Randy Maugans with Off Planet Radio a blog cast on YouTube made this statement so I’ll credit him with it. He interviewed me on four shows over UFO’s and politics a few years back. What are the dynamics of this sweeping statement? This is not only a sad commentary about our society over the last few years but it is the perfect example of how propaganda can transform our world of certainty into an age of word salad and unconscionable rationale.

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What happened?

There was a time when the world we know was ruled by the harsh reality of truth and consequences, not rhetoric and obfuscation, but allow socialists to get a foothold in your media, in your government, and in the education system and you have just been flung down a slippery slope of deception. A shadow land of meaningless euphemisms where truth is over overshadowed by political correctness. The very concept of “Social Justice” implies the exact opposite of what it truly means just like every Democrat piece of overspending legislation like “Build Back Better” when in reality it’s billions of taxpayer dollars confiscated for ideological design that is neither supportable nor realistic.

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More hypocrisy

Take for example, spending billions on auto recharging stations that put such a drain on the electrical grid system that they can’t even be used. Spending billions on solar and wind power and causing job losses for the 9 million man work force in the gas and oil industry when winter weather can completely shut down the operation of these supposedly clean strategies. The giant blades used by the wind turbines can’t be recycled! The lithium battery material is incredibly toxic to the environment piling up in landfills, but the EV manufacturers don’t care about that they’ll just sell you another 14 thousand dollar car battery in the next year or two when yours goes bad, and another one bites the dust!

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Ideology over practicality

Environmentalists look the other way when the mention of thousands of bird strikes are caused by the wind farms during windy days. Yes, those animal rights activists suddenly lose interest just like Feminist Rights advocates fail to come to the rescue of conservative women who get death threats and effigies burned of them. Sarah Palin can tell you all about how women’s rights advocates who just suddenly displayed no interest at all as the media and Democrat groups frothed at the mouth trying to see to it that the former Alaskan governor never held office again. Why we can’t have women who support the 2nd Amendment!

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Dysphoria across the land

However, it just gets worse! Now your child, your baby girl, or young lad, will get encouragement from educators to get a sex change operation with or without your consent and if you try to stop them you might get thrown in jail. A number of years ago a father in Boston objected to the school board forcing his son to take an elective “An Introduction to the Gay Lifestyle”. The man was handcuffed and jailed and this was around 2010. What place does this trash have in public schools? I thought they were for learning. Nope! There are now for indoctrinating our kids into a group think mindset. Do as other sheep do, or else!

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Crime rewarded?

The day of the absolute where there is a definite right and wrong is over. George Soros funded prosecutors are trying to decriminalize pedophilia! In the summer of 2020 thousands of paid protesters who destroyed cities, burned police cars, overran police substations, and even murdered innocent people caught in the open were allowed release without bail in the embattled cities of Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and others, yet look at the zeal we have seen the Democrats exercising in the pursuit of Trump supporters over the January 6th protest on Capitol Hill. Innocent people who did not even attend opened their doors to heavily armed FBI and ATF agents ready to bash their doors in as their neighbors looked on. Thousands of hours of surveillance tapes would show police opening doors for people to come in as well as the presence of ANTIFA, BLM, and undercover FBI encouraging protesters to burn down the building! So the DC police withheld the incriminating film footage despite a subpoena for them!

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Calling a spade a spade

A government that was supposed to serve the people is now conducting false flag operations to ensnare conservatives, constitutionalists, and Christians because they are the extremists according to Joe Biden who must be stamped out, imprisoned, or re-indoctrinated! In today’s world of the deceased absolute, there can be no co-existence! If you don’t comply no matter how idiotic the issue becomes you face taxation, shaming, or even imprisonment. Hey! Where’s Joseph Stalin he’d love this! As Yuri Bezmenov, defected KGB agent lecturing in the US and Canada remarked back in the 80’s on how socialist indoctrinated the US was already becoming! Now, we have instituted insanity! The “Age of the Absolute” has been transformed into the “Age of Uncertainty” but that’s an ambiguous description as it glorifies what the left has done to America. It’s more like “The Age of Utter Insanity and Perversion” that is now upon us!

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Refusal to enforce the law

The silent invasion of illegal immigration breaching our borders by at least 3 million on last count is another example of the demise of the Age of the Absolute. What is an illegal act not being enforced by the federal government according to the US Constitution been labeled with a new glossy name. Now it’s a humanitarian crisis for those poor migrants and refugees! And, by golly, we better make sure and house them, feed them, hospitalize them, and even displace American employees in order to allow them to work for less wages. Sure, the American way, and of course these poor illegal immigrants will be given voting rights even though they are not citizens!

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Final word

Our Founding Fathers attended church services on Capitol Hill, they intended for lawmakers to include morality in their legislation, but there is no line between right and wrong, no assurance of an absolute reality. There is only agendas, talking points, consensus, and outright lies that drive a huge government incapable of accountability! This nightmare of corruption now paints the modern picture of a warped society continually tormented by the “Big Lie”. Without the fear of God or decency America has descended into a living hell that can only promise more of the same! The Day of the Absolute is like a cross to a vampire and there are way too many vampires and not enough crosses!

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