The new 'Revers Economic Cycles' of the 21st Century

US indicts 11 executives for honey smuggling
US authorities have indicted 11 German and Chinese executives for conspiring to illegally import $40m (£26m) worth of honey from China.

The hilarity and irony behind this story is, yes the German and Chinese "smugglers" will be punished, but the 'damaged goods' they tried to bring into the US will still be sold to the American people. For obvious reasons of a quick big buck for the corporations who have been selected to sell the product. But, it is NOT okay for a Mexican farmer (legal citizen or not) to sell his fruits (literally and yes pun intended) of his labor on the side of the road, which are more than likely NOT tainted with anything.

The Casino Gulag economy system.
Food stamp recipients using their 'money cards' at Casinos.

Congress wants to legalize online gambling, again.
They are so desperate for your money and don't care about your state of finance they'll find some way to lure you into spending any way they can.

Repaying America with it's own cash flow.

The Return of feudalism and the birth of Virtual Feudalism-Virtual Currencies
Google Invests Millions in Zynga to prepare for the launch of "google Gaming"

Through this method of forceful fraudulent venture capital investing, Google is now throwing the fact that the only way (easy and well known way) to make money on the internet is by partaking in the Virtual Casino feudalism system, that is Zynga online gaming and other internet based casino style gaming.

(even the title for this article is really creepy and morbid sounding "Business Conversion Program", yikes.
7-11 and Zynga/Google have teamed up to help the Wall St. Financial Terrorist keep everyone at a feudalistic state and to help keep the devaluation of the dollar keep on going without having to lower interest rates. (if they were to lower interest rates any lower, it would be so catastrophic and obvious that even they would be effected by it.) So this way, they just hedge and artificially leverage another form of a fake currency against the already widely used and in circulation US dollar (technically the US dollar is so weak, and is not backed by anything, it too could be declared a form of virtual currency).

Farmville Zynga Earned credits, a new method of purchasing goods in real life and vise-verse?

Yep, now you too can partake in the casino gulag virtual feudalism racket via 711 and Zynga's farmville. Rack up enough farmville credits on your account and you spend that on either things at 711 that give you more things to add to your virtual feudalism farm, or, spend the points on 711 'food'. Enjoy the ease of effortless clicking all day long on farmville just so you can head over to 711 for a purchase of questionable 'food'. Another one of the many ways the Financial Terrorist and big fascist corporations have discovered to keep the average person down, and to keep the US dollar devalued and non competitive against the new virtual currencies that are reigning supreme.

The Economy is taking care of the Mexican Migration Influx in America. The Neocons dream has come true, but with it a bad Economy as well. Mexican migrants (legal or Illegal) are now returning back to Mexico because the economy in the US is so bad, that they have found that the US dollar is not getting them as much as it use to. Also, there has bee na huge influx of the US dollar being spent down in Mexico, meaning that there are more US citizens down in Mexico spending their dollar there instead of here in the US.

Also, there is a new reverse economic cycle of "trickle up theory" or the "trickle north system". Where as before, Mexican migrants would come up here to the US and work for the US dollar, and send it back down to their families in Mexico. Well the horrible economy here in the US has caused a reverse in that shift. Now, Mexican families down in Mexico are sending money they've made down in Mexico to their families here in the US to help support them, or Legal Migrants who have been here for years, are now returning to Mexico to work down there just to send money from Mexico back up here to their families to help support them.

And of course, we can't forget this classic gem. "Bankers Arm Themselves in scare of possible populace uprising.",people,news,goldman-sachs-staff...

Didn't the founders proclaim that the people should be arming themselves against their government? Well, here is another example of the new 'Reverse Economic cycle." Where the people who's only job it ever was, was to hold and monitor the peoples money, that's it. Well, they have now decided to take up arms against the people.

Cheap Chinese labor products, now more expensive.

Another great example of the new 21st Centuries Reverse Economic cycles, Chinese cheap labor made goods now (and soon even more) surpass the price of American made goods. Yes, in theory it sounds like a good thing, but it is not. Try to think of things still made here in the US and how easily they are obtained.... Exactly, you can't. So now, not only will the producrs be cheap in quality, but they will now be highly expensive. It also does not help that 90% of the precious minerals mined to manufacture pretty much all of today's technology (that include lithium batteries in hybrid cars) comes from China, and China has declared it will no longer be exporting these materials to countries such as North and South America and some countries in Europe.

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