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The biggest enemy of the “New World Order” as George Bush Sr. put it in his 1992 speech will be critical thinkers. People who know the government, its lap dog media, and the “Woke” corporations that donate and support the evil agenda. We knew a long time ago that most of the broadcast programming was aimed at 9 year old level mentality. Why would that be? Perhaps because that has been the intentional level of IQ and reasoning that our government funded public schools have targeted? It would certainly seem so.

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Beginning of the brainwashing

Ever since the tax exempt endowments and educational trusts came into existence before World War I, their charters once one began inspecting their literature were all dedicated to the purpose of getting the US capitalistic and freedom of the individual society to eventually meld with the Russian Communist regime. In order to do that education was to be downgraded with the people to remain as ordinary and under achieved as possible. The government did not want analysts, poets, novelists, and historians of America’s battle for independence, they wanted those who would bow to big government. They did not want those who would question just what was happening to the Constitutional Republic under a corrupted system!

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Filth in the classroom

What has the educational system currently evolved into? Shaming of pre-school white children for being Caucasians? Teaching high school electives such as “An introduction to the Gay Lifestyle?" Teaching elementary aged school children on how to use a dildo? A high school teacher advocating the assassination of President Trump in the classroom? College professors complaining that their supposedly graduated high school ranks not being able to distinguish between free enterprise and Communism? This is definitely indoctrination!

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Where’s our history?

Are there any classes being taught on American history and why the colonists fought for independence against the oppressive King George British government? Why the expression taxation without representation was created? Why Americans were willing to die for their new frontier that valued individual rights and freedoms? Most assuredly, that number is dwindling. Now we actually have classes with a professor who is teaching programs about “Soap Operas” and teen series full of empty headed rhetoric and 2nd rate humor. This as social justice organizers appear on campus giving their flawed and inspirational to the ignorant speeches, so much so that one reporter who witnessed the campus brain washing was forcefully ordered to leave and was roughed up according to the orders of some middle aged female educator who was there to oversee the programming.

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The on campus programming

So, is this what parents are paying for when their kids go off to college in those sorority houses and fraternities where hazing has actually cost lives while these high school aged kids are taught vulgar and immoral behavior in complete defiance of social normality? This has been going on for decades and we wonder why our sons and daughters come home rebellious, failing their majors, and unprepared for entering the work force? Our kids now converted into bungling stumbling, non-ambitious, Bill Murray of Saturday Night lives knock offs? Well, this has been happening in far too many cases as the percentage of drop outs, non-career workers plod into the workplace finding out that being financially responsible is demanding and without the proper preparation these people will occupy the lower income bracket and be working hard for little reward for a long time. Worse will be the drug addicts, alcoholics, wife beaters, victimized children of these unholy relationships, whose children had no choice where they were born. This is the society that global elites want!

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Who really governs you?

In a setting like this the struggle to survive and the need for weekend ballgames as an escape at the local bar and grill becomes the only reward to look forward to in a life of ignorance and dumbed down frustration while their country is being stolen from them. Washington DC is not the nerve center of concerned leaders working to serve the people. It has become a cesspool of profiteers out for their own gain, misappropriating taxpayer money, funneling kickbacks into offshore accounts, knowingly voting for deceptive and destructive legislation, contrary to the image they try to project as they collude with our corrupt mainstream media!

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Don’t rock the damn boat!

The average citizen is likely oblivious to all I speak of their only reason for cynicism is that the system has relegated their lives to under achievement, for what reason they know little of! They only know that they don’t have as much as those who were better educated, graduated from well-known universities that opened the door for them in the workplace, and that they must now swallow the bitter pill of going nowhere in life but to survive. They realize little that their fate was largely decided by the planners who wanted under achievers, who wanted non-critical thinkers, who wanted those who don’t pay attention, don’t ask questions, and don’t rock the boat! Well, guess what? We now have them by the millions. They vote for the same thieving office holders that do nothing for their districts year after year term after term and things just keep getting worse, but they never seem to ask why.

Proposing a change

Donald Trump asked a crucial question to the tribal voters who vote party no matter how badly they are being ruled over. He asked, “Why don’t you try for a change for once. What do you have to lose? What have your current Democrat rulers been doing for you?” His query was met with voters that the GOP never would have been able to get into their tent, but Trump had a much wider appeal and for that he got an incredible amount of illegal and calculated attacks that should have gotten the perpetrators jailed for what normal citizens would have been punished for. However, did it ever occur to the mesmerized worker bees and the clueless sheep among us? That the Democrats are never subject to the very laws they would have used to dispose of Donald J. trump for doing nothing but giving them a true servant that would make Washington DC work for them? Nope! My friends I give you the very fruit of instituted stupidity!

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