The Rick Light Movement It's About Control, It's About Ego and it's about, The Rick Light Movement

The Rick Light Movement

It's About Control, It's About Ego and it's about, The Rick Light Movement

Sounds so dramatic, might make a good movie title? It might as long as it were a documentary, based on actual events.

Rick Light and his co-conspirators may or may not ever see the inside of a courtroom to answer the charges, and it is possible that there is sufficient evidence to actually bring criminal charges against this group. But in the event that does not happen it should somewhere, be stated that the actions of this group are no less than Treason against the American People and the nation , The United States Of America. Many including the Judicial Branch of the Federal Government see Treason as a subjective somewhat laughable offense. When was the last time a Traitor was actually charged, tried, convicted and executed?

Congress as yet has not declared war although you might think it had considering the munitions expenditure and the loss of American life. From the legal view, Rick Light, Amelia Foxwell and Nancy Genovese cannot be tried, or even charged in a Federal Court, but that does not mean they are innocent.


This is an excerpt from a Clay Douglas video May 6 2012. "Rick Light has been working with the Sheriff of his county", "Rick Light is the Creator and General Manager of Well Regulated American Militias. Well Regulated American Militias provides information, coordination, communications for militias". Rick Light tells the story of a Sheriff and Militia in New Mexico blocking the Federal Government from clearing trees for fire breaks? Yes you read that correctly, Blocking The Construction Of Fire Breaks. In 2011 New Mexico spent 22 million dollars battling wildfires and in 2012 13.5 million.


Minuteman continues: The Patriot community needs to focus on getting coordinated, looking professional, putting things together the way they should be which would be much more attractive to the American populous.

Forgive me but the Militias are not Professional Soldiers and are The American Populous.


Minuteman continues: "The American Populous Holds Us Back".



Clay Douglas Show Rick Light WRAM 2



Minuteman: "I was helping Mr. and Mrs Dyer with Charles dyer's case, me and Charles are very good friends, so when you got a good friend you stand with them. And these people wanted to make my friendship with Charles into much more that it really was, that I was a Federal Infiltrator, I was a Federal Informant. Well no sir, I'm not going to get ahold of the FBI unless I have to get ahold of the FBI and then it is not going to be in the fashion that a lot might think in all I try to keep away from the FBI the best I can, like y'all do. I don't trust them. I know what they have done in the past. But sometimes when your in a position like I'm in with Charles or with WRAM because people are posting this idiotic rhetoric and threatening violence and stuff like that, well guess what happens I get visits, I get a visit. Sometimes the person making the comment gets the visit, I get the visit about, well Mr Light you understand that's our job is to monitor the internet and if we feel like something could be threatening well were going to go talk to you about it. Now not that I made any threats on there that they have a concern with me, but then there is the case of Charles Dyer, look folks Charles mother sent me to Ft Bend to make sure her son didn't get killed. And when you go into a hot manhunt like that guess who you are going to be talking to, your going to be talking to all kinds of law enforcement officials and that is just the way it is. It's either that or your going to get your butt shot off. I went down to Ft Bend, Charles knows my vehicle well, some people think I was hunting him, I was going to get him and make him come in. I was going to give my brother an option to come in safely. If that is what he wanted to do. That would have been Charles's choice. I wasn't down there hunting him, I couldn't hunt him there are to many trespassing laws in Texas so that pretty well took that out of the picture. He'd orchestrated, he and Deborah Swan wanted to make that into a whole lot more than what it was. So we had Mrs. Dyer come on my show and he pretty well set the record straight. And I believe Clay has the recording Mrs. Dyer show and what she said, Tuesday night on my show".



Minuteman: ( from played recording of his show),It was just about time for Charles's trial and all of this stuff went on, folks, y'all know it wasn't me, it wasn't Amelia Foxwell, it wasn't Darren Wilburn, it wasn't Nancy, and it wasn't Shane. It was other Patriots out there, namely Deborah Swan and Edoggz818, ( sorry I couldn't make out the aliases Rick named), were going to address these issues tonight, it's not fair when Patriots go out and use lies to try and slander Prominent Patriots in the movement. And we were glad to see for the majority knew that this was just complete nonsense, just complete slander attempt. ( Inaudible),



Mrs Dyer: Let me get down to the bottom. All I want to do it let everyone know Amy is not going to be on tonight, she is so tired of all of this, she won't have anything to do with anybody, and it's getting to the point were I can't even work. That's what I should be doing right now, trying to make enough money to pay for the things that we need for Charles. However, my eight and a quarter cents a line is being given up at least for a little while, if anyone wants to try and type for eight and a quarter cents a line ( not sure) go for it. See how much money you make. I have to work hard. Because of all of the stuff that Debbie and Edoggz or what ever he calls himself at the moment have done it is costing me just about everything that i have, it's costing all of us just about everything that we have, she takes things out of context, quotes my emails, talks them up, I did ask her to leave my house, ( I think she says she was not invited and neither was Edoggz), just showed up, I told Edoggz, standing toe to toe with him, ( he's taller than she is?), that I did not appreciate what she had been doing, she could have taken Charles anywhere but Texas, across the state line which she did anyway, that was not saving his life, she most certainly just dropped him off, there are a lot of places in Oklahoma where there are not a lot of people, she could have taken him to and would not have been across the state line, but no.



Mrs Dyer: That's when I called and asked you Rick, to see what you could find out since you were down in that area, if you could find out exactly where he was, (not sure), that's were they were looking for him, that's probably about where he was, ( Rick and Mrs Dyer talk over each other), I know that you got in some real trouble with them.



Mrs Dyer: The emails I had gotten said that I had not asked here to leave, that I just didn't want to talk to her right at the moment, that is not true, I did send someone into the yard to ask her to please leave the property and not to attend the trial, she had apparently, according to Charles, asked him to have the power of attorney changed from me to her. She has asked him multiple times to fire the attorney and let her handle his case. In the State of Oklahoma if you try and do things common law, it's called a sham law and you go to jail. We do have an attorney, ( not sure), and that is were it is going to be. She says that you, Shane, Darren, Amelia and Nancy have all taken over my mind, your doing mind control on me, and that I am not doing what needs to be done, (not sure), I have a mind of my own and will do what I think is right, I am not stupid, I'm just old, I am tired of being treated like an idiot. I do have thoughts, I do have some intelligence, I do weigh some evidence, I come up with what I think is right and that is the way it is going to be. It is my son, it is not her son, it is not anyone else's son, ( not sure), since he called me from jail and said, mom I have been accused of raping my daughter, and my first word was you what, because i was in disbelief. no one else has been in this position, I am in at all, I know what has happened, I know what is going on, no one else has been in this house 24/7 from the start of this two and a half years ago and no one has had feelings, the stress, the tugging, and when (Edoggz), gets on there, and he is holding up four days when he has been in my house, and told me after I had told him what I felt, the he was not going to have anything to do with her anymore, and the minute he leaves the court house, he goes right straight back to her. To me that is not truth full. Not at all. And if anyone wants to believe what they are putting out, that's their problem. Because he is not truth full, they have not gotten anything from this family to put out there as the truth, they are feeding on each others ideas, and feelings and thoughts which is certainly not anything that is ours. Anyone wants to know exactly what is going on, send an email, I may not get to read it immediately because I am working and I only have so much time, and I can not get on every website, spend 24/7, trying to figure out what website, what tweet, what Facebook, what whatever it is that there putting this stuff out on, there going to be on next, and answer everyone of the things that they put out, all it's doing is giving them credence, I refuse to do that, ( not sure). But at this point there is nothing to what they are saying.


Clay stops.

Now honestly you will have a tough time with the remainder of the show, Clay and Rick both do a bit of self stroking.

Treason? Who is the opposition to Rick Light's Patriot Movement, our fellow countrymen. I for one will not be organizing or moving or conspiring against any American. The very nature of Rick Light's Patriot Movement is not only seditious but Treasonous. The Militia is not a political entity, we are the line protecting our fellow countrymen, regardless of any ideology, religion or belief they might have. Rick makes a statement and an analogy at the end, the tell as it were.

The Statement: #1, Folks we are in a big chess game the opposition has the black, we are the white side of the board, ( no he does not mean race),the white side as far as those pawns go, our opposition, the black pawns represent the dark side of things, the white side looking at it as the light side of things, if you are being negative toward this and you are fighting it you are a black pawn. And if you are trying to be in the Militia Movement or a Constitutional Movement, the Patriot Movement in general your the white. Those black , the opposition keeps moving professionally against us and what we do, the Patriot Movement move back in anger, folks anger equals irrational thought, it's not a rational move. What the Patriot Community needs to do is watch how our opposition moves its pawns across the board then start moving our pawns accordingly to stop there move, we don't do that.

#2, Were too busy making personal issues a top priority in our lives, we want to slander each other and try to knock each other down, the opposition ain't doing that. You don't see them doing that, they keep it together. They keep moving against us. They just keep taking our pawns out of the way, you allow them attacks to prevail, attacks on good patriots, who are out there working their butts off, like me, Amelia Foxwell, Nancy Genoveve, Shane, all those people who stood with Mrs. Dyer.

#3. We gotta clean that garbage up.

The Analogy: It's kind of like a dog on a chain, you need that dog out there snapping and biting and snarling. Well I kind of disagree, do want a mad dog on a chain that bites it's own because that is what we've got right now or do you want a well disciplined dog on a chain that will bite on command, I want the well disciplined dog.

Do listen to the last few minutes, Mama Dyer and papa Dyer do know what I have done for their son.

With Rick it is all about mind control and control in general, it's about ego, it's about threats and it is about him, not Charles, not America and not the United states Constitution.

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Comment by EDOGZ818 on July 27, 2012 at 10:47am


Oklahoma State Reformatory

P.O. Box 514






Comment by EDOGZ818 on July 26, 2012 at 1:11pm

Did the show every mention Dyer's address to write him...or just another one of Clay Douglas' public hand job of Rick Light?  It's shameful that they continiously drag the elderly Mrs. Dyer onto the radio, and bother her, etc.

Check " Word From The Streets" for plenty of irrefutable proof.

Comment by Deborah Swan on July 26, 2012 at 1:06pm
Also we stated a radio show that addresses this concern and is a platform for others to bring their proof to the public. This can not be passed off as silly drama or as infighting. This is the psychological war that all of us are in. This is the most critical element of how the evil side is able to control and carry out their evil plans. WE MUST LEARN HOW TO RECOGNIZE OUR ENEMIES!! JOIN US WEDNESDAY at 8pm for our new radio show..."VORTEX EXPOSED" Expose Patriot Corruption!"
Comment by Deborah Swan on July 26, 2012 at 1:03pm
Comment by Deborah Swan on July 26, 2012 at 1:02pm
I sure would like to get a chance to discuss this is further details.
This is a very critical concern to our Patriot Community.
Modern COINTELPRO is what I call this group.
PLEASE help Charles Dyer by signing htis petition and to help spread it around.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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