The Evils of the New Age Movement Recalled Pt.2

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In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s a misguided spirituality trend swept through the nation. The “New Age” movement sprang into being with all its channeling, white witches, angel craze, and Rohan Yoga past lives sessions. People suddenly became fascinated with a new look at trying to find answers to relationship problems, past life regressions, and consulting their spirit guides, but with all this what actually happened? Many of these innocent flirtations with the unknown went south on the experiencers!

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The Devil in the details

I listened to a preacher in Roswell, New Mexico who warned that many people thinking that they were being abducted by extraterrestrial aliens were, in fact, under attack by Satan’s demons and he was receiving letters and e-mails from all over the US from parents whose children had dabbled in the occult or had supposedly made contact with extraterrestrials! These people were desperate for help.

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False hope

While taking my night class with Bonnie and her group there was the idea that man would come to a point quite soon that like the Biblical “End Times” his self-destructive exploits would lead to an international crisis that extraterrestrials would intervene in and save the good people! Oh yeah! However, the more I ventured into this surreal world of spiritualism the more things seemed to be getting strangely out of control. I had no reason to fear the dead or to be superstitious even though many of us are to  certain degree. In fact, my back alley separated my property and my neighbors from a cemetery and in the words of my former previous owner,

“Those folks aren’t going to bother anybody.”

Towering entity

There were times in the first two years after my first wife abandoned the family and I was raising those little kids that I sensed a dark towering figure standing over my bed. That went on for some time and this happened even before I met Bonnie. At night while I was asleep suddenly this awareness like knowing someone is looking over your shoulder would wake me up and I would actually dread looking over my shoulder once I was awake and turned over on my side. Finally, that bizarre nocturnal disturbance went away.

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Nocturnal intruder

So, it’s my second marriage and my wife has two sons from a previous marriage and we have a blended family. For the most part, everyone gets along pretty well and when her boys come over on shared custody weekends everyone grabs a comforter and sleeps together in the sunken living room. All the kids love doing that. So, one night while everyone is asleep after dinner and playing around until time to retire, one of my step sons, bright and funny, sees something that absolutely paralyzes him. Sitting in my lounger is some entity with glowing red eyes! At first, he thinks it’s his imagination but as he focus’s his eyes he realizes that he’s not imagining! He would later tell me that on another occasion he thought that we had gotten a new pet black cat and forgotten to tell him about it as once again in the late night hours he saw a black cat with glowing red eyes, but there was one problem we hadn’t. It appeared something strange had taken up residence in that house. This was the 2nd house I’d owned in Plano in an older but well settled family neighborhood.

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During this period of time I saw two separate UFO events in this affluent suburb known as Plano, Texas. The first happened during a very cold winter with snow and ice painting the neighborhood in a white blanket of ice cold silence. Two of my sons were in the car with me and we were waiting to pick up my youngest son who was in his friend’s house as we sat idling at the curb when a white disk shaped object flashed overhead and shot across the street within seconds. At tree top level appearing as solid as a phantom only one of my sons caught it at the same time I did. The older brother was in the back seat and couldn’t see what we had. Was it just a piece of ice blowing off a rooftop due to a stiff wind? I don’t think so.

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UAP No. 2

The second UFO I saw was so bizarre I stayed captivated for hours wondering what I had seen! I was in traffic headed west bound over the bridge at Parker and Highway 75. It was a little darker than twilight as I headed to the gym for a workout when I looked into the darkening sky and saw an object as big as a house that was translucent and glowing green like a jellyfish. It slowly descended from the sky! I was sure that it was a solid celestial body big enough to crush a house if it landed and I saw it fall into a distant neighborhood on my right! I immediately turned off and went looking for the landing zone, but found nothing. No, I didn’t report it. What was I going to tell the police? The next day there was nothing in the news about a meteor or night time aerial sighing so I let that one be. However, when you have seen the other realm and experienced that which touches on the unknown and is scoffed at, you know what many people are simply too distracted to perceive.

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