The 1.7 trillion Dollar Omnibus Insanity!

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What has the deficit spending of the Democrats done to the US since 2008? Well, under Obama for the first time in US history it took more money to run the US federal government than the entire output of the US private sector industry. 15.7 trillion to run Washington DC and 14.2 trillion for the GDP of the American economy. We’ve always been told that capitalism is the soundest form of economics and that America would never run into the pitfalls of other nations like China who has spent over 200 times its annual industrial output to fund its own government, but left up to Obama, the Democrats, and the RINO’s it happened. In that year the Democrats spent more money than the sum of all US administrations in history up to the Clinton White House! An unthinkable amount of spending.

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Unsound economics

Today, spending has become insane! There is no economic plan to curb out of control spending. The fiscal mismanagement of the US economy is criminal. A bi-partisan group of treasonous Democrats and 18 Republican traitors voted for an outrageous increase in the US national debt now reflecting over 30 trillion in deficit. Of course that does not even cover the unaccounted for debt liabilities as the Congressional budget seeks to appropriate even more money for each annual budgetary assessment. Remember in 1986 when President Ronald Reagan ordered the Grace Commission to study the relationship between the US treasury, the income tax collected, and the Congressional budget. They found that there was no relationship between the proposed Congressional budget and the collected taxes that were supposed to pay for the government spending! So, our federal government operates with complete defiance of sound economic principle or restraint from spending!

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Who owns the banking system?

Once Congress establishes an annual budget that is only an estimate at best, the Federal Reserve, not a bank owned by the people of the United States, but by a family of European bankers who were illegally instituted into the US banking system in 1913 under an illegally ratified Revenue Act of 1913 under President Woodrow Wilson, who allowed the 16th Amendment to stand even though it was fictitiously ratified at the end of a session during the Christmas holiday when most Congressional voters were gone and those that remained had voted “Pass” which meant they were not making a decision to vote for the measure they were passing on it for the moment until further consideration.

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No fiscal responsibility

Why is it that every time the talk of a balanced budget amendment is kicked around that it is either met with a lot of opposition or that a warning that it will take much more tax in order to enact? Why isn’t there ever a mention of cutting the size of the government and reducing the enormous load of federal employee fraternity? Duplicate agencies, unnecessary appropriations for secret spending bills, pork barrel spending included in bills that don’t even mention or make reference to these ridiculous calls for funding issues that the American people don’t even want funded much less shouldn’t be responsible for such as funding abortions, paying for illegal aliens food, shelter, medicine, education, and transportation, much less the border security of foreign countries when our own federal government refuses to defend our own border? What is this idiocy?

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What does it fund?

Some of the insanity included in the 1.7 trillion omnibus bill? How about changing the rules of the Electoral College preventing the Vice President from ordering a recount of the presidential election and refusing to certify if evidence of voter fraud is prevalent enough? How about billions to help defend the borders of Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, and Oman to the tune of 410 million dollars? Let’s try 575 million dollars to pay people not to reproduce and increase family size in areas where wildlife might be endangered? Are you kidding me? 777.5 million dollars in a cultural exchange and education bill that is the same source of funding as used to provide drag queen shows for the country of Ecuador!  More of this will be extended to other foreign countries!

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More insanity!

Now, to give you an idea of the egotistical and wasteful measures included will be for the name of a federal building in San Francisco, California to be changed to the “Nancy Pelosi Federal Building”. You know that city where human excrement is prevalent on city sidewalks and streets not to mention the hypodermic needles tossed on the grounds of city parks endangering children with bio-hazard who simply want to play on the grasses? Apparently, Nancy feels no need to see to it that her district is made safer for her constituents but putting her name on a federal building seems to take precedent over such considerations! These are the idiots that California voters continually allow to serve in office year after year after year? America, you did this to yourself!

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How federal deficit affects your buying power

Each time you see one of these irresponsible bills get passed you will see a correspondingly less amount of buying power removed from your dollar in the form of food costs rising, gas at the pump increasing, utilities going up, and every retail item you might need continually becoming more expensive. This, as the Federal Reserve sanctions interest hikes making home ownership more expensive and putting qualifying buyers out of the market for that particular priced home. But, when you make the cost of living greater in order to finance a car, a house, or even credit card debt are you not increasing inflation? A government who’s own financial mismanagement is destroying the economy! Why? Because deficit spending dilutes the value of the currency as the debt increases and the cost of debt service is also added on. The dog eat dog proposition. a currency collapse is imminent.

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