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The struggle to find out the truth about the condition of our world is like walking a path covered by obstacles. Even if you are able to get passed the stumbling blocks, there are so many deceptive paths crossing your own, luring you on wild goose chases. The names of people in the truth movement are familiar to us all. Julian Assage, Edward Snowden, Adam Kokesh, and Alex Jones are all famous for revealing shocking information about The Powers That Be. The controversy that surrounds them is also well known. Heated debates and divisions within the alternative news community abound. So how is one to know what is real, what is government disinfo or Cointel, and what is just garbage someone made up or exaggerated to make themselves famous? One way is to get a solid base of facts from information released by our government or its representatives. Documents obtained through FOIA requests and statements made publicly by members of government are the sources I chose in my effort to sort the facts from the hyperbole. What follows are brief descriptions of three programs in which the military may be used against civilians and where I found the information.
REX 84 was supposed to be an expansion of earlier programs that entailed the implementation of martial law, the relocation of civilians in FEMA camps, and the arrest of people by the federal government. I have done multiple searches for REX 84, and cannot even find excerpts that have been made public. The document was talked about by members of our government at the Iran-Contra hearings so we know it exists. Congressman Jack Brooks asked Oliver North point blank about his involvement in writing the document. He was never required to answer the question, and Senator Daniel Inouye quickly asked that the subject be addressed separately in a closed executive session. So the result is that we know REX 84 exists, and according to Congressman Brooks, involved suspending the American Constitution in the event of "national emergency."
Garden Plot was a plan created prior to REX 84, and was not as far-reaching. FOIA requests have produced files which can be downloaded for viewing. Garden Plot was produced in 1968 and has gone through several revisions, most recently in 1991. The plan was written as a way to deal with civil disturbances. The scenario laid out in the plan was that the state and local governments were unable to handle a disturbance with available resources. In that case the federal government could be called out to restore order. Appendix 6 of this document is particularly interesting. It is a form and instructions to be given to the Task Force Commander in charge of an event, and written by GEN W. C. Westmoreland Chief of Staff, United States Army. It lays out the "rules of engagement" so to speak. Such as when live ammunition and deadly force may be used, rules for the detention of civilian prisoners, and conducting searches of individuals and private property. It should be kept in mind that these are rules for military personnel in dealing with civilians.
CONPLAN, or United States Government Interagency Domestic Terrorism Concept Of Operations Plan, is the third program I want to discuss. As with Garden Plot, this document was obtained through FOIA requests. In the introduction it refers to a Presidential Directive signed in 1995 by President Clinton entitled "United States Policy on Counterterrorism". PDD-39 built upon previous directives and elaborated a strategy and inter-agency coordination to combat domestic and international terrorism. The stated goals were "reducing our vulnerabilities, deterring terrorism through clear public position, responding rapidly and effectively to threats or actual terrorist acts, and giving highest priority to developing sufficient capabilities to combat and manage the consequences of terrorist incidents involving weapons of mass destruction." Certain government agencies are given specific duties. The lead agency for crisis management is the FBI. The lead agency for consequence management is FEMA. The other core federal agencies are DOD, DOE, EPA and DHHS. Additional agencies may be called on in supporting roles. This document was the basis for the slaughter of our established rights that have occurred since it was written and finalized in January 2001. I can only wonder why it was written before September 11, 2001.
So much could be written about each of these programs. I could fill volumes discussing any one of them. However, that is beyond the scope of this essay. It is my hope to investigate and write about them in depth. There are many more released documents that I will also cover. When I started researching for this essay I assumed information would be limited. I wanted a factual foundation for future research. As it turns out, this will be my subject of research. I need not go looking for the latest big story. This IS the story that needs to be covered.

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Comment by Nobody Will Observe on July 26, 2013 at 3:26pm

Best of luck with your research!

Comment by scotty michele brown on July 26, 2013 at 3:13pm

Thank you. I'm new at blogging so the vote of confidence is appreciated. I am all about finding out the REAL truth, and love to research. Thank you for the friendship also.

Comment by suzie on July 26, 2013 at 3:06pm
Nice essay I look forward to more ..

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