I posted something about why Google Sky has a Black Square in the location of Planet X & the Hubble Shut Down at the time that it was suppose to be photographing its Space Area last year.

 I get caught up getting side tract into another area of our corrupted system & the ways in which they distract and manipulate the sheepeople of the World (Spider Webs that all connected and the shot out in a complete different direction, at times I get too overwhelmed.).


 After I got a couple of alerts from 12160 that Planet X was starting to get talked about now. I started to look to see what was the new news was out there about this planet.

Now, if it's a planet then it must belong to some type of solar system!


Before I go any further let me state that I stumbled upon Planet X while I was Examining Google Earth (The Program not the WEB Page Crap), locations that were possible Underground Facilities and FEMA Camps & Coffin locations (Coffins locations have been blacked out or moved.) The tale of the supposed battle in the caverns during the building of a facility around the 70's with Reptile People (I think they claim that they supposedly come from the planet when it's orbit is close to our planet or some other the other ones I think they call the Grays).

 I ended up downloading a free space program called Celestia. I've seen old models of its orbit in relation to ours but I never could find a way control the time, pause, & rotate around. You have to search for the Planet X add on for Celestia. I can't speak of its accuracy but it seen to confirm the question of its system that I pondered earlier.

 Planet X is supposed to be different body than Nibiru. One of the hypothesis is that the planet is a dead sun or something and may reignite from our Suns solar Flares I figure that would mean that it would be Planet X cause that is the planet that the other bodies are circling Nibiru being the outer body on this add-on. Examining the time line though it seems that 2013 is its closes orbit to Earth. But, I've heard from several sources that there is suppose to be some aligning of our planets in December 2012 that coincides with the Mayan Calendar and I haven't been able to a line them up with the Celestial Time.

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