The Revolution Starts October 15th with Swine Flu vaccine debut!!! Tell EVERYONE you know!!

As many of you know, the first wave of mass vaccinations "combating" the Swine Flu virus starts October 15th. Many of you also know how dangerous this vaccine could potentially be. Massachusetts among other states have already passed laws that will aid the government in forcing us to receive the Swine Flu vaccine. Such measures include forcibly entering the homes of people whom law enforcement believe to be infected with the virus, where they will force you to either accept the vaccine or be quarantined in the nearest FEMA camp.
In 1976, Baxter Labs created an anti-virus to combat Swine Flu. At the time, Swine Flu had infected 200 hundred soldiers on a military base in New Jersey. 1 man out of those 200 died sparking the mass vaccination of nearly 40 million people across the nation. Did I mention the man who died did so after going on a 5 mile run in full military gear while infected with Swine Flu, all against doctors orders? Do you think the government made that knowledge public at the time of the vaccinations? Of course they didn't. These people were vaccinated for a pandemic that never materialised. 532 of those vaccinated contracted Guilian Barr's Syndrome, which paralyses you from the neck down. 25 people vaccinated died from the vaccine. Let's recap: Swine Flu infected 200 and killed 1- The Swine Flu vaccine seriously injured 532 people and killed 25- Does anyone else see something seriously wrong with this picture?

We can't trust our elected officials with our country and now they expect us to trust them with our lives? Thanks but NO THANKS! I will become NO ONE'S lab rat and neither should you or anyone else! Stand up for yourselves and your fellow American. This is a call to action and we need your help. Every patriot must stand strong NOW shoulder to shoulder to create an impenetrable wall around our rights and freedoms and protect them as you would your own child!

Actions such as these are what our Forefathers wrote the Constitution to protect us against. They gave us a duty to stop government from over stepping their boundaries and that is exactly what we must do! The "change we need" will never come from Washington but rather from the courageous hearts of the patriots who held their elected officials accountable for their actions. The "change we need" will only come from us, we must be that change!

We are asking that everyone join us on October 15th and refuse this virtually untested vaccine that could potentially do far more harm then the virus itself, as it did in 1976. Please educate friends and loved ones about the dangers of this vaccine. Let them know that if someone is injured by this vaccine they will not be able to sue Baxter Labs because President Barack Obama has granted them immunity from lawsuits brought against them in the event of the injury or death of a patient receiving the Swine Flue vaccine.

The time is now, will you answer the call to stand up for your freedom, or will you sit back and watch as it is all just taken away from us, the choice is yours.....

Please send this out to as many people as you can and let them know that we will make them hear us! Tell people that we will no longer sit back quietly.

Please if you can, donations to the cause help out a lot with the costs of permits required for protests, printing, filming, and other events. We understand that times are tough on just about everyone right now thanks to our current economic situation, but please remember that no donation is too small. Thank you in advance.

Click here to lend your support to: The American Militia Project and make a donation at !

Also 12.160 has a donation button, donate what you can to the Money Bomb, support them as well! The link is on the right side of the page. These grassroots movements move no where if we don't stick together and support each other to make this something unforgettable!

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