Excerpt from ebook on ebay, “Treasure Enigma at Tumacacori Arizona,” By Gary Don Oliver

In my studies of Human history, and in my efforts to try to understand which records of historical events are true and which ones are false, I have developed useful guidelines that use both accurate and falsely written documents to understand what really happened.  

Nothing you will ever read about history is more important than why it was written.  Before you can ever understand what was written, you have to understand what the motivation was for the author to write it in the first place.

Following are some historical events that tie into what is happening in the world today.

Five hundred years ago, the only people who could read and write were completely controlled by a church and/or government. They were told what to write, but not why. Actually, very little human history is recorded. If you were to take a penny and cut it into one million pie slices, and then remove one pie slice, that piece would be an accurate fraction of recorded Human history--not as a fraction of the penny, but as a fraction of the United States Governments $$trillion national debt. Of all recorded history, half is an outright lie. It never happened. Another 40 percent is either so poorly recorded as to not be well understood, or is recorded in such a way that it distorts what really happened. Probably ten percent, or less, is recorded accurately enough so a person studying it today can actually feel what the author and the makers of history were feeling when the history took place. Churchill once said that he knew history would be kind to him because he was going to write it. Five hundred years ago, the public couldn't dispute the historical lies, because they couldn't read, or the information was not published. Today the problem is the opposite. It seems everyone is writing and re-writing history for movies, tabloids, books, magazines, et cetera, and each time records gets changed just a little. People today write lies for the same reason they did 500 years ago--ego, arrogance, religion, prejudice, bigotry, emotional attitude extremes such as revenge, greed, avarice, to keep or obtain wealth, or to maintain power over the ignorant masses. 

When studying history, written lies are almost as valuable as the truth. No matter what you read, it is never more important than why it was written. Before you can ever understand anything you read, you must first understand what the motivation was for the author to write it in the first place. In other words, a persons whole life is gauged on everything they did, and not what they said or wrote. My father told me many times to never believe anything you read or hear, and only believe half of what you see. Anytime authors knowingly rewrite history or hide historical truths, they are essentially assuming responsibility, and also liability, for what others in the past have done, as if they themselves had been the perpetrators. The current legal terminology for this is "obstruction of justice." You are guilty by your chosen association.  As an example to this, try to determine in your own mind whether the present day Catholic Religion is a religious organization, a political organization, a very big business, or something else. What they are is not what they say they are, it is 100% based on what they actually do. Just as homicidal sociopaths migrate to law enforcement careers, homosexual pedophiles migrate to the Catholic or another religions priesthood to practice what a high ranking Catholic priest recently called their "human condition."

A few years ago, a historical event took place in Northern Idaho that is unequaled for its irony in modern recorded history. Several departments of the United States Government surrounded the house of a family of white separatists, with the intent of murdering them all, for no other reason than for being separatists. Using telescoped, high powered rifles, they shot the mother in the face, without warning, while she stood at her front door. They shot a child in the back, also without warning, while he was running to his home. All this, while the United States Government is the biggest perpetrator of separatism in the Western Hemisphere and second only to Mohandas K. Gandhi, in the entire history of the human race. If you don't know what I'm leading up to--take off your blinders. There are 98 different languages spoken in Mexico.  How many Indian Reservations are there in Mexico? How many Indian Reservations are there in Central America? How many Indian Reservations are there in South America? In Canada? How many jail cells existed in the New World prior to the year 1492? There were no jail cells, and there was no need for written laws for American Natives. American Native children were taught values so there was no need to be forcibly subjected to arbitrary laws. How many jail cells exist on Indian Reservations today? How many abortions were there in the Americas before European influence?  How many divorces were there in the New World before the year 1492? Why do married people pay a higher individual income tax than single people in the United States? In the 2000 presidential campaign it was stated that, on average, married couples pay $1,400 more per year in Federal income taxes than if they were living together out of wedlock. Using the then statutory interest rate of 9%, an average married couple will pay the Federal Government an additional $1,141,000 by their golden wedding anniversary, compared to the same (on average) couple living out of wedlock. The tax code is written, in part, to entice and persuade taxpayers to perform certain tasks. To pervert this policy even more, the Federal and State Governments pay people large sums of money to produce children out of wedlock, (welfare) adding a demoralizing dimension to their policy of separation. In Europe, the Church and State were in a constant battle for power. Separating marriages also separates families, and tends to lower the power of the church, transferring more power to the state. The state then blames the church for the increased moral turpitude of society. When half the children in school come from broken families, it has a negative effect on the other half.  The Government has bastardized what was once a beautiful religious ritual into an asinine financial gimmick.

How many attorneys existed in the New World prior to the year 1492--or mental health counselors? How much of the New World was polluted prior to the year 1492, even though there were 80,000,000 people living there? Compare that answer to Europe during the same period. The US Government set a minimum wage standard so they could reduce actual income each year, facilitating a wider separation of its citizens economically, thus preventing the impoverished from moving away from the pollution created to make the rich. In 1968 the average home in my neighborhood was selling for $8000, and I was earning $1.90 per hour as a minimum wage for washing dishes, working 40 hours per week while I went to high school full time. Purchasing a home was attainable even for me at that wage, and I have purchased several of them over the years. Now, the price for the average home (1997) is $152,000--up 19 times because of the high demand of the baby boomer bubble. By 2006 the figure was $260,000.  During the same period (1968 to 1997) the minimum wage for a dishwasher had little over doubled--so why should the "X" generation have value, vision, and goals?  I personally believe the minimum wage should be set to 1968 levels permanently. That wage figure would be an hourly wage equal to the price of 8 to 10 gallons of gas, or an annual wage equal to half of the average selling price of a home.

By 2006, people were starting to protest the estimated 20 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. For years the government bodies say they are not enforcing the laws because the illegal workers do work that other U.S. citizens will not do. Let's analyze this situation. The Mexicans, and people further South, do work for very low wages, and they do a lot of farm labor that I used to do as a child. Remember the, "berry bus?" I resently tried talking to two Mexican workers that were installing the cable companies cable under the ground at a friends apartment. The cable company sent out two Mexican workers who spoke very poor (no) English. That was it. They were the only workers. They came in a truck towing a ditch digging machine. Think about this! I don't see U.S. citizens putting on home roofs any more. I see instead, one U.S. citizen supervising a dozen Mexican workers. Duplicate that scenario with yard work, tree cutting, nursery labor, etc., etc. Those all used to be good paying jobs for U.S. citizens. I recently had a friend who was a mechanic at a Dodge dealership in Phoenix, lose his job to a much cheaper Mexican laborer.  Mexican laborers have skills in a lot more areas than picking berries. When the Government says that the illegal immigrants are doing work that U.S. citizens will not do, in truth, what they are saying is that U.S. citizens will not do work for a quarter of the wage that they used to make at the same job, before an illegal Mexican worker took the job away from them. The Mexican laborers are actually reducing the labor wage rate in many industries a lot better than the minimum wage ever did, and this is why the Federal Government has imported this illegal labor. Yes, the Federal Government is actively importing this labor, not only to reduce the minimum wage, thereby reducing wage inflation, but to fatten up the social security system. Do you really think that 20 million illegal aliens would be working in the U.S.A. if the Federal Government did not want them here?  Wage inflation is the biggest threat to the US economic system.  This is how the Federal Government deals with it.  They invented the minimum wage, then never raised it, and imported cheap labor from the South.  This practice is a net positive for the Federal Government, but a big net negative for state governments.

Are you living in a free country, able to pursue life and liberty, as guaranteed by the constitution, if you are afraid to leave your home without carrying a gun? In the USA, in some areas, you're a fool if you don't carry a gun to maintain your safety, even if handgun laws usually make that illegal. Freedom is a state of mind that does not exist unless you can feel it. If anyone living in the United States today does not feel free, then they are not free. The United States Government is a true world leader in the separation of its citizens. History has recorded countless times, that when a country's citizens are separated far enough economically, or by religion, or any other way, the government will collapse and borders will change.

I believe the rumor that Jack the Ripper was never punished because he investigated his own murders. There are many sociopaths in the United States and they are not all homeless serial killers driving this country's highways. Sociopaths have the same basic living requirements that anyone else has--food, clothing, shelter, et cetera. So what kind of job would a sociopath naturally migrate too? They would get jobs with the police, FBI, CIA, the ATF, any branch of the military, the militias, doctors, or maybe they would get a good spy job. They would get jobs where they could kill other humans freely and with impunity. Sociopaths in these jobs are always undetectable until they act. They are undetectable in part, because none of these organizations have infrastructure in place to avoid recruiting the sociopath entity. The man who issued the shoot to kill order for Ruby Ridge, Idaho, is a sociopath. The people who were at Ruby ridge and actually pulled the trigger, or gave orders to pull the trigger, were all sociopaths. A sane person would have recognized what they were doing was wrong, and simply walked away. These sociopaths sat in front of Congress and lied through their teeth about what had actually happened. They probably sat in the same chairs as the sociopath tobacco CEO's, when they lied through their teeth to Congress about their crimes against humanity. I am not simply suggesting that tobacco executives are sociopaths--I am saying everyone who works in the tobacco industry, all the way down to the farmers, are all measurably sociopathic to one degree or another. Everyone in the tobacco industry murders over a million people per year--in the first degree, as it is preplanned--and they do it only for money. Do sociopaths always get away with their crimes against humanity? There is always a domino effect--actions create reactions. Do you think the Japanese would have bombed Pearl Harbor if they knew atomic bombs were going to be dropped on two of their cities? When sociopaths have their fun, as in Ruby Ridge, innocent Forest Service personnel get murdered in the field, as retribution. When the sociopaths had their fun at Waco, innocent government workers get murdered in Oklahoma City. Taxpayers lost several million dollars for the Government sociopaths acts in Idaho. I wonder how many millions, or hundreds of millions, of dollars the taxpayers of the US lost because of the Government sociopaths acts at Waco? Do you think Janet Reno would have given the 4-19-93 kill orders for Waco if she knew a domino effect would cause the government building in Oklahoma City to be destroyed? And they were kill orders. The Government does not use flame throwing tanks, armored personnel carriers, missiles, helicopter gun ships, and military ground troops with automatic weapons, to arrest one man on a misdemeanor weapons charge! They could have arrested him easily on any one of his many trips into town. However, throughout history, many identical acts of religion generated genocide have occurred. Religious sociopaths in the US leadership intended to kill everyone at Waco, in my opinion.

When the local Governments want more money for schools, they tell the parents the first thing that will be cut are the busses that take the children to school. Or, if it is a general tax increase, the politicians tell the public to vote for the increase or they will be forced to let dangerous criminals out of jail, or cut fire and police protection. The Government is very craftily instilling fear into the voting public, to rob the public of money the Government doesn't need, when the Government cannot otherwise justify the need. If the parents have to take their children to school, they may lose their jobs and their livelihood. The injected fear and anxiety is real, and it is more commonly known as political terrorism. When the tax levies fail, busses, police, and firefighters have rarely been cut, and they are rarely on the chopping block to begin with. Terrorism is practiced within every government that exists today, and has within every government throughout history. Terrorism is practiced by every political organization, every business entity, every social group, and every family. When one entity acts to create fear into another entity to force that entity to perform certain acts that they would not otherwise do, it is the practice of terrorism. Terrorism is almost always used as a last resort because it takes the most effort. In most cases, terrorism is perfectly legal. In all cases, terrorism is considered moral and ethical by the terrorist. The best example of terrorism in the world, in the 1990's, is Ken Star's investigation of President Clinton, as he inflicts absolute emotional and financial terror on hundreds of people to achieve his goal of lining his own pockets with millions of dollars in taxpayers money for his time. The more years he dragged his feet on the investigations, prolonging the misery of hundreds of people, the more dollars he collects in his own private bank account. The flame throwing tank that torched Waco also killed 168 people in Oklahoma City two years later. I am not suggesting that Janet Reno is a sociopath, but she is just as stupid, ignorant, and incompetent, as the Japanese leader who ordered the raid on Pearl Harbor. Do you think the British would have went on their seven year campaign to kick the French out of North America, if they knew the consequences would be a weakened British military, to such a degree, that the colonists then could, and eventually would, squash them like a bug? In just the 20th Century, you have seen many times, sociopaths, while holding positions of authority, not only causing governments to collapse, but causing the complete destruction of countries. Cause and effect, what goes up must come down, for every action there is a reaction, the domino effect, an eye for an eye, treat others as you would have them treat you, what goes around comes around, terrorism begets terrorism, evil begets evil, et cetera. 

The founding forefathers of the United States spent all their time trying to protect the citizens of the new country from the only one enemy that could ever harm it--it's own government. The public's own government deals from trickery and deception to outright theft when it comes to it's dealings with the people they work for. From the very top of government to the lowest minimum wage flunky, even the ones who do not have sociopathic tendencies when they first go on the government payroll, can eventually come down with black robe disease, if they did not already carry the affliction. Black robe disease causes a person to think they turned into a God, and was coined because it inflicts judges when they put on their black robe. The only way to limit the damage from black robe disease is to limit the time span for all who work for the government to just a few years.

The gray wolf has recently been re-introduced into Yellowstone Park. From the 19th century up until 1930, the US Government put a bounty on the gray wolf, and thousands of bounty hunters hunted the gray wolf to extinction within the borders of the United States. To collect the bounty money, the hunter was required to cut off the wolf's tail, and give the tail to the government as proof of the kill. In the 19th century, the US Government put a bounty on American Natives, and their scalps were sold to the government as proof of the kill. For decades, American Natives were murdered on a scale that dwarfed Hitler's genocide of Jews in Europe. Although these records will never show up in institutionally written history books, estimates are that 10 to 12 million North American Native scalps--men, women, and children--were purchased by the US Government. There were estimated to be 80,000,000 American Natives living in the Americas in 1490 but how many are left today? Not all of the genocide is by the hands of the US Government.  The Spaniards murdered 100% of the American Natives indigenous to Florida before the United States Government could get to them. And today, who scalps who in Hollywood movies? The term "Indian giver" was coined because the US government kept taking back what was given to the American Natives in treaties. All non-Native American society has successfully twisted that phrase around to mean that the American Natives were taking something back, even though it is well known which group broke all the treaties. These are dark sides of human nature, and human history, but nothing has changed.

Nobody is responsible for who their ancestors procreated with. George Washington, the father of our country, owned dozens of black slaves, but none of his descendants living today are responsible for his actions. European Americans went to Africa to get slaves because these people were used as slaves in parts of the Middle East for thousands of years, and because without exception, American Natives in the United States refused to work when kidnaped, and fought to the death rather than submit to slavery. You remember the famous painting of an American Native choosing to be burned to death at the stake, rather than utter the phrase, "I will be a Christian." Abraham Lincoln did not free African Americans from slavery in the United States. If Abraham Lincoln had wanted African American slaves to be free, he would have paid for their passage back to Africa, away from white domination. No one living today is responsible for black slavery in the United States, and no one living today is responsible for the genocide of the American Natives. The young Germans living in Germany today are not responsible for Hitler's genocide of the Jews. If all of the estimated 500 Jesuits who were expelled from the New World in 1767 were executed or imprisoned by the Catholic Church, via the King of Spain, as historical rumors indicate, no Catholic living today is responsible for that either. If a man commits a crime, the mans child does not have to go to jail to pay his ancestors debt to society. If a mother and father borrow a large amount of money, spend it and then die, their children are not legally bound, nor are they morally obligated, to pay off their ancestors debt. No recent President of the United States or member of Congress has ever talked about paying off their national debt. When the subject comes up, they only say that they are going to force somebody else's children to assume the debt. If you have loaned money to the United States Government and think it will ever be paid back to you--think again. And think again! How many members of Congress have invested any amount of their own personal wealth in treasury notes? No matter how much the Federal Government raises tax rates, their income will always be between 7% and 9%. So, not only is it absolutely and totally physically impossible for the US Government to ever come up with enough extra cash to pay off it's national debt, this same Government has to borrow all the money it uses just to pay the interest.  Have you ever met a member of the "X" generation that would pay off their parents debts, voluntarily or otherwise? And why should they have to? The United States Government has broken every contract they ever made with any American Native tribe, to cheat the American Natives and save money, and they are still breaking these treaty contracts, even in the 1990's. Yet, for the last 30 years the same government professes to be accidentally making contracts that force taxpayers to pay $5000 for a $5 toilet seat and $2000 for a 10 cent bolt. People who work for the government always pretend to be stupid when they are caught being a crook. When it comes to dealing with money, the US Government has never been stupid and they have never been generous. These are only accounting entries to cover up billions of dollars annually, in cash or in lieu of cash, that go somewhere else. Under the Bush II regime the national debt continued to grow and grow. When you go for a walk in the woods be aware of the most dangerous animals. They are the hungry animals. The hungrier the animal gets, the more dangerous it becomes. A hungry animal will go to any length for food if it means survival. What kind of food sustains a country's government? It is money. The more the debt increases, the more hungry the government gets, and the more dangerous it becomes. At some point in time, a wholesale passing of public lands to debt holders will be the only way the national debt will be erased, but still without any dignity. Otherwise, the government will take needed money from anyone who has it, through whatever means possible. In my opinion the sale of public lands will not work, because as soon as it happens property tax will be levied on it. People will not pay taxes on property that has no use and cannot generate income.

If Ronald Regan had ever read Time Magazine, he would have known the Soviet Union was a member of the living dead. All the nuclear and chemical weapons Regan made didn't hurry the Soviet Union's downfall by even one day, and conversely, may even have caused them to dig in their heels for a few extra years. Regan's communism paranoia may eventually do what all the Soviet weapons could not, by tricking Regan's Government into single handedly bankrupting the United States and causing it to divide into less powerful segments.  In April of 2009, the governor of Texas started talking about secession from the union.  It occurred to me in February 2009 that if Reagan, Bush, and Bush had not ever lived, the USA would have 10 trillion dollars in their bank.  This calculation is based on the net present value of accumulated interest paid, added to interest not earned, on the annual deficits of these leaders.  The Republican party had created a 10 trillion dollar debt that is totally and completely impossible to repay, as opposed to having 10 trillion dollars in the bank to bolster its influence around the world.

The same government that has defined the "X" generation as a generation without value, vision, or goals, has convinced all of the government bond purchasers that this generation of taxpayers will pay back the money! This is the same government that used 50,000 X-generation members as guinea pigs in the Gulf War, in violation of the Geneva Convention agreement that prohibits governments from making "Hitler style" experiments on POW's, as well as their own military. The Pentagon wanted to catalog the effects of PB, the experimental anti-serin drug, over the now very shortened unnatural life span of many of these 50,000 guinea pigs. The Pentagon has stated that they made no mistake, and they would do the same thing again to this group, and will do similar experiments to military personnel again in the future. This is no different than the 1963 Copperhead and Autumn Gold experiments where ship loads of "military test subjects" were sprayed from airplanes, solutions of BG and zinc cadmium sulfide. Keep this in mind if you consider joining the military. Your life has no more value to the Pentagon decision makers than the fly that lands on the rim of their coffee cup. The truth of the matter is, the pre-X-Generation Congress will have no incentive to balance the budget until all the fools run out of money. What do you think will happen to the National debt when the X-generation takes control of Congress?

By 11-2010 one department of the US Government printed computer money and erased 800 billion dollars off the federal debt for another department of the government.  So this is the route the government is going to take?  Over night, the value of all US dollar based savings accounts around the world, as well as paper debts, dropped in value along with the value of the dollar, while all dollar based fixed assets increased in value by the same amount.  In actuality, the real effect was that the government stole the money from all the people around the world who just lost that value.  The debt is now (2011) around 14 trillion dollars, raised by the poor management of the Bush Junior regime, spilling over for Obama to manage.  War mongering has bankrupted countless countrys throughout history.

Bitterness is probably a common side effect for everyone dealing with the US Government over a long term. I am not against governments, but I am against governments and people who operate without a conscience.  The only thing that makes you Human, setting you apart from other life forms, is having a conscience.  I am a Vietnam veteran.  Today, the thing I feel most about being a US citizen, is embarrassed.  The second would be fear.

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