Recent Bank Failures After SVC Bank What’s Next?

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When Silicon Valley Bank went bust due to a lack of faith by the depositors it shook the financial markets yet not a peep out of the Biden White House but 5 minutes if reassurance from Joe telling us that suddenly new regulations will keep anymore banks from failing. So, can we rely on the word of the media who have been busy denying the level of damage control it will take to reimburse FDIC insured account holders for 200 billion in deposits? How can the FDIC possibly guarantee another succession of bank failures in the event that the damage spreads? Other reported failures just in The First State Bank, First City Bank of Florida and Almena State Bank.

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Deadly rule of thumb

Remember something about fractional banking, the very model used by the Federal Reserve Corporation, a foreign entity owned by a European cabal of centuries old banking families, not the American people! Out of all the deposited funds that come into the bank only 10% is held in order to satisfy the need for liquidity while the rest of customer’s deposits are leant out to other customers rather than being secured within in individual accounts. The rest is invested by the bank to earn interest or dividends in market investments. This is really where the banks make their money by risking your deposited money on stock market opportunities. Kind of like what President Obama did with Solyndra where half a billion taxpayer dollars were invested in a company already rendered obsolete by Chinese technology.

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Federal blundering

Oh, but his crony pals were involved in the enterprise as well so being that he was President and was a Democrat everything was Kosher. Right? However, it didn’t stop there several corporate startups involved in supposed clean energy went belly up on the taxpayer’s dole. Did the American taxpayer have any say in where his money was spent or what a risk it might take? Nope! This illustrates exactly what banks do with depositor’s money without their knowledge or consent. Oh yeah, you can get a report on the supposed financial condition of the bank with assets and liabilities, but you are powerless to tell them what you consider to be a worthwhile risk or not.

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Architecture for insolvency

When a run on accounts occurs it’s because the depositors have evidence that the bank is going insolvent and they don’t want their money to be absorbed as a bankruptcy loss. With only 10 percent of cash allowed to remain in the bank it will usually sound the death knell for the bank! To make matters worse banks factor their receivables to other banks. In other words if a bank makes a loan like a mortgage and figures all the amortizing, principal, and interest earned, they will sell off that paper to another larger lender and it will be listed as an asset to the bank when in reality it is a liability because of the money loaned without only a reasonable guarantee against default. Now let’s take that possibility which will rapidly increase in a stagflation economy like the US is in now!

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The real picture

We are being lied to at every step of the way by the Biden White House. We’re not in a recession! Job numbers are up! Yes, if you consider that many people are working two and three part time jobs that are non-career employment then it all appears legit, but it’s not! Job numbers never truly reflect the real situation such as how many just got laid off recently because that will go into the next fiscal period’s report. It won’t tell you how much investment capital remains in the US instead of being offshore where the US government can’t tax it if corporations are absorbing losses or downsizing due to a bad Democrat caused economy! During the Obama Administration over 3 trillion dollars in available capital for reinvestment in job infrastructure were kept offshore. Why pay 20% in corporate tax on American soil when you can cut that number to 5% on, for instance, Irish financial jurisdiction? Why? Because the economic policies of the Democrat consisted of over taxing employers who could not afford to hire. All of these factors influence the financial health of banks and whether defaults will become more likely.

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The losses pile up

Let’s add the constant devaluation of the US dollar to this mix under the auspices of inflation and you have people being financially punished for Democrat over spending and the deficits they are creating. The interest that has to be paid on these borrowed funds from the Federal Reserve to fund the deficits spending only adds a greater burden that gets transferred to the taxpayer! It’s like a deadly boomerang that every time thrown comes back at you again only even more damaging than before!

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Is it too late yet?

Now, ask yourself in view of the way we know that our news coverage works here in America. They work to deflect and distract attention to government corruption and incompetence. So the faith and trust is preserved in the US dollar in the face of multiple bank collapses either we won’t hear about it or we will be reassured that nothing’s going to happen that could allow us to lose our money deposited in our local bank as the true coverage of the problem could very well spark a series of run on accounts at major banks as people seek to rescue their shrinking dollars from mismanaged and faltering banking institutions. By the time we see it coming it will have been too late! This, I fear, could very well happen given the integrity of the Biden clown act, the Federal Reserve, the fractional banking policy, and the US globalist owned lying mass media!

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When to panic?

Mark Levin advised the other day to buy Canadian gold coins, not bullion as it is not currency. Silver has been slated to surpass the potential gold has for appreciation due to a worldwide shortage based upon demand, yet why is the price not increasing then? More proof that there are already price controls embedded in the system? Most likely. Many people have suggested South African Krugerrands (gold dollar coins) as excellent alternative to fiat paper currency. There are also US Silver Eagles worth their weight in silver. Might be a good time to consider survival ration buckets and a store of cash at home as well if things get really dicey. Yet, if the system self-destructs as in the 1930’s during the Depression few will be insulated from the fiscal calamity. Oh, but don’t panic yet! Oh, and why have China and Russia been buying up gold like it’s going out of style? Think about it. I hate to fear monger but in almost 3 years have we not seen just about the worst in government oversight?

Canadian Maple Leafs

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