So Goes California So Goes the rest of the Country Really?

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On a sidewalk café in San Francisco a large powerful young man karate chops a restaurant busy boy knocking him down then proceeds to walk over to the chocolate fountain and massage his face with the liquid chocolate. In San Francisco junkies can mainline heroin in public but if you have a beer you can be arrested for public alcohol consumption. The streets of LA and San Francisco are covered with human feces due to the tent cities in both cities with Los Angeles boasting 65,000 tent city residents. Two million drivers are either unlicensed illegal aliens or have used the state government’s own advice at counterfeiting a state driver’s license.

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Horror story in Oakland

In Oakland, California a man is driving down an inner cities street when a rock hits his car. He stops to see who did this and is immediately mobbed by several black masked thugs who practically beat the man to death, leaving him bleeding and unconscious on the sidewalk as they rob his car, and go drifting in circles squealing tires in the man’s small sedan in circles on the two lane street. Where were the police? Oh, that’s right, underfunded, ordered to stand down, and on the defensive in case they are forced to use their firearms. This is the way of the rest of the US? We certainly see this going on in New York City as well.

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Set up?

So far, some 400 thousand Californians have fled the state unable to pay for the high cost of living and ridiculous taxation. Intel Corporation looking to build a plant near San Diego opted for another business friendlier state where it didn’t cost an additional billion dollars in state environmental taxes. A famous Mexican hot sauce maker moved their operation from California to San Antonio, Texas due to the hostile state policy toward businesses. Businesses as well as people are flocking from the “Golden State” where Governor Gavin Newsome while demanding that lockdowns and masking were mandatory, was partying and eating with friends without a mask on. One might recall that Nancy Pelosi, in the midst of the plannedemic when people were locked down, quarantined, or wearing masks was caught on camera getting her hair done at a hair styling parlor suffering like all the other businesses forced to be in lockdown mode. Pelosi, when questioned by the media about her hypocrisy claimed she was set up!

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If the insanity spreads like cancer?

If the way of California sets the pace for the rest of America, boys and girls, then America is done. The republic cannot survive in such a state of confusion and moronic double standards. There would either be a revolt or America will have passed into the great one way road to extinction. Blue states throughout America are undergoing a transformation from sanity to Drag Queen book reading s for little children to the legal surgical mutilation of kids too immature to make any responsible decision much less a life changing physical procedure before they reach puberty and begin to transition into an adult that is sexually mature. This without the parents even being informed? Despite the ruling by the Supreme Court overturning Roe vs Wade still blue states want to keep abortion clinics open claiming they are concerned for women’s reproductive health.

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More impossible spending

California is now considering paying out millions to illegal aliens for education and even foster care for the children who crossed the border without a legal parent or guardian, only with someone posing as a relative whom the child does not even know. More and more we are seeing the intentional destruction of America under the tutelage of Democrat insanity! The refusal to adhere to fiscal responsibility as deficits in most Blue states grow is just as it is under the federal spending under the Biden White House! You ask yourself, “How can this be? What government would ever treat its own people so thoughtlessly?” Who is really running this country? It’s surely not the puppets we see every day on Capitol Hill fielding questions from the press corps or going about their supposedly important lawmaking

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Who are they?

Someone wants to run this nation into the ground just as surely as Andreas Lubitz, wanted to crash his German passenger flight to earth willing to kill all aboard in 2017. The shadow government who’s really running the show apparently want to do that to America! Who are these evil bastards? Could it be George Soros, who has pledged his life’s work to destroying America? Could it be Barack Obama, who according to political analysts, has set America 50 years back in sound economic and social relations? Could it be the foreign investors who own large shares of stock in major corporations who have gone “Woke”? One thing is for sure, we’re running the gauntlet now between how much time the country has left before total collapse or some other contrived evil that’s being articulated by the left, and the re-establishment of patriotic and responsible leadership back in Washington DC again. I fear that the end is near if a miracle does not happen.

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