The Battle For America Being Waged in Wisconsin

You might remember what happened last year when Governor, Scott Walker, rather than increase taxes for state residents did something quite intelligent and beneficial for his constituents. Scott reduced the size of the state government and its resultant budget. In doing so he asked state employees to accept a 6% reduction in their already generous health care packages. He was not asking them to take a pay cut. He did not request a reduction in future benefits provided by the state. Governor Walker only asked for a very menial reduction in health care plans for state employee union members. In turn in conjunction with other measures, the Governor was able to balance a state budget that had been in a deficit.

What resulted in reaction to a very modest request for minimal sacrifice? The state union mobs responded. A huge turn out of protestors immediately occupied the State Capitol grounds. For weeks demonstrators remained on the state grounds, trashing the place, smelly hordes of unbathed occupiers, mostly out of school students who were actually being paid, were employed by union officials to beef up participation. When interviewed by reporters, many of the people who squatted on State of Wisconsin grounds did not even know anything about the issues because they had been paid for showing up and camping on the grounds. As the weeks wore on trash accumulated, filth piled up, and the aggressiveness of the crowd began to significantly obstruct normal state’s business. As a result, action needed to be taken.

Once the police and security personnel were finally deployed to disburse the masses of useful idiots, some shocking discoveries were made. Live ammunition was found on the grounds of the Wisconsin State Capital. This concerned the authorities as now a new and threatening dimension had been added to the already existing animosity that had largely originated from the thug unions for the state employees. When librarians are paid as much as a state governor’s salary, when union employee’s benefits exceed the ability of the state budget to cover with revenues something is wrong, and raising taxes on the citizens of the state is not the answer! It is exactly this type of entitlement that has plagued the entire nation!

Tuesday night the fate of the United States was decided in a scaled down version of the upcoming 2012 elections hol  as Wisconsin became a battleground against socialist, thug, unions. These hostile and protest oriented factions have forced many conservatives to cow down and accept exorbitant and unjustified employee benefits packages for work that can be done cheaper and more effectively by the private sector. Much like nations who have been overthrown by intelligence operations that pay agitators to riot and create unrest, the state unions have descended upon Wisconsin making unrealistic demands that would never be viable in a competitive environment, and force citizens to endure ever increasing taxes while state budgets become unmanageable. This is the legacy of the leftist, socialist, agenda of unions, who have no interest in cutting costs to be competitive with the equivalent capability of private companies. They simply demand gorged budgets for pampered employees who never can get enough as they pay dues to unions who will stop at nothing to see that they will survive like parasites on the purse of the public!

Wisconsin Tuesday night is a preview into the future of America. Will the people tolerate ever tightening control and a death grip of government costs while private business is squeezed out of the market by entitlements and taxes that the population can no longer bear? This is the very question that forces us to examine just what free enterprise, capitalism, and individual liberty is all about in America. Our forefathers saw these issues generations ahead of the current controversy.

They knew that out of control government spending would quickly overshadow the freedoms of the private sector and make small business an extinct entity if allowed to blossom. We in America never were intended to live under the thumb of a bloated government that demands more than it delivers while sucking the life’s blood of our country with stifling budgets rammed down our throats by employee unions. Business in the market place earns its right to survive by being price competitive, able to fairly serve the consumer, and doing so from the revenues it creates for itself and manages without the forced guarantee of government regulation. When government intervenes  we lose. We no longer enjoy the fruits of private business that makes a profit without burdening the people with taxes because it is managed well enough to exist on its own merits. Government employee unions are parasitic, they don’t exist to be well managed, to cut costs, or to compete against innovation, they are there for their own gain to perpetuate their stifling budgets through constant tax increases.

The state of Wisconsin hung in the balance with it’s governor fighting a battle for a runoff over an election he already won because the bloated factions of leftist union thugs will not accept a fair race. Even Eric Holder’s DOJ is there under the aegis of preventing racism where none exists. They have run the opposition to Governor Scott Walker from Washington DC where illegal voters are overlooked and intimidation is allowed. Where gangs, mobs, and the belligerent are allowed to decide the outcome of votes. Where the New Black Panthers can post baton wielding brutes wearing uniforms and uttering racial epithets can threaten voters under the protection of our lawless Attorney General, Eric Holder, who refuses to enforce rules that protect the voter so that his and Obama’s radical agenda can succeed. This is what America has degenerated into under the corrupt leadership of the radical, leftist, regime!

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Comment by Doc Vega on June 6, 2012 at 2:17pm

Of course I wrote this article! Thank you for your comments Patriot Horse. You are right we must be careful to verify that we are not being duped by the NWO through the right left paradigm, but when you go by the principals of the US Constitution you can't go wrong universal truth is universal truth.

Comment by cheeple on June 6, 2012 at 2:32am

Wow scott Walker for President?

"Destroying the New World Order"


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