The Looming Catastrophic US Economic Collapse Thanks To White House

Amidst the distortions of the US media, the failures of the GOP Congress to take on the Obama White House, and the ignorance of the low information voter, a grim truth awaits the American people about the economy. Unless there are drastic changes in Federal Reserve policy and a break away from the destructive Keynesian economics of the Obama administration a catastrophic failure is imminent. Let me repeat that for you. Unless there are significant changes in the federal government’s handling of the US economy we will see a collapse in the value of the US Dollar as well as a resulting Great Depression.

It does not need to happen!

The irony of this entire scenario is that it is completely avoidable. This does not have to happen. Yet, due to an arrogant and ideologically entrenched President Obama and his radical minions in the White House this horrid nightmare will likely play out. Why? This administration has demonstrated consistently for the last 5 years that it has absolutely no fiscal or budgetary skills what so ever. This White House has refused any guidance from supply side advocates or conservative approaches that would have minimized the deficit, reduced taxes on corporations, and created jobs to stimulate economic growth.

Institutionalized denial

The basic premise to all this is a radical academic approach with blinders on that would rather sink the US economy than admit to failure. A leftist administration that would rather allow US fiscal health to suffer because when you have 80 million Americans on food stamps you hold a powerful political trump card that affords you a voter even if you are going to destroy the economy doing it. Since 2009 when Obama took office and there were 34 million on food stamps we have seen an unchecked rise in federal assistance that threatens to bankrupt the federal government.

Fiscal suicide

With each debt ceiling that President Obama has blown through with absolutely no consideration for the fiscal consequences, America comes ever closer to a point of no return. Yet, for all these unbelievable follies and criminal actions of the Obama White House as their job killing policies are felt increasingly, Quantitative Easing at 80 billion a month in fiat printed US currency will finally dilute the value of the dollar to a point of critical devaluation. In all history, no government has ever been able to print their way out of a catastrophic recession. Yet, the Federal Reserve has floated the US economy under the pressure of the government’s 17 trillion deficit dollar deficit and counting. The GOP dominant Congress under Speaker of the House John Boehner have only offered token resistance with no intention of stopping the Obama White House hell bound train of US dollar collapse.

Why the sabotage?

How could any patriotic administration ever allow all this to transpire? Reasons; to stay in power, refusal to acknowledge facts, arrogant denial, and perhaps according to Dan Celia, a renowned conservative financial advisor, there could be an ultimate intention by the federal government to push a security state sanctioned depression into an excuse for martial law in order to quell unrest and bring the US under world government with a global currency! This would occur as a way of correcting the deficits existent among many of the world’s troubled governments while enslaving the people of these nations beneath the iron fisted grip of a One World Government! Why would the greatest nation on the face of the earth whose economy is still the largest even under the botched stewardship of the Obama White House, be allowed to falter?  There is simply no other logical explanation!

Is there a reprieve from this nightmare scenario? Yes, but will it be implemented? The answer to this question is unlikely. Why? Because of bi-partisan political gains, spineless politicians on Capitol Hill, and the general apathy of the American public, who if they were aware of this would be well served to protest, to contact their representatives, and take action against our banking institutions as Argentina and Iceland did a few years ago when faced with a similar monetary coup! The people rebelled!

Historic precedents

What are the alternatives of a civil society here? The answers are clear. The methodology is not complex at all. It involves nothing but common sense and conservative backbone! President Ronald brought America back from the abyss in the 1980’s when his policies produced more than 20 million new jobs and turned a Democratically cause recession into the greatest economic era of prosperity in decades. Yet, today the left measures these undeniable successes by Reagan with a warped yard stick of radical rhetoric, distorting the plain truth.

Measures that would reverse the present economic plague that victimizes Americans

  • Sign the permits for the Keystone pipeline Mister President (estimated 40,000 jobs)
  • Free up federal land leases for increased oil exploration which will increase job numbers
  • The US sits on the largest reserves of shale oil and natural gas in the world US could become world’s # 1 energy exporter of energy  this means cheap and abundant energy for Americans and more jobs
  • Allow employers like Intel to build plants in the US without an additional billion dollars in EPA restrictions that have caused US companies to seek less expensive foreign jurisdictions killing US jobs
  • Lower the present corporate taxes which are presently at 35% so that US employers can afford to operate within American jurisdiction and provide more jobs
  • Cut the federal budget. Lay off this all-encompassing fraternity of federal employees with their excessive benefits that only plague the US taxpayer with more confiscatory policy and less spending money
  • Lower income taxes on Americans and allow that money to be targeted at the US economy instead of a huge and intrusive federal government that is smothering the private sector
  • Allow America’s private sector to be the generator of the US economy not the federal government whom our founding fathers never intended to be at the center of all US domestic affairs

The people need to get off their rear ends and get involved in the political system by voting in the coming primary and getting rid of career politicians who only care about re-election but not governing

Wake up to the realization

People don’t realize that our federal government creates nothing. It taxes and it confiscates wealth, but it does not build prosperity, dignity, or spirit among those motivated to work hard and make a better way of life for themselves.  The federal government interferes with everything it seeks to remedy in the name of political agenda. The people give the illusion of power to the federal government and allow themselves to be pushed around and subdued. Belief systems are strong. They distort reality and the sheep willingly follow the herder even if he is leading them over a cliff, and that’s where we are going people! You may deserve the kind of government you get with your complacence and denial, but for God’s sake don’t involve me and people like myself who care about the future, and care about the freedoms of the American people.

In Part II of we will discuss individual survival strategy when the inevitable happens.




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