Recent Paranormal Events in my Life

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Currently, the way things are in the world has left many of us constantly pre-occupied with the corruption of the government and its lapdog media, but for those of us who care to notice, there is indeed another realm. Over the years I have had several brushes with the unknown that could not simply be written off as balderdash. I feel both privileged to have experienced these freak events, but have also been momentarily terrified as well.

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Shooting Stars

In the house that my ex and I lived in off the shores of Lake Lavon we had acquired this property that we remodeled and moved in together right after the 9-11 attack. Everything seemed calm and serene at first. Living outside the glow of city lights we had numerous shooting stars that landed in the huge 2 acre yard, across the street at the neighbor’s, and visibly in the area. I ask you how many times have you ever stood outside and watched 4 shooting stars land very close to you one after another. Some call shooting stars luck others say they are an impending warning of untimely deaths. In my case, it must have been untimely deaths. I guess they were harbingers of unfortunate fate for myself.

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Something in the room

Many times in the evening while we watched TV our English female bulldog would begin barking at the master bedroom right down the hallway from the den. She would take a few steps down the hall and just begin barking for no known reason. There was nothing but a bathroom on the right a desk, queen bed, and closet in the room, but nothing we could detect. She would do this almost every evening. Until I distracted her with go fetch! She loved that. Time went by, we bought some more commercial property in Oklahoma and Colorado that had to be renovated so for 3 people, myself, her, and her son, we were now managing and developing 5 properties in 3 different states. Unfortunately, we sold my original house by the lake for cash to fund ongoing renovations in Colorado Springs to get that motel up and running.

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Trouble to come

Under pressure, my traveling to 3 properties in two different states kept us under stress and without much fun other than work. Obsessed with her survival as most women are, we got ourselves in too deep. After her having an affair while I was out of town the harbingers of fate were at work. Shortly before that was when I witnesses 4 shooting stars descend on the property at 1:00 AM and everything seemed to start falling apart. We had 5 dogs and 2cats. One cat died, and we lost 3 dogs to human like illnesses like cancer. As the depressing years rolled on toward the present my father died of a sudden stroke, my youngest son committed suicide, and my youngest brother died of alcoholism. Yes, everyone dies, but within less than 2 years of each other in peace time?

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An invisible voice in the night

One night while sleeping in the house my ex and I lived in for more than 12 years I heard a clear voice call out my name like that of an angel. Woke me right up as if someone else had been in the room. After that things got much stranger. I started hearing hissing demonic voices that would make me up out of my sleep and soon I would be sleeping upstairs or on the living room couch. I had a neighbor inform me of all of the unmarked ancient Indian burial mounds in the area. He claimed that this was what was causing these disturbing anomalies. He would die too of unknown causes as time went on. My next door neighbor who had moved in later on, not long before I lost the house in court, said one morning around 5 before the sun came up he observed a spirit horse riding over the water. An undisclosed ancient history of Indian tribes that pre-dated the Cherokee, Arapaho, Tejas, Apache, Choctaw, and Comanche, all these tribes nomadically occupied the area after the really ancient ones who were practically pre-historic and yet unidentified.

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Disappearing items

I would lose something in the house that would magically reappear where I had already looked several time prior. As if someone or something were playing tricks. My neighbor mentioned the same things happening to him. Whether it was a shoe, wallet, car keys, things I put in dedicated places, they would come up missing and then re-appear. I must have had a poltergeist in the house as so many times in a deep sleep I would be startled by the sound of a door slam or something falling and hitting the floor, but after getting up to inspect the premises nothing had been disturbed. It was starting to get crazy.

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Strangeness in the woods

To make matters worse. I had a resort cabin property that I alone managed. Unless there was a serious problem like plumbing pipe burst, A/C outage, electrical upgrade, or tree fall that needed to be cut up and moved I handled renting, housekeeping, supply purchase, regular maintenance, painting, and floor care. I would be out at the property painting the metal fence for instance and see a coyote run by. Step outside on the porch of the manager’s quarters and see deer on the property that would shrink back into the shadows at night. Then the weird stuff began there as well. It got to where I did not go out between the cabins at night. One time I walked out of Cabin 2 and the most beautiful Bobcat I’d ever seen in my life went jogging by me to the rear of the cabin and the woods. He did not feel threatened in my presence at all.

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The property very close to Lake Texoma and was out of the normal route of air traffic from DFW Airport or Will Rogers in OKC. At night, thousands of stars could be seen but also unidentified aerial objects as well. One late afternoon I watched a bright object following a glowing circular path that just repeated itself over and over again for some 45 minutes. Looking for a rational explanation I thought it was some shiny object floating off the surface of the lake but it was in the wrong direction. About the only air traffic over the property was the occasional single engine private plane or F-18’s flying from Altus USAF base or perhaps Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, but those occasions were rare.

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Something on the roof

The property was noted by the locals as having green sheet metal roofs. With the kinds of storms we got as well as tree limbs being knocked down, this roofing choice was essential. I began having strange things happen at night. Something was running along at the top of the metal roof in the dead of night. It wasn’t any small animal like a raccoon or Bobcat either. This thing was heavy and it would run back and forth over the roof. There were trees around the manager’s quarters so it was apparently running from the tree tops perhaps to the roof and back. It was at least as heavy as a cougar for sure, and I wasn’t going out there to find out. I slept up in a loft so the sound of whatever it was could clearly be heard and analyzed. I had Plexiglas windows I could look out of but I kept them covered. I wasn’t really anxious to come face to face only a quarter of an inch apart with a cougar if it was standing on the roof when it might be looking in.

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The Sasquatch presence

Many people experience the sensation of being watched when in the hidden and close presence of Sasquatch when out in the wilderness or out on remote acreage of farms and ranches. Their sixth sense alerts them as the hair on the back of their necks stands up or a feeling of dread comes over them. It has become a very common occurrence now that people are infringing more and more into the wilderness building remote cabins and even small communities. The sightings have been increasing in recent years. In Oklahoma there was a huge sensation when several Bigfoot confrontations happened in Muskogee as police officers reported being startled by a furry hulking figure in the brush as they camped out. That area is about 80 miles north of the property I managed but sightings have occurred in the general area.

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Unknown intruder

On several occasions as I was painting or doing repair work behind the cabins and on a wood deck behind the manager’s quarters there was a deep but dry creek bed that sat a few feet from the rear of the cabins. That cattle on the neighboring lot reacted strangely to that strip of land cloaked in a canopy of hickory and oak trees that lined the creek bed. At times calves would get stuck venturing too far into the slope and the mother would have to get their calf out, but other times the entire herd of cattle would move all the way over to the other side of the property trying to keep as far away from the old creek as possibly because something was spooking them.

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Hidden threats

I am not a superstitious or paranoid person by nature but to be painting and have a sudden feeling of dread come over me for no reason at all, to feel like imminent danger was near with nothing visibly there was disturbing. The back half of the 7 and a half acres was densely wooded and undeveloped. At one point a pond had been dug out, but the previous owner never finished the job. So now it was sanctuary to deer that would occasionally hide there or whatever else that was often heard would be rustling about in the brush. There were also dangerous feral hogs that roamed in groups destroying crops and grasses wherever they rooted for food. A local game warden had been badly mauled by one that had gored him in the stomach and he’d bounced several 9 ml. bullets off its thick skull at close range. That incident ended his wildlife management career.

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Lurking in the dark

I think the strangest things that haunted me was after dark behind the cabins when something was pacing me. I would take a few steps and stop and it would then stop not quite in sequence with me, but I knew it was out there in that densely wooded creek bed paralleling me. One of the reasons I began putting an end to any nightly trips between the cabins unless a customer needed something when there was business. I used to bring the dogs to the cabins with me and our female English bulldog named Beatrice, would walk to the edge of the porch at Cabin 2 that sat next to the pond excavation and bark and bark because of what she was hearing and maybe smelling.

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Something was afoot

Toward the end of my tenure there before I spent a year in court with my ex trying to recover everything she’d taken from me from clothes, to my life savings, to my house I lived in before meeting her, to my partnership profit sharing, other bizarre incidents happened. I found a large armadillo on the property freshly killed. Hadn’t been run over. There were teeth marks in its armor. Deep piercings that indicated long canines longer than a wolf, dog, or coyote. Not long after that I found the entire head, antlers, and neck of a freshly killed deer. As though something had simply ripped the head from the body of the animal. Its eyes were open as if death had come suddenly. Now could it have been a deer shot but not killed that had run away from the hunter died and been torn apart by a predator? Possibly, but in the case of a cougar or Bobcat, they would drag it off and chew it to bits under the cover of trees and brush. Something had ripped off the head and tossed it out in front of one of the cabins. At first, I thought something was sending me a message. So far, while managing the property, I’d seen deer, coyotes, Bobcats, roadrunners, squirrels, snakes, neighbor’s dogs, but the true menace I never identified.

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Grisly habits of an unknown hominid

They say that Sasquatch will disable a deer so that the meat stays fresh by breaking the legs until they finish off the meal. Tearing off the head is common as the Sasquatch has no use for the head and unlike a human hunter, is not interested in trophies. Is that what happened on my cabin property? Maybe. I found all these incidents to be more than just coincidence. They happened too frequently to be freak occurrences or just my imagination. There were also coyote calls in the middle of the night, but I knew those sounds and I didn’t let them bother me. As a matter of fact, I could yell out loud and actually shut them up if I wanted to.

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A prelude to future mysteries

I had four very definite UFO sightings prior to meeting my ex and engaging in our doomed marriage and failed business partnership, but I won’t go into those. These sightings occurred during and around the time I was writing for the Plano Star Courier years before. What do you think of these experiences?

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