The Trump Economic Recovery Despite The Lies of the Media

Trump Reality Versus Sold out Media 

To read the current batch of news network commentary on the President Trump Administration you would on a routine basis be led to believe that chaos reigned, racism was running rampant, the President is mentally unstable, and the rich are being given unfair advantage as the poor multitudes suffer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite GOP obstructionism, Democrat lies, and a media that is 90% anti-Trump, the US economy recovers and US prestige abroad is blossoming as our allies see the nation taking on a leadership role in world affairs again.

Trump train rolling

Under President Trump’s policies, the intended misinformation cannot obscure the truth as in results not in biased editorialism. Since in office, the Trump White House created more than 1.5 million jobs, brought reinvestment capital in from offshore to the tune of 5 trillion according to some estimates, inflation is down, and consumer spending is up! According to financial analyst Dan Celia, it takes a lot of momentum to push a rock uphill and then getting it rolling down again, but he worries that lawmakers will find some way to screw things up! For investors with the Dow Jones level at over 21 thousand 401-K’s and other retirement investments are up and seeing more prosperous numbers than in the last 10 years! In other words Celia says it took a lot of expertise and the resulting positive influence to move that rock uphill against DC establishment hindrance.

Positive climate

For the first time in more than 8 years US employers and corporations are seeing good sound economic savvy out of this White House and are not only hiring but reinvesting in their operations. Under the socialist ineptitude of President Obama’s anemic economic wisdom the US suffered 1.8% economic growth which did not even meet the cost of living, government spending increased drastically along with stifling regulatory restrictions, and the last 3 fiscal periods under Barack Hussein Obama set a record! That record being that no other US president in history ever presided over negative growth as Obama did in the final fiscal periods.

Overcoming the lies

Currently the US economy is at 3.3% growth with larger gains projected as the positive changes continue and momentum comes further into play. What Trump voters wanted was pro-America legislation not the naïve globalist idiocy of the Obama Administration. Yet, we will still hear the “Big Lie” being repeated over and over again that the new reform bill and the Trump White House policies will favor the rich and hurt the poor. The typical propaganda of the Chuck Schumer’s and Nancy Pelosi’s of the leftist world. This coming from the typical Democrat playbook of lies whenever the GOP has not only a better idea, but has the courage to move ahead and undertake the initiative.

Tax reform

The proposed tax reform bill will double the standard deductions for the middle class. This means $12,000.00 for singles and $24,000.00 for married couples. In most cases this will mean a substantial reduction along with simplification for taxpayers. However, the Democrats still want unlimited and unvetted immigration, higher taxes, and more regulations as the standard procedure as their non-existent solution to the economic reform of the US, and they will continue to further lose their voter support as people see through the illusion they have created.

Basic truths

Class warfare against the rich, higher taxes, and the useless expansion of government will never increase prosperity, ensure a future for our children, or serve the intentions of our forefathers who sought to restrain out of control government spending, its size, and influence over the private sector. Ageless wisdom is often met with resistance by the collectivists, the statists, the socialists, and the Democrats and if they can control public education they will be allowed to rule over the ignorant masses. However, under the responsible stewardship of President Trump economic recovery is already on the way no matter how much the left tries to distort reality!


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