Proof that the pandemic was planned with a purpose


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covid-19 pandemic planned

Medical doctors declare that the pandemic was planned

planned pandemic germany

A group of over 500 medical doctors in Germany called ‘Doctors for Information’ made a shocking statement during a national press conference: (1)

‘The Corona panic is a play. It's a scam. A swindle. It's high time we understood that we're in the midst of a global crime.’

This large group of medical experts publishes a medical newspaper on 500,000 copies every week, to inform the public about the massive misinformation in the mainstream media. 'Doctors for Information' is supported by over 6,000 professionals. They organize mass protests in Europe, like the one on August 29, 2020 where 12 million people signed up and an estimated one million actually showed up.

Why do these 500+ medical doctors say the pandemic is a global crime?

What do they know, that we don't? 

planned pandemic protest berlin

Hundreds of Spanish medical doctors say the pandemic is planned

In Spain a group of 600 medical doctors called ‘Doctors for Truth’, made a similar statement during a press conference. 

doctors for truth spain pandemic planned
‘Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse. We urge doctors, the media and political authorities to stop this criminal operation, by spreading the truth.’ (2)

Germany and Spain are just two examples. Similar large groups of hundreds of medical experts exist in countries across the world.

In the USA a documentary called PLANDEMIC, which exposes COVID-19 as a criminal operation, is supported by over 27,000 medical doctors! 

Why are these thousands of medical professionals worldwide saying the pandemic is a crime? What information do they have access to, that we are not getting from the mainstream media?  

I invite you to look at the following facts with an open mind and then come to your own conclusions...

Millions of COVID-19 test kits
sold in 2017 and 2018

As we know the new COVID-19 disease appeared in China towards the end of 2019. Therefore it was named COVID-19 which is an acronym for Corona Virus Disease 2019. Data from the World Integrated Trade Solution, however, shows something astonishing:

in 2017 and 2018 - two years before COVID-19 - hundreds of millions of PCR test kits for COVID-19 were distributed worldwide.

screenshot covid test kits 2017

'Quick! Hide it!!'

This baffling data was discovered by someone on September 5, 2020, who posted it on social media. The next day it went viral all over the world. On September 6 the WITS suddenly changed the original designation 'COVID-19' into the vague term 'Medical Test Kits'.

Using general terms is not allowed in trade, you always have to be specific. There are many types of test kits for different diseases. 

The fact that they removed the specification 'COVID-19', after this data became known worldwide, proves that they don't want anyone to know about it. They however forgot to delete one detail: the bottom of the webpage still shows the product code for these 'Medical Test Kits' is 300215 which means: 'COVID-19 Test Kits' 

covid19 product code

Their cover up came too late: this critical information was uncovered and is being revealed by millions worldwide. You can download a PDF that shows the original data of this website.

Two years before the outbreak of COVID-19, nations around the world started exporting hundreds of millions of diagnostic test instruments for... COVID-19. 

An argument used to deny this data, is that the label COVID-19 was only added in 2020. But why would they first use a non-specific term like 'Medical Test Kit', then years later change that to 'COVID-19 Test Kit' (which is exactly what it is), and then change it back to the old, vague 'Medical Test Kit'? Are these guys confused, or what? I don't fall for those kinds of attempts to deny something that is so obvious.

By the way, these COVID-19 Test Kits are in fact the famous PCR tests that are indeed being used all over the world to test people for COVID-19. 

Even if it was true that they have been messing around with the label (which is highly unlikely because it's ridiculously unprofessional) then still it doesn't change the fact that two years before the pandemic suddenly all nations across the world started distributing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of PCR tests. So the heart of the matter doesn't change.

planned pandemic plandemic

The question is: why did the entire world explode in mass distribution of hundreds of millions of PCR tests, which are specifically used for testing COVID-19? 

What were they preparing for?

COVID-19 PCR Test Kits were distributed all over the world, back in 2017 and 2018! 

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Rothschild patented a COVID-19 testing method back in 2015

A Dutch government website for patenting inventions also shows something interesting. Richard A. Rothschild from the United Kingdom patented a system for testing COVID-19, back in 2015.

pandemic planned patent rothschild covid

Those who know the Rothschild dynasty, understand that they have been the ones controlling the world for centuries. They own most of the central banks in almost every nation of the world. (2D) The Rothschilds are known for organizing many wars, manipulating governments, and causing epidemics.

A Rothschild patenting a testing method that is specifically for COVID-19 is therefor highly interesting… to say the least!

The COVID-19 'project'
is planned until 2025

The World Bank shows that COVID-19 is a project that is planned to continue until... the end of March 2025! So the intention is to continue it for ANOTHER FIVE YEARS. (2C)

covid planned program 2025

Fauci guaranteed a pandemic within the next two years

anthony fauci predicting pandemic

In 2017 Anthony Fauci made a very strange prediction, with an even stranger certainty. With complete confidence Fauci announced that during the first term of President Trump a surprise outbreak of an infectious disease would surely happen. Here's what he said: (3)

There is NO QUESTION there is going to be a challenge for the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases.

There will be a SURPRISE OUTBREAK.
There's NO DOUBT in anyones mind about this.

How could Fauci guarantee a surprise outbreak to happen during the first term of the Trump administration? What did he know, that we don't?

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Comment by Chris of the family Masters on October 11, 2020 at 12:54pm

There is one aspect of this bizarre peoples behavior and is called Cognitive Dissonance.

Comment by Doc Vega on October 11, 2020 at 11:43am

The sheep only want to obey! The people are the problem now! They have the evidence and ignore it or simply bend to the will of their slave masters! Do people simply want to be slaves? I really wonder these days! 

Comment by cheeki kea on October 8, 2020 at 3:24am

You're right Mr Siz and I think their hatred and spite for mankind goes back to the most distant times when they were not invited to be part of the culture club. They blamed the world for their woes back then and still want to punish it to this day. I guess they can only keep trying because it's not fully working. 

Comment by Mr. Sizzle on October 8, 2020 at 2:07am

Fauci is a Jesuit and admits to proudly, that should tell you something.

Comment by cheeki kea on October 7, 2020 at 6:34am

Good post CS, The cup of Truth overflows with abundance. So much truth, so little time. 

"Destroying the New World Order"



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