role in leadership. Did you notice the massive ego about who is going to command who? Did you notice the drama in the tendency to speak of Oath Keepers as if we were a militia, which we are not. These militia “leaders” would judge us by battlefield standards even though there has not been a “battlefield” since April 12, 2014? They would shoot us for desertion? Really? That is amazing, and is the kind of bumbling consciousness which a conditioned and programmed special warfare officer or a federal agent would offer if he had to think on his feet of a sudden.

I’ll confide something with you. Let us not be deceived about the real strength and power of the true American militia. Let us examine any militia which opposes the historic role of the Constitutional militia of the several States. Yesterday I had a longish phone conversation with Mike Vanderboegh, who was wanting to think-tank some stuff with me for concurrence in what we might do next to combat the idiocy being circulated presently. All you III%ers listen-up. As Mike and I were talking about the situation I said something to which he replied, “Well, how do we know that *they* are *the* militia of the people?” I pondered that and thanked him for bringing it up.

We were suggesting that the FBI (and other related groups) firmly believes in creating its own opposition for purposes of controlling it from atop and within. The model is searchable online as “COINTELPRO”. The fedgov infiltrates all social and cultural segments of America’s population. It is best to presume that the militias across America are all infiltrated. If you want to see the leadership of the co-opted militias currently at the Bundy ranch, you will have to search for a video put out to smear Oath Keepers. The link I had last night (April 28, 2014), is now invalid. The video of a circle of men denouncing Oath Keepers and threatening Oath Keepers with being shot in the back as “deserters”, and accusing Oath Keepers of stealing from the Bundy family, will give you the true insight into the steroidal psycho-pathic dreamwish of little boys playing “Army” in the fields near the house forty and fifty years ago, who somehow retained that aloofness and swapped it for a job with a badge or uniform and a gun and a retirement plan that could be counted on, or worse, in some cases, self-proclaimed “officers” who never bothered to go into the military when they grew old enough to enlist, or never made the police force. If just one of those militia leaders’ personal scenarios, isolated into private little spheres of command and control as they may be, could be synthesized and condensed for distribution to the vast majority of thinking Americans – if these aberrations were not so sad, they would be funny, and I might have more to say to and about the mental states possessed by such “patriots” in coming times. But whatever the situation in anyone’s perception, Oath Keepers is not a militia and we do not take our marching orders from any militia. We merely support the idea of reinstating the Constitutional Militia of the several States as revealed by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.

This much is certain: The federal government has many agencies and contracting private-sector corps to which it can send requests for certain clandestine or covert actions in the public sector. All Oath Keepers officers are aware of that, and we stand strongly and without fear, to oppose the tyranny which has gripped our nation. In the face of personal hardship, discomfort, and deep-seated concerns about personal safety, our officers, myself included, actually live the fight for liberty every day. We have noticed that the more successful our mission becomes, the more flak is thrown at us. My comment today is, “When we look about, who today is tossing slings and arrows at Oath Keepers? To see who is trying to destroy Oath Keepers, we see those who make wild accusations, unfounded charges, and imaginary scenaric situations glossed over by their berserk egoism which presupposes that the rest of the world can’s see their motivation and their jealousy and their fear.

Know this. Oath Keepers has a contingent on the ground there right now working in an Oath Keepers-directed security op. I’m told my good friend from Kalispell, Montana, Brother Paul Stramer, is down there with equipment for comms at present. And Sheriff Mack sends me this word regarding the continuing stream of Sheriffs who will come to the ranch to stand with the Bundys:

I spoke with SR yesterday. There were no wounded. Bundys are still happy with all help. Yes, we are still
sending in Sheriffs. Christopher will be there tomorrow.
” - Sheriff Mack to Elias Alias April 28 2014

Now that should read “today”. So we are continuing our presence at the Bundy Ranch at Bunkerville, Nevada. All Oath Keepers should continue to plan on going there as “boots on the ground” to help the Bundys.

Supplies and gifts should be mailed or delivered to -

Cliven and Carol Bundy * 7175 Gold Butte Rd * Bunkerville, NV 89007

You may also continue to support our area of the operation by contributing at our website:



Elias Alias, editor, Oath Keepers

Yours truly giving the Oath at the Bundy Ranch April 19 2014

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Comment by 5WarVeteran on April 30, 2014 at 12:27pm

Where is OPT's comment about swat raids?

I would like to explain to him that not all police are "oath keepers" some just take the oath for an job and then choose not to keep it.

Comment by 5WarVeteran on April 29, 2014 at 11:43pm

The "war on terror" is a BS cash cow for criminal political and world elite. A scam fed by the media elite to fleece Americans of more and more income.

Comment by guest_blog on April 29, 2014 at 11:33pm

"Destroying the New World Order"


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