Rancher Living 50 Miles From Mexico Border in Texas Yes there's a Fire!

One such person is Kari Wade, who, with her family, owns a ranch just 50 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. The border rancher recently responded to a Facebook comment when someone asked, "Where's the fire" in regard to the urgency of President Trump to build the wall at the U.S.-Mexican border.

She just read a comment on another friend's post and the comment said, "Where's the fire?"...  in reference to building the wall and more technology along the border states.   Mrs. Wade explains:

Let me tell you where the fire is: The "fire" is finding dead human bodies on your ranch, the "fire" is finding domestic pig ears in your stock tanks when there isn't a domestic pig for 25 miles, the "fire" is waking up to unknown people talking in your attic, the "fire" is dogs barking all night when your closest neighbor is 7 to 25 miles away depending on the direction... to suddenly realize there are people just outside your barn.  The "fire" is having to come home after dark and needing to carry a rifle to go feed your livestock after Border Patrol tells you they only caught 9 of the 15 they were looking for.

The "fire" is making a choice... do I take my child with me to a dark barn to feed the stock and hold the flashlight, or lock him in the house, so you decide to lock him in the house and call a friend to let them know he's home alone and if they don't hear back from you in a certain amount of time to please come check on us.

The "fire" is you don't feel comfortable letting your children play outside without being with them or within  eyeshot of them. The "fire" is having large drug busts on your ranch. The "fire" is feeling sick to your stomach every time the helicopter swirls your house because you know they are chasing people... because you can hear them on the loudspeaker talking to them.

The "fire" is seeing the Border Patrol camera set-up 1/2 mile from your house. The "fire" is coming home after dark... your children are driving in front of you (one is of age to drive), and there are officers on your road watching illegals 1/4 to 1/2 mile from your house and you have to call your children and tell them to keep driving, don't stop at the house.

The "fire" is coming home to your backdoor wide open... and wondering if they found the guns... and should you go inside?  The "fire" is real for me, my family, and my community.


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