Vaccinated Massage Therapist a Covid Spreader

May 27, 2021

"My experience is that people who get Covid injections become vectors of contagion to the un-injected."
Segregating the unvaccinated may be a blessing in disguise.
From Gordon Ellis on Facebook:
I'm 73 years old, somewhat nimble and energetic. I will forever exercise my right to avoid experimental Injections. 
A few months ago I had my first ever 90 minute Thai massage with a calm and focused therapist. It's an amazing form of body work that incorporates being held in a variety of sustained stretch poses. 
My therapist was masked and I was too. She had completed her Moderna injections months earlier. Toward the end of the session I became sniffly. The sniffles continued soaking kerchiefs for 4 or 5 weeks.
 I suddenly realized my chest and lungs were tight and the capacity reduced. This was my first test of Ivermectin against a covid-like health issue.  Within 3 hours of dosing in 8 oz of warm water, very heavy phlegm was easily being coughed up and suddenly there was a huge expansion in the ease of breathing. 
I continued for weeks easily bring up a heavy sticky yellow mucus. Being 73 and only so wise, this past Saturday I had a second appointment with this measured,  and respected therapist. I determined to breathe fully throughout the 90 minute session and to try and feel into the energy meridians being worked.
 We both wore masks. No sniffles. I walked out her door a little unsteady. A warm heat was rising up my neck and creating an uncomfortable pressure in skull. My energy was absolutely tapping out. 
It took extreme caution and a sturdy railing to make it down to street level. I've never before felt so instantly and globally unwell. Headaches chills and fever wracking me that sunny midday, trying to make it back to my car. 
I turned on the AC and fell asleep for an hour in the car. What a drive home, 45mph at most, and conscious that I was in no condition to drive. 
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I've been knocked out. My stand up energy lasts for 20 minutes then I'm back to bed rest. 
My experience is that people who get Covid injections become vectors of contagion to the uninjected.
Thanks Katherine!
Makow - Ivermectin can only be had by prescription. Have you tried to get one? We're in a predicament where the medical profession is suppressing inexpensive flu cures while imposing deadly vaccine alternatives. In a satanic dispensation, "do no harm" is turned on its head. 
W--"Ivermectin is available in Canada without a prescription in animal feed and supply stores as a treatment for parasitic infections.
It is sold as animal oral paste for horses for $20 and each syringe contains 120 mg of ivermectin, It is ingested based on the weight of the person."
Check out Suramin as a treatment found in Pine Needle Oil  from our friends at State of the Nation
First Comment from Diane-
I am pretty sure this writer is on to something! A few days after her having her first vax, my neighbor called me to have dinner at her home.
I spent quite a while there, and watched part of a movie sitting next to her.   The next day, I woke up with my legs COVERED in bruises! I did not injure myself at all, and while I bruise easily, I could have done nothing to cause this. I have read other stories of women getting these leg bruises being around the newly vaxxed.
A week later, she called me in agony. She had a horrible period and shed the lining of her uterus.  Yes, she went on to have the second dose. Then she took her 16 year old son to get. I don't understand people. I am glad to see the links your readers provided for help. 

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Comment by MAC on June 8, 2021 at 12:17am

Thank you Chris. There are tons of post on the search engines saying shedding is manufactured BS From conspiracy nuts. Stories like this and warning from creditable people in the medical field are wising up, those willing to listen, we need to keep away from these shedding sheeple as much as possible.   No one is keeping track of all folks that got the jab and died. We are up to 70% of the U.S. population that got the jab, if we can believe the numbers, all the dead in the next 5 years will be attributed to other causes, no one will admit it was the vax and the U.S. population numbers will be all out of wack because of all the invaders crossing the borders, these NWO Bastards have thought this through.

Comment by cheeki kea on June 4, 2021 at 9:56am

Thank you so much for the info Keisha it is appreciated. I have currently relocated and hunkered down in a safe farming location ( home to about 2% of the population in a vast region covering about 12% of the country land mass ) the same product is widely available here and anyone can walk in off the street and buy it But the problem was I had No idea how to use it - for me of cause, until now thanks to you sharing your knowledge. I'm now going to stock up - no pun intended, and include it in my prepper box without hesitation.  

Comment by Keisha Ruan on June 4, 2021 at 7:54am

Ivermectin is very easy to get.  It is the exact same product for animals as for people and you can get it on Amazon without a persription even for horses but this is how you take it:  Its perscribed for parasites generally in single shot dosses.  For Covid you might need to break it up or take it for an extended time period but I don't think so...anyway the doses you buy for say a horse come in syringes of paste you put in the horse mouth but for you, there is typical a mark on the syringe at every 1/2 in mark standing for 50 kg of body weight.  however much you weigh, figure that and squirt the paste in your hand and then consume it.  It is the same Ivermectin and it is very common that poor ppl have done this for Amoxicillin and other drugs forever.  HERE is a site I have used and product delivered from the Ukraine to USA in as little as 2 weeks and am probably going to add this product to my freezer.  It is cheep and this company very reliable.  The idea of arsenic being found in foreign drugs due to improper controls at production sites is a myth started by a 1960s Hollywood movie that even found it way into ppl thinking it was in LSD and other street drugs but look it up and LA crime lab states debunk saying never have they found arsenic in any test.  It's just there to scare you...take the recommend for pigs and figured body weight.

...You are very welcome.

Comment by cheeki kea on May 29, 2021 at 9:59am

We the unvaxxed must change our behaviour we must be fully aware of those around us at all times. If we are to survive we must forgo some of our usual social activities and work around others where we can. I think it's going to be inconvenient, lonely, unwelcome, isolating but possible. May the strongest prosper. ( I can't believe the gentleman in the story actually went back to his vaxxed up therapist a Second time Knowing how ill he got the First time. Saving oneself clearly requires Hard Will Power as well as determination. )

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