#OpBigBrother World Wide Protest 12/8/2012. Join Us on The Green in New Haven Connecticut!!


#OpBigBrother World Wide Protest On December 8, 2012


Let's join together, on December 8, 2012 in participation of #OpBigBrother, a worldwide protest. Participation in this peaceful protest will ultimately force government officials to heed the people’s discontentment with their mega surveillance plans. We the people will share with onlookers the elites’ future plans to monitor each and every citizen’s move while scanning our faces for entry into a worldwide police data base.



Even if you’ve never committed a crime or have never been associated with one through your life time, your actions and associations will be tracked then logged for future litigation against you. Should you become involved i

n a crime, this type of technology will be abused resulting in an unlawful detainment without release. I know this might sound crazy to some people, but please do the research. It is not far-fetched and has already happened to people all over the world, especially with the current Patriot Act in the United States. Officials now only need one person (sometimes not even that) to state they think you’re planning a terrorist act for the CIA to track, torture and detain you indefinitely.



Here is a quote from the Official Anonymous Website -

This weekend, it was disclosed by Wikileaks the details about a system known as “TrapWire” that uses facial recognition and other techniques including high-end artificial intelligence to track and monitor individuals using countless different closed-circuit cameras operated by cities and other institutions, including private businesses. This program also monitors all social media on the internet. The software is billed as a method by which to prevent terrorism, but can of course also be used to provide unprecedented surveillance and data-mining capabilities to governments and corporations – including many with a history of using new technologies to violate the rights of citizens. TrapWire is already used in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Texas, DC, London, and other locales around the USA.

- Anonymous






Locate or Start An #OpBigBrother Protest Near You

If you would like to join a protest on December 8, 2012 and need to find other like minded individuals, use this think pad to locate a protest taking place near your town or in your country. 

If there isn’t one, please consider organizing one. Many people feel the need to wait for a protest to be organized before they join. If everyone is waiting for a protest to be created, there may never be one near you. Sometimes you have to initiate the action. If you need help or have questions I will help you to the best of my ability. 
Connecticuts' #OpBigBrother Protest Information
If you live in Connecticut, the World Wide #OpBigBrother protest is scheduled to be held on the sidewalk surrounding the New Haven Green, starting at 11/11:30am.
At present time, I believe it would be best if we were to walk a route (currently being mapped out). Keep in mind it will be cold, so walking will help keep moral up and cold temperatures at bay. Also, walking a route will draw less negative attention from authorities and attract the attention of observers if we are a large mass of people.
For a specific meeting point, because the New Haven Green is largely surrounded by businesses and is massive in its’ self, we will meet opposite side of the street from: 


The First Church of Christ in New Haven
Center Church on-the-Green

311 Temple Street
New Haven, CT 06511
A permit to protest is not needed in Connecticut for any protest that takes place on a public sidewalk or public property.  If we were to block roads we would then require a permit, so let’s keep to standing on the sidewalks surrounding the New Haven Green.
It is highly suggested that scarves, handkerchiefs or other face covering apparatuses be worn. This is a peaceful protest, however, there are cameras on telephone poles and intersection lights and I’m sure people will be taking pictures too. So if you don’t want your face scanned or your identity known, please cover up.
Cameras, iPhones and the like are always encouraged. Not only to document this momentous event but also to log any act of violence from authorities, civilian onlookers or even protesters who loose control, should an issue arise. For the same reason it’s advisable to bring a friend with you to this event or at least make your location on this day known to family. Should you not return home afterward, for any reason, your last location will be known.
Please tweet, forward and share this post. Spread the word about New Haven #OpBigBrother!
Follow me on twitter @cjlevatino (I follow back!) for forth coming updates for the New Haven #OpBigBrother protest. I will use hash tag #NHCT along with #OpBigBrother to make it easier for Connecticut protesters to ask questions and/or organize.


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