(edited and drastically shortened by Bryan Bissell from Roger Morneau’s book and an interview)

I was born in 1925 in Canada to devout Catholic parents. 2 aunts were nuns and an uncle was a priest. But, from about my teens, I began to have many questions about my Catholic beliefs. For example, I was impressed by a Protestant mechanic I knew who never used profanities when he pinched his finger or skinned his knuckles unlike many Catholics I
knew. He was also very reverent and respectful during prayers. This troubled me greatly because Catholic books and priest said that “Outside of the Roman Catholic Church, there is no salvation”. I couldn’t understand God’s justice.

Pope Gregory also said that paying money for masses for the dead could help them go directly to heaven, so that they would never suffer the fire of purgatory. It seemed extremely unfair of God to burn souls in purgatory just because their relatives had no money for these masses. Many things like this made me feel that God was extremely unjust. In my teens, I lost all confidence in both God and the Church and eventually, I doubted even God’s existence.

After WW II, I met a friend from the navy. He told me, "Hey, I got something fantastic to
tell you," he said, "I am affiliated with people that speak with the spirits of the dead. How would you like to talk with the spirit of your dead mother?" I was shocked. He said, "You wouldn't be afraid of talking to the spirit of your dead mother would you? You're afraid of going to a séance! You're not the same {brave man I knew}, you've changed; you're chicken!" That's all I needed to hear, I said, "When do we go to the séance?"

So one Saturday evening we're in the place, a very beautiful place; the medium was a lady;
she had a gorgeous new home in Montreal; And she communicated with the spirits for different people there and telling them what the spirits said.

Then the medium said, "We have a very special surprise tonight, a spirit will manifest itself
openly here." Soon, it felt like a powerful wind hit the building and then a translucent being seemed to come right out of the wall. My heart seemed to stop. Very weird! It was a lady in a beautiful gown. She said to Mary, "My dear sister, you are so wonderful to have asked for me." Mary fainted and fell right off her chair on the floor. That was the beginning of it. When you get into a secret society of spirit worshippers and especially when you are invited there by the direction of the higher ups in the spirit world, you never get out of there alive. And that's exactly what my friend and I were involved in; But, we didn't know anything about that. One night at a séance we met a very famous big band jazz band leader and his wife. He played a lot in Montreal, Canada; Vancouver the big cities.

The spirits had told him to talk to us and he invited us to an expensive restaurant. We had our favorite alcoholic beverages and as we talked the band leader said, "How long have you fellows been involved with sorcery?" It shocked us a little bit; and I said, "exactly what do you mean?" "Well", he said, "You know, what you people are doing, talking to the supposed spirits of the dead". He said, "This is silly. You see, my wife, goes to the séances because she gets comfort and she gets something good out of it; a good feeling out of it and she lives for what the spirits are going to say that the future's going to be like. Me, I can't bother with this stuff." He said, "I want power, I go right to the source of power. How do you think I became famous the way that I am?" I said, "You must have had some good luck." Well he said, "There's no such thing as 'good luck', there's either some power working for you somewhere, or you don't get ahead in this world, not in my type of occupation. You see for years I was a failure in maintaining my own jazz band. But then I was fortunate enough to be introduced to spirit worship. And by that great power I have obtained everything I had always wanted. From that day on, it was instant success my band. The news media got excited about us, and we became the talk of the town. In no time we reached the top.

{Now}, our fees are the highest in the industry. People like to dance to our music. In reality, the spirits take control of us - or in other words, possess us, energize us – and in turn we pass the influence on to the people. They like what they get and keep returning for more of the same. One time I had an interview on the radio with six of the top people in the radio world from Montreal and Toronto interviewing me. Everything I said seemed to fascinate them. In fact, I was amazed at my instant responses. Never had I been so witty in my life. And I enjoyed the attention they gave me. It almost reached a
state of worship. This success of mine is easy to figure out once a person understands the mighty power of the spirits, and how to get that power working for you.”

We talked about spirit worship. He said, "the 'supposed spirits of the dead' that you're talking with are demon spirits, they're fallen angels, they're beautiful beings" He said, "You guys got a great future ahead of you, the high priest of our secret society has heard that the master has very special plans for you two." We wanted to know more about it. He told us, "We worship spirits, we worship Lucifer and all his angels, and they're just as beautiful as before they were cast out of heaven. There was a misunderstanding in the whole thing heaven, in the galaxies, our master was misunderstood and God did not bear with him like He does with people who make mistakes today. So we're in the warfare, good against evil and we happen to be the evil ones. But we're not that bad." He said, "I look at this business between the forces of good and evil, one person believes in God another believes in Lucifer, it's like politics."

These people believe that Christ will not return to this planet with power and great glory. The high priest once said, Christ will abdicate all claim to the planet because He knows that it lawfully and rightfully Satan's. At that time he said, Lucifer (Satan or “The master”), "will resurrect his people from their graves." Now he said, "Listen, I'd like to have you meet some of our people. What about…Wednesday evening?” Wednesday night was a big surprise as I {had thought}they were going to be rough looking characters; but I was
amazed that they were all very well dressed, well mannered and that a lot were professionals; doctors, attorneys, a lot of business people. They had a praise session to the gods. They talk about what the 'lord of their lives' has done for them. I felt that these people had power and they had a lot of it. I had mixed feelings about it, because I'd been brought up in a Christian home where my Dad said, "Well you know, if you get involved in wrong doing, you're going to have to pay the price. There's always a cost for everything in this world." So this thought came to my mind, just how far do you go with these spirits before you start paying the price? And yet there was no way out. The high priest had said very clearly that the master had special plans for us and that no one ever went into this society unless they were invited by the spirits. He told us about the danger of going against the will of the spirits and told many stories. For example, he mentioned a man and his wife that lived in a fireproof building in Montreal, the place burned right down with them in it.

He… had decided…he was not going to get initiated at the time when the spirits said they would like him to be. Soon, the priest mentioned to us that {we could} give the spirits a chance to work for us. And there were a number of gifts that you could choose from. I used to play the horses and go to bookies. I said, "Hey, I'd like for the spirit to instruct me on the numbers and the name of the horses that are going to win at Belmont or some other racetracks like that; Make myself a little money." The priest said, "It will be given you." and sure enough one night, I fell into a trance or dreamed {or something and} I saw three races that were really going to pay big. And these horses were not really good
horses; one horse paid twenty-one to one because he was that poor, right? I went there and handed some money in, and got myself a winner. I put twenty dollars onto the next horse and that paid 21-1. I left there with maybe four-five hundred dollars in my hands. I went down to the finest men's shop on St. Catherine's street and bought myself a $200 suit. People then were working for $18 a week and the good earners maybe $75 a week.
One day I the man at the cage said, "My boss would like to talk to you; go right through that door over there." I knocked, the guy said, "Come on in." The guy's sitting behind a big desk smoking a big cigar; so he said, "You're Roger."

I said, "Yes." He got up and walked around me, he said, "You don't look that smart." I said, "What sir?" "You don't look so smart that you could pick horses that are winners when they're supposed to be losers. Where do you get your help?" "What do you mean help? I'm not getting any help. I just…" "Awe no, we've been watching you here for a number of weeks; and you always leave here with some of our money. Now, buddy, I want you out of here, and don't show up again because somebody's going to put a …you know what I mean.""So I said, "OK sir, I won't be back again."

The high priest told us that there is a 'Great Controversy' going on between the forces of good and evil; between Christ and Satan; and these people always praised the great master, Satan, as the super-intelligent being that he is, beautiful to behold, and if he ever appears to you, you won't be able to look upon him because he'd be too bright, he'd just
ruin your vision. So the priest said, "Look,…I want to show you what the spirits can do for a devoted servant." We went downstairs…A number of times I had…heard typewriters clicking like the dickens, I thought that they must have a lot of people typing in there in that room. He knocked and the man said come on in, and there were all those typewriters moving along by themselves; typing at the speed that I'd never seen before. The high priest said, "I want to show you something clever, follow me." So we went around the table, there was like two long tables, and they had about ten typewriters, and
he said, "Notice now that the typewriter types to the right and then doesn't go back, it types back to the left. Isn't that something?" I had never heard of things like this before, he said, "The spirits are doing the work."

He introduced us to the man, and the man is a lawyer, and he said, "How much money did you make last year?"

"Oh,” he said, “it's in the six figures." All this guy did was put paper in there and different briefs for court cases came out, typed by the demon spirits. He had this service to the legal profession and would sell these briefs to lawyers in United States and Canada.
The high priest told us it would be very advantageous to get initiated into the society on October 31 {Halloween is the spirits’ favorite holiday}. That night I went to bed and I couldn't sleep until about 3am. I had been learning about the spirits for many months now. Now I knew there was a God and a devil, the spiritists made me well aware of that! I
was in a state of terrible unrest, I could not have slept. So I said as I was laying on my bed, "If there is a God up there who cares for me, help me!" That's all I said, next thing I knew, it was 6:30 and it was time for me to get up.


I said while lying awake in bed, "If there is a God up there who cares for me, help me!" That's all I said, next thing I knew, it was 6:30 and it was time for me to get up. I was working for a Jewish firm. And {one of} the bosses, Harry, said, "Roger…I want you to do me a favor. Well {there’s a new guy}starting to work here Monday and…he's a Christian and keeps the Bible Sabbath {Saturday}. I want to find out what denomination he belongs to…"

Monday morning came and the boss introduced him and said, "Roger, meet Cyril." And I shook his hand and we started to work. A little later, my machine stopped working again. I was frustrated and used some pretty strong language. I asked Cyril if he could help. "No, not really, but I have a suggestion that might help." He says, "I heard you calling upon God, but it was not in the way I would have liked to hear you talk. Go easy on God", he says.I said, "Thank-you. I'm sorry if I offended you with my language. "By the way, you're quite a religious man I understand?"

"Yeah", he said, "I read the Bible and go to church." I said, "That's great! What denomination do you belong to?"

"Well, I'm a Seventh-day Adventist. We're seventh-day observers, and we believe that God has put a special blessing {on the Bible Sabbath} and {we should} give God the honor that is due to His holy name." We talked some and then again at 3pm. I had a question for him. But, I knew if I got involved with Christianity, the spirits would destroy me. We'd all been assured of that; you don't deviate from the will of the spirits, otherwise you're
history. So I told him, I said, "Cyril, would you show me out of the Bible the things you told me today, if I went to your house?" He said, "Yeah, I'd be glad to; when, next week sometime?"

"No, no, not next week; tonight? I can't tell you why, but it has to be tonight, or never!" He said, "Are you serious?" "OK", he says, "come to my place at seven o'clock." He gave me his address. So that evening, seven o'clock sharp I rang the doorbell. That was the beginning of intense Bible studies of up to 4 hours a day. They read a question and then they would find the answer in the Bible. They read about how the Bible is God’s word, then prophecies of Daniel and many others. When {each night of} Bible studies was over, I said to myself, “If I am still alive, I want to be here tomorrow night.” I felt sure I was going to be killed, be destroyed in some kind of accident. But, if for some reason I survived, I wanted to study the Bible more with these people.


The Holy Spirit was inspiring me, ministering to me the graces of redemption…I don't have the vocabulary {to explain it} because it's a mystery type thing; the Holy Spirit recreates you as He ministers to you. He cleans your mind and gives you understanding and you see things in a different light that you never thought about before. Life becomes a meaningful thing all of a sudden. And you'd be willing to die for it, you see, for what you've learned. I knew I was going to be worked over {attacked} by the spirits; either through one of their boys or some accident or something, you see. I had been at the Bible study instead of the spirit praise service where I was supposed to make my
full commitment. Now, I said this will be the end of it. But, Thursday morning I was alive. By then I realized that the Creator was taking care of things. The spiritists respect authority and they recognize the Creator for who He is. But they trust of course that their master Lucifer is just as smart as God is and will take care of them. So I realized that the power of God was intervening. God gave me the strength to be able to die for these things I just learned. I told them I would go to church with them that Sabbath if I was still alive.

As we continued studying, I learned that smoking was damaging my body and wrong for me. I said to myself “This is going to be, excuse the expression, hell on earth, to give up smoking!” Then I said, "No, it's not going to be, because I'm going to have help!" I got home and threw all my cigarettes in the toilet. Then I knelt and read the story of
Jesus’ crucifixion in Matthew 27:22-54 (which I have read every morning now for 45 years). There on my knees, I placed my trust and my life in the care of the Lord of glory who had shed His precious blood on Calvary to acquire legal right to be able to redeem me from where I was and where I was going. Miraculously, I never had a desire to smoke again! I asked God to take the desire away, to recreate me. I realized that if He is the Creator, He can recreate. And he did.

The Spirits Fight Back!

On Saturday night, I got a note from Roland. It said, "I've got to talk to you, we're facing a terrible disaster!" I began reading a book about God that I had received. Suddenly, some paper started to levitate. Then it came and slapped the book. The book fell down. I wanted to tell the spirits to buzz off! But I had understood that I would not again talk
with spirits; I made up my mind on that. Then the spirit picked up the book and threw it against the wall with tremendous force. Then I called Roland. He said, "Man, don't you care for my life, Morneau? You're in real trouble! Because the high priest says the spirit
appeared to him on Wednesday night and told him you were studying the Bible with some Christians; but you weren't just studying the Bible with Christians, you were studying the Bible with Seventh-day Adventists…the people the master hates most on the face of the planet! Don't you care for your life?"

I said, "It's not possible for me to explain to you over the phone what has taken place in my studying the Bible four hours per evening through the week. Come to see me tomorrow sometime and I'll give you the real reasons why I did what I did."

He said, "OK". Then I went to bed. But, as soon as I went to bed, the lights went on. I turned them off several times. The spirits kept turning them back on. Then things began moving all over. A picture on one wall began moving around. A light flew into the air. I wasn't at all afraid because you get supernatural strength either from good or evil. The
Lord was seeing me through this thing. I knew I was going to have a terrible struggle some where along the way some how. They were going to try and destroy me, no question about it.

Finally, I said. "Hey, I'm going to get my rest, I'm tired. Lord, bless this fellow to get some rest from these spirits," and I went to sleep. They woke me up about two o'clock in the morning again, and about four o'clock. Then I thought that maybe God wanted me to talk to the spirit. I said to the spirit, "You want to talk to me." The spirit said, "Yes, Finally! I'm able to talk to you. What in the world do you think you're doing? The master has tremendous plans for your life. Fame, honor, respect, wealth, don't you value any of these things?" I said, "I want you to know, spirit, that ten days ago, I would have grabbed your offer, but now I'm educated to the reality of life, especially the reality of eternal life. {Now} I'm not interested".

For about three or four minutes there was no response to what I had said. Then he spoke with a tremor in his voice…really desperate. "Well," he said, "We've worked so long over the years to prepare you for the master's work and what are you doing?" He told me, "OK. You're turning down the offer of the master?" I said, "Definitely".

He said, "From now on, poverty will be the lot of your life. That is, if you can manage to stay alive!" and he said, "That I doubt if you'll have much of, your days are numbered!"
I said, "You know, spirit, the high priest mentioned about higher powers? I'm affiliated now with the higher powers. I don't have to concern myself with you or your master or any of the other spirits because you're all losers. I am the winner! A hundred million years of perfect life, recreated, translated, or resurrected, my years will be counted into the
millions of years. If I take the offer of the master, what do I have? I'm twenty years of age, even if I live to be a hundred, how can you compare that to a hundred million years? And I'll have all the gold that I want and the silver that you're offering me and more, so I'm not a loser anymore, I'm a winner!"

And the spirit said, "We'll destroy you!" and he laughed, this was frightening. When he finally left he almost took the door with him. The door was slammed open and the doorknob almost went through the plaster of the wall. I commanded him in the Name of the Lord Jesus to leave my place and come no more.


I had accepted Jesus into my life, but the spirits were still knocking every night and waking me up. A minister asked, "How are things going with your Christian walk…No problem with the spirits at all, eh??" I said, "Sir, couldn't go any better, but yeah, they try to reopen communication with me all the time. They knock every night and wake me up."
"They do? No, no, no," he said, "wait a minute, it's my fault, I didn't tell you this. The spirits have an open avenue to you that God cannot close as long as you have in your place literature or things that have to do with spirit worship. Do you have anything like that at your place?"

"Oh, yeah, I got three books, and I got some incense and I got some candles." "Well," he said, "Get rid of all this mess and you're not going to be bothered with spirits any more. I'm sure of that!" So I did exactly what he told me- solved completely! I later helped other people stop the spirits in this way.


While I was involved with the spirits, there were three very unique services that stayed in my mind forever. They were about “Satan’s General Counsel”, “Christian Idolatry” and the super deception of a 'Glorious New Age'. I learned about some of Satan’s most powerful deceptions for our time. Great General Counsel "At the beginning of the 1700s", said the high priest, "Satan and all his spirit counselors held a Great General Counsel with one purpose in mind, to prepare for the great industrial age soon coming. Lucifer also
foresaw another age to follow where tremendous scientific discoveries would be made by people and we would enter into a unique age that would change the way that everybody lives. This change would usher in the end times and the close of the 'Great Controversy' between the forces of good and evil."

The priest said that Lucifer had been studying the Bible and he found in Daniel 12:4 where we are told about the time of the end, 'Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased.' He thought that this was happening and they counseled together to ensnare people and devise a way whereby people would disqualify themselves from being
members of Christ's kingdom. They decided on three major policies:

1) ATHEISM/HUMANISM: They decided to make humans believe that Satan and his angels do not really exist. Before the 1700s, you could walk down the street of Paris and see fortune tellers and witches who would put curses on people very easily. And few if any doubted the existence of God. But now, this had to change. Lucifer said that we have to make sure that people, humans, get to believe that Satan and his angels do not really exist. (Note: a recent survey shows that over 75% of people today do not believe in a real, tangible devil!)

2) HYPNOTISM/NEW AGE: They decided to take hypnotism out of the occult and call it a new science for the benefit of mankind. They felt that they could use famous people, educators and other leaders. They would make them supposedly regress in time to former lives and speak about ancient history and great enlightenment and things like
this. Then the public would believe that this person had really been Alexander the Great. This would be a way of de-Christianizing the western world through the avenue of mysticism. Lucifer chose Franz Mesmer, an Austrian physician, to initiate this idea. By his death in 1815, many physicians were using hypnotism as a means of anesthesia.
Hypnotism is Mesmerism that has been developed to a higher degree of refinement.

3) EVOLUTION: He said that 2 men named Darwin and Thomas Henry Huxley would be used by the spirits because as children, they had been hypnotized by medical doctors and they would be very good at leading people into this deception of Satan. Satan wanted to destroy the Bible without burning it. It was decided that Satan {or Lucifer} would tutor Charles Darwin personally in setting up the theories of evolution. Satan and his spirit counselors knew that if a person believes in the theory of evolution, it will destroy completely belief in the creation week of the Bible, the fall of man and the plan of redemption. The high priest said that teachers of evolution are considered to be
ministers of a great religious system. And he said that every teacher of that theory is and honored because it helps disqualify people from being members of Christ's kingdom and recognized by the spirits as a person of great value.

They receive very special unction from Satan himself giving great power to

a) induce spiritual blindness,
b) to convince and
c) convert. That was quite enlightening. Evolution is the scientific foundation of atheism and it together with atheism has tragically caused millions of people to believe that God doesn’t exist and murdered millions more.

CHRISTIAN IDOLATRY & THE NEW AGE: One thing that made me sick at heart was when the priest said that Christian Idolatry is the greatest deception that has ever been brought upon the human family. And he boasted that demon spirits are continually defiling Christian churches through the avenue of necromancy. They are using a form of spirit
worship that involves hundreds of millions of Christians in idolatry without their being aware of it.

Necromancy is the belief that one can speak with someone who has died. The priest said that this super deception happens in only one way, through the deceptive belief that man has an immortal soul that lives on after death. He said this constitutes idolatry through necromancy. If a person believes in life after death, this is necromancy. So anybody that believes that man has an immortal soul is involved in necromancy. It's that simple. So he says there are hundreds and millions of Christians that are practicing idolatry while they think they are glorifying God.

He said necromancy is not actually conjuring the spirits of the dead because man is totally mortal, NOT immortal. So, who are “dead” people that people see and talk to? He says, the friendly demon spirits have always found great delight in impersonating apparitions, departed love ones and persons of great renown. I saw this happen many times with the spiritists.

Once, a French historian asked about Napoleon Bonaparte and one of his generals. He said he would need three people to be channels. One man shook his head a little bit; his eyes went glazed and he stayed like that for a half hour and the spirits spoke through him. He said, "I'm a spirit counselor; what would you like to know?" The voice changed and
everything. The historian had a clipboard and started asking him questions about a conversation between Napoleon Bonaparte and one of his generals. The spirit counselor said, "I will have lord Reamy and lord Alphonse duplicate the dialogue that had taken place." They did just that.

This historian then said to the spirit, "I would like to have you give me part of the speech that was given by Camilean Houde on the steps of the Montreal City Hall"; on a certain date. The spirit counselor said, "I'm sorry, I can't help you, all of my activities and my people have taken place in Europe. However, after our departure, other spirits will
come and help you." And sure enough, the guy vibrates a little bit, and then another spirit entered into him. This new spirit talked exactly in the voice of Camilean Houde. I was a youngster in those days and often listened to the radio and heard many speeches of Camilean. The spirit’s voice sounded exactly the same as I had heard on the radio. I said to a man sitting there, "Isn't it amazing?" He said, "If you think that's amazing, wait until the spirits impersonate one of the departed people that you know personally, like an uncle or a brother or sister or something like that. That is unique!" But that is the way it was; they are able to reproduce a voice just to perfection. The spirits are exceedingly proud of this.

We asked more about the activities of the spirits. The high priest continued, "It's going to be done in a unique manner, this grand plan. Demon spirits will declare themselves to be inhabitants of far distant planets of the galaxies (aliens); that are coming to warn the inhabitants of planet earth of the impending destruction of the planet, unless something seriously proper is done to avoid it."

Then he went on, "They will claim to have out of body experiences, that is some persons are supposed to be able to go into different places and come back and write all about it; They believe their immortal soul can do this. So, due to the fact that the millions of the earth believe in people having an immortal soul, this is readily accepted, when the spirits
will through a trance- medium converse with influential people. A trance- medium is known today as a channeler.

You’ve heard of Shirley McLean's experience with spirits & with the supposed inhabitants of far distant planets and galaxies? I taped her talking about it. This was one fulfillment of what this priest had said 45 years ago! He said the spirits will promise that if their recommendations are followed carefully they will usher in a glorious new age of peace and prosperity and there'll be no more wars; there'll be no more famines; there'll be no more people getting unhappy with one another; neighbor will love neighbor; and social unrest will not take place no more; there'll be perfect happiness for a thousand years; that's what the spirits are going to promise.

Now a lot of preachers preach the glorious New Age of victory; victory over war; victory over social unrest, victory over famines; and victory over all kinds of things. It would be a glorious New Age, the priest said. This is exactly what the movement is all about today.

Sunday Sacredness

He went on and said, that as life on this planet becomes more and more difficult, calamities will strike the planet more and more frequently The spirits at that time are going to put all their effort to impress religious leaders to bring before the masses of the earth the sacredness of Sunday. They will teach Sunday sacredness. With the religious leaders looking forward to a thousand years of peace on earth, they will put all their effort into it. Some people asked, "What's going to happen to people who don't believe in the spirits recommendations?" The priest said, "That will be no problem at all; laws will be passed by governments that will force people to go along with it regardless of whether they believe in it or not. And the law enforcement officers will explain to people, make it clear, that such a law is necessary to assure the well being of all people. The laws will be passed with no effort at all. The High priest also mentioned the fact that while Lucifer has chosen Sunday as his holy day, the Creator has chosen the Seventh day of the week. It was Lucifer who influenced calling his first day of the week, the sacred day of sun
worship, “Sunday”.

He explained that the 'Venerable Day of the Sun' has always been a terrible irritant to the Creator. And he said, "It is going to take place again. But not in worshipping the sun; in remembering Sunday to keep it holy!" He made a statement I'll never forget; he said, " By the observance of the day on which the master, Satan, has placed the unction of his authority and power, he receives homage (honor-respect), regardless of who people think they are worshipping."

This reminds me that the high priest once told us that for centuries friendly demon spirits have been working diligently to establish and uphold in the religious convictions of all people, the belief that man has an immortal soul. He then boasted about how Lucifer was in that he had been able to deceive the whole world, even in an age of great scientific
knowledge and understanding. Then one person put up his hand, and the high priest said, “Yes, do you want to say something?” He responded, “What about the Adventists? You can’t count them deceived regarding the state of the dead.

And I have a question, why is it that they can’t be brought under the great deception?”
The priest answered, “You’re right; I apologize, here I did make a mistake. When I said that among all the billions of people living on the face of this planet, everyone was honoring the great master, I forgot all about the Adventists. After all, they are so few in number when you think of all the billions, I didn’t even think to mention them, so I’m sorry.” Then he said, “Secondly, the reason why they can’t be brought under the great deception? Let me explain this to you. Now, my next statement is going to upset some of you, but what I’m telling you is the honest truth, it’s factual and it’s reality. The
fact that the Adventists observe the Biblical Sabbath of creation and reverence the Creator on that day makes it impossible for the spirits to deceive them. They are given very special help and great spiritual insight. Under these conditions they
are not ordinary people.” And that stayed with me.


Over (fifty) years have passed since my involvement with the supernatural world of evil
spirits. I am now advancing in age and in the …seventh decade of my life. The fact that I am still alive, I believe, is because I have been under the care of the Life-giver, Christ the Lord of glory. To decide for Christ at the age of 21, when the spirits were offering me wealth, fame, and power, was the wisest choice I have ever made. And to have a solid
relationship with Christ, and like the apostle Paul, to "be found in him, not having mine own righteousness...but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith: that I may know him, and the power of his resurrection "-all this has brought into my life a wealth of peace, contentment, and joy in the Lord that no amount of money could ever buy.

The Spirit of God has been transforming lives, remedying seemingly impossible situations, and providing solutions and victory for the hopeless (many of these are written in the book, “Incredible Answers to Prayer” including one about a friend who was told he must have surgery to remove a kidney which might be deadly. I asked my Lord that if
it would be to the glory of the Godhead, would He please cause the power of the "Spirit of life in [Him]" (Rom. 8:2) to permeate our friend's body and drive away the elements of death that were destroying his kidney. When the man woke up the day before the operation, he felt well and wondered if he really needed the surgery. After a series of tests, the physician found, to his great surprise, that the kidney showed no sign of disease, and the large tumor that had been attached to it was gone. The following day he was discharged from the hospital.) Having such prayers answered is worth far more than anything the spirits could have offered me. All I can still say is, Glory to God in the highest!
· I Peter 5:8 “Be careful! Watch out for attacks from the Devil, your great enemy. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for some victim to devour.”
· Revelation 12:12 “Rejoice, O heavens! And you who live in the heavens, rejoice! But terror will come on the earth and the sea. For the Devil has come down to you in great anger, and he knows that he has little time." 17”Then the dragon became angry at the woman, and he declared war against the rest of her children--all who keep God's
commandments and confess that they belong to Jesus.”

A Harrowing Brush With the Powers of Darkness Based on an Interview with Roger J Morneau, with Supplementary details added from his Autobiography. For the Complete Story & Autobiography Obtain the Book Under the Same Title

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BREAKING: Chinese Troops Invading US By the Thousands As Biden & Mayorkas Open the Floodgates

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Rescue Me: Sensitivity Training in HD!!!

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TRIBE BEHIND MIGRANT INVASION --OR-- it's the same old gang again

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College Professor: Believing in Hard Work is White Ideology

College Professor: Believing in Hard Work is White Ideology…See More
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