This is the Big Bad Bug summary that I hope you all read....

I have to get this out, this is my story, how i see it, how it happened to me; just hear me out, if you dont like this i will leave,,,

I have a case where the business i run is seriously going down hill, for the last 8 months I have been combating a strain of bacteria/pathogen that just dont seem to be affected by regular eradication methods. Acidic chlorine conditions to extreme temperatures dont seem to kill this happy little critter!
First off i should mention that i work with marine fish, we are the only saltwater clownfish breeders in the state, there for we have everything from freshwater, brackish and marine conditions all within a biologically balanced environment.
I have a passion for this, i know parasites pretty well for someone without a degree and never have gone to college. You can ask me most general chemistry questions and think i may have because water chemistry is what i know. I try to teach people and talk about the redox preset in environment but it looses people in a heartbeat, Which is fine, im used to that, people just usually just pay me to fix their tank and save their fish but as of recently i found this one just wont be the same!
This pest, amongst its other friends of parasitic natures, just wont die! In fact they live in any environment, or a cysts they always come back in about another month to haunt me! Osmotic shock! Most labs and chem people dont see the degree of seriousness that i see, or look at my non-existent credentials, whatever all i do with my time is read! It creeps me out,  these little creatures have the resemblance of what appears to be smiling at me!
I only see them in my brackish micro cultures and other in marine system when it takes down a whole tank of previously stressed fish. All the fish in the 10 tanks are all plumbed together, all the same water but may have been just recently moved, therefore stressed, resulting in being more susceptible to disease or parasites as im sure you would know!
Only thing i could find that had the same gram positive to the cysts, and i think i could see them better in the negative while dominate in micro cultures (phyto and rotifers). Dont quote me on that part of the negative stain, i think i was in shock so i cant say for sure. I wasent in any kind of a mood to look again after that!
Here it is, wrecking the business, and now testing everything i could, i checked the well and a puddle of water where both also had this same property. Did a lot of research and all i found that resembled any of it was on NASA site, Gammaproteobacteria! Man made, flu like symptoms, respiratory, cats, dogs, humans, fish, phytoplankton, skin rashes, list goes on to tell me every single other problem the whole city has had!
I called the city DEQ, transferred to the complaint department, left a message and Jamie Jones called me back. I told him what i had found, told him that i did some research about the arsenic and high chromium levels in the area. I also told him that apon research i had previously some time back found a whole road of what i believed to be arsenic or smelting bi product.
Then, the lies came! Told me he couldnt test for arsenic, that there was no way they could tell what chromium levels were compared to trivalent to hexavelant (spell:?) Anyways, cant spell it right now for some reason but i knew that not being able to test for it was a lie! How else could we have been found the highest in the country just a month back if not true. Regardless of if it had been chromium 3, the locals around here bleach their wells on a monthly basis, there for its all 6 at that point!
He continued to lie, told him im calling the sec of state, director of water quality control of the state and hung up!
State official, Derrick Smitty told me that his statement was not true and that he did in fact lie and that he would take care of complaint. Well next day you wouldn't believe the news! Super Bug, and their is a vaccine on the way!  We are the only ones in the nation to already develop the vaccine so fast! Then the Whooping cough, 50,000 students to be pulled from the schools. I drove to the arsenic road, its covered in two feet of fresh gravel and the paper just so happen to say mass road work on the way this year! I didnt even tell him which road it was, heck its even shaded in gray like it dont exist come to find out on a map!
Wow, that was fast, antibiotics recommended were the same one to kill the bug i told him about! They even have all the same symptoms as my "one" bug, but there still is another end of the batch that they left out. Where is the other bug? What about the animals that almost died before i started giving them Metron too? Vet couldn't figure it out, spent the best money a dog could ever get for treatment, but never seemed to stop the diarrhea and bloody mucus stools, fever and pain.
Knowing that i wasn't convinced of the C-diff being the cause for humans and it was the same organism in the dog upon researching it, i gave him the right antibiotic! I really thought the dog was going to die. According to the locals, allot of dogs went threw that including the people! Had the worse hospital treatment in my life when i went from mass dehydration from it. I didnt know when i had it then that it would come to this now, but i had to figure out why he would lie to me and since when did we all start getting arantibiotics and pain killers for the flu?. Why?
So even now with my boss, mother and friends looking at me like a true crazy would be, i have now got to be obsessed! This is too sci-fi, alien like,look at me like you have lost your mind! So aware of the thoughts people had to think, i mean hear i am listening to myself talk to people, even myself thinking it was just to crazy for me! I didnt care about reputation, heck with you unless you understand the redox that i see, only because of the other forms of pathogens/protozoa and nematodes(parasitic) bacteria that have changed there natural environment! How could everyone be blind but me?
Im the only one out here, the middle of the country, under the microscope which is cheep and the camera on my iphone. The pictures dont show these true species(unless you have a real good digital enhancement program?), not like i can see them, just cannot make others see this without seeing with your own eyes right here! Almost begged for anyone in a lab to help me, just take a sample from me, anyone prove me wrong, please!!!! I cant get this on pictures,(Im too broke to pay anyone to come here) ;-0 with your eyes alone they can be hard to see, very small but man they can move fast!
They take the shape of many forms, plants and species, parasitic adapting to any new food source. I have dead algae paste, dead cells to feed rotifer cultures. There is waste bins out back that usually dont grow algae from paste we feed. Granted the sun will give you green water from the high nitrate concentration, but only when we have a culture crash it seems to be when we get the bubble algae (Oxidized).
Apon researching the water companies water quality standard i find out that the water from my area in the country is infact where the city gets their water. Right south of me is the problem according to 1998's report. DEQ signed the project over to a subcontractor, a computer monitoring software company, who was just to monitor it for the next decade!
Monitor it?! After they found arsenic at dangerous levels they want to just monitor it with only a quarterly report to the EPA? Heck it can go in and out of standards five times over and back before a quarter comes back. The chloroform (Ecoli) is everywhere out here right now that your considered crazy to drink the water without the monthly well flush, what do you mean a decade to calibrate your SWAT machine?
Nice name, SWAT by the way, starting to see why they call it that as the rest of my research haunts me. I would have to write a book and still have a bigger picture to put my finger on before i say much more. I want to get the rest of the people involved, but the guy who called me back has the same name as the subcontractor (Professor) of this software company. On his project team, is the regional EPA agent that submits approval and also signs it off, Owner of the company also shares a degree program at Rice university in microbiology with a two part masters with the Jamie Jones water quality management certification.
Oh and it all was real fantastic to see Wei Chen, the other Professor that was the sub creator/researcher and author to the whole dang microbe i always seen and believed this flu to be! They all just a happy little crew of their own big castle, the city pays our taxes to invest into these three, just to do the technology that has been around way before i was even old enough to read!
Baxter Veiux people, not for sure but his partnerships in interest, stock market, all will link you to his corporate money scandle to the Gamma Guard Vaccines. New age, magic in a bottle vaccines, all the same symptoms as Wei Chens buggy is to give to you or me, Baxter International just so happens to be down the street!  His trade name of forign business, monitoring for the City "Veiux and Associates" is his home base. What a better way to spread bio disease, thin out the population and contiune to make money off the toxic/chem companies! All contracts, miners and smelting companies, why don't anyone make them carry out plant policies? Where is their permits? Why arent they getting penalties? Its ok to just dig a hole around the lake and dump anything you want it to be, thats why land owners around here get paid for mineral rights to use above or below your land how ever they wish. Flip the poor some thick money to shut them up till they want out because now they cant drill a well deep enough, so heck with the money! 
Ive tried to find all legal documents available to me, most of which should be, all you do is have to read, i seen the dirty truths and traced this chemical scheme in just a couple days straight!
The bacterial discovery, well "Microbe" was the harder part for me. Was months long of constant frustration as i was running out of money. Costs about a 150.00 bucks everytime cultures would crash on me, not to mention the fish that were killed from baby systems and the fish that just stopped breeding! Almost all, makes me wonder if the ones that are breeding still,  will be the next vaccine? Humm, just thought of that! lol! All i know is that the dead marine phytoplankton that has seemed to almost take on a new breed, dna crossed cell mutation from organism to plant species, wasent just discovered by me. It had already been a documented article that they decided to cancel out as a mistake eventually, prob when they realized some of the possibilties that people would not see unless you were me!(Being the job of choice that is)!  I dont know of anyone who would have a chance to discover this, for thats the clever part of it, it is impossible to detect as any alien organism when its not in the right stage of its life cycle. So unless you have a five gallon bucket with microscopic rotifers with an air stone and dead phytoplankton algae paste in your room, you wouldnt have a chance to see them smiling at you! It makes the shock to your bones almost break, then you shake in fear, get angry, throw stuff, try to tell the world, they think your crazy, you want to turn your back in fear of the big wigs who might try to kill u next, then,,, i look at my dog, it will be back, this time will she live? My mother, my love is without conditions, she wouldn't quit on me and im not a mother myself but their was the mothers who just lost their babies. Where is my conscious, this is horrible, way out of my control, im devastated if someone dont come here and help me extract the hormones and teach me how to use my own vaccine for the last bug we see! I have an idea on how to handle this, i have a very good idea what strain will be next! On it before it has a chance to begin the next phase of this cycle. I may be totally wrong, but according to literature that i have read about the mutate species, its all still in our skin/muscle tissue, in our bodies as a cysts, a decade if it needs to be (i would be willing to bet by jan 2012 looking at their expected increse in the stock market they somehow predict), till it is triggered by the last magic dose of surprise that by the time it happens were already in full affect! Maybe in our christmas chocolates, everyone eats with the family on christmas and if your alone you still probably will eat something of tradition. Introducing biowarfare to food has already been done in smaller doses, this was for research, no true lable, targets a certain gene pool or class of people.
Some viruses or the gene tolerant (or intolerant )select pathogens can kill you quicker than you can smoke a cigarette! It will also be some thing you cant see, smell, taste or hear. Everyone around you may just take in one last breath around you and if you follow their study, thats exactly the last thing you will see. Gas!
  Dont let it just be me standing, i will figure out a way if i have time! I can feel it, i know this is happening, i have never been crazy! I get accused of being good at what i do and many people of the upper class have respect for me. Im not looking for attention, i just dont really like people that much! Thats not my mission Im happily divorced, like to hunt and truely more happy without the fake money that makes people choose lies over integrity. Dont watch the news, havent had a tv in my room for almost 4 years! Never in my life have i read the paper, except that has changed since my friend called and told me my brief complaint with the DEQ made the news the next day. Im just a text book nerd, play the bass, love the fish that we breed, my senses and skin feel good just to be me. Pretty laid back, dont need attention,but if you give me the wrong attention im pretty determined to express me!
I watch them all the time, found patterns in different species within subfamilies, hybrids, most but not all of the corals and fish seem to have a set time to breed. To some it depends on the gravity pull, phase of the moon. Regardless they have chose to stop breeding  and why is more apparent to me and my recent failures finally see truth because it makes perfect sense!
The truth as no faults, its pure because it has no gray shaded areas that cross conflict with each other, just wish i had any doubts!!!!  It may be the polar coordinate that will take the next chapter, or they see what i see as the already diseased! Thanks for listening to me, AquaDoc Y.M.

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Comment by bryan l on February 27, 2011 at 9:38pm
Comment by AquaDoc on February 27, 2011 at 2:33pm
Thanks for trying anyways;(
Comment by AquaDoc on February 27, 2011 at 2:32pm
Omg! I have been a bit excited havent i?! lol! Well, i finally reached a breaking point, its safe to say i put it in Gods hands now. Closing up shop this next week, all of what i have will be lost, cant pay the bills and the owner of building wants out! I tried!!!
Comment by bryan l on February 27, 2011 at 2:20pm
gonna try to find some people that might be able to help. hang in there crazy aquadoc.
Comment by AquaDoc on February 23, 2011 at 2:41pm
I think it has something to do with ocean acidification just like it has here and phytoplankton die off! Someone needs to be here with "Power" I am just the fish lady for F^(*&K Sake! I cant prove anything on my own, do any of you know who i need to reach!!!
Comment by AquaDoc on February 23, 2011 at 2:39pm
Microbes that they put to clean up oil spill just like the heavy metals from toxic dumps here, same dna structure!
Comment by AquaDoc on February 23, 2011 at 2:38pm
Absolutely!!!!!! I promise you, Ive watched this happen!

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