I pray the blood of Yahushuah Christ Jesus over this blog to protect it anywhere it is sent and shared. To anyone or anything that would block or censor it I declare "GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN! FATHER YAHWEH IN HEAVEN REBUKE YOU!".

I had a dream/vision this morning. I was driving a truck (big rig) heading from north to south coming in to the Decarie circle in Montreal where autoroute 40 meets the Decarie- autoroute 15 south towards Champlain bridge. This is significant because the exit off the 40 to hit the 15 south is exit 66, with kilometer 66.6 just before said exit. I am coming south on Marcel Laurin and I exit left on to a ramp going up towards the east. As I'm driving I realize this is a ramp coming off the 40 direction West coming down, this me heading up means I'm driving face first into oncoming traffic. I slam on the truck brakes and it stops slightly sideways. I jump out and start running up the ramp ready to wave and stop anyone coming down towards me.

As I reach the top I realize no one is taking the exit or coming down it. I reach the top and immediately see why. There is road heading off to the left of me and a road heading off to the right of me. All the cars are stopped like a huge traffic jam. No one is moving and the cars even looked damaged. I say out loud "What's going on? Was there an earthquake or something?". To my left, a couple, man and woman, get out of their car and shout out to me that something has happened, everything is stopped. I climb up over a small seperator cement barrier to go talk to them. They tell me again something strange has happened and all the cars are stopped. I tell them about what I was doing coming up with my truck and how I just stopped. They tell me they want to see. So I climb that same barrier and jump down onto the exit I was driving up.

The minute I land, I land lower, like where I land the asphalt has been dug down rough, everything gets darker, the couple jump down and start running down ahead of me. Suddenly I see other cars too stopped/parked on the exit, and everything is covered in a heavy snow. Me and the couple are fighting through the snow, it's so high, we're fighting to get through. I see the truck eventually higher than the cars but covered in snow as well. As I get to the truck, it's surrounded by blackberry bushes. The berries are growing, some green, some red, some black and ready. This is significant to me because since I'm a child I've always said blackberries to me are all the proof I need to know God in Heaven exists. They are so fantastically good, so nutritious and healthy (the original vaccine, research vaccinium), and no candy or sweet invented by man can compare. So I start picking them and passing them out. To the man and woman and others that have followed us down.

All of a sudden I...we hear from Heaven "Jesus Christ is King in Heaven and on earth. Judgement has come down to you!". Right then and there an earthquake starts. Pieces are falling off the highway overhead and all around. I look over my head and see I'm standing under a huge cement chunk of highway that is going to fall. I shout at everyone "GET OUT OF HERE! IT'S ALL COMING DOWN!" and I run to the cement edge of the exit on the driver's side of the truck and jump over onto the grass section in between the highways overhead, to an area lower than it all and away from debris.

Then I woke up! I prayed to Father in Heaven about it all morning for clarification. Then he started to bring back to me realizations and the results of research I have been doing over the past few days.

I get the STRONG IMPRESSION Montreal is about to have a strong earthquake due to the high amount of innocent blood (child sacrafice/abortions/Dr Morgentaler) that this place is responsable for shedding.
Child sacrafice was legalized in the U.S. (America/Ameruka-Land of the Plumed Serpent God) (to be emulated by all other nations) in 73, but the case was introduced to Texas court on Dec. 13 1971, the year I was born (21/05/71). Roe (as in Roebuck, deer) vs Wade (as in 'wade' into the waters. Which waters? The tossing foaming sea of humanity.). But clinics in the U.S. had major problems launching due to demonstrations against it. So much so the C.I.A. had to use fake bombers for awhile to ramp up security and police presence in these places and demonize those against it and calling it out for what it truly was. Same C.I.A. along with the F.B.I. and N.S.A. that for all these years have covered up and protected satanic pedophile judges and politicians and heads of corporations and actors and singers and public influencers, shielding them and aiding their crimes and child abductions and kidnappings to offer to Satan while going after and parading small fish basement dwellers to parade on the news like they were somehow 'doing their jobs' and 'doing their best' while cutting and hiding any links between the two! IN THE MEANTIME.. in the meantime, people were sent to a Dr Henry Morgentaler at his Montreal clinic to have their children sacrificed to their fallen god of psy-ence. This was then used by Americans to pressure U.S. states and clinics with the American media shaming with reports like "Why should Americans be forced to go to Montreal and Dr Morgentaler to abort their babies (child sacrafice)?" and woman's lib critics harping "Why are American women having their lives and well being risked like this? Why is their right to choose being ignored and sent north like this?". Here in Canada, this fallen 'politically correct' society embraced Morgentaller as a woman's lib/rights hero, and child sacrafice/abortion spread across our nation as well.
Very telling that this all starts in 71, and on 7/7/21 Mexico legalizes child sacrafice/abortion, and within hours they have a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. They even tried covering it up as all the reports I was seeing were saying it was a 7.0 earthquake. But my gut instinct told me they were covering it up, so I googled 7.1 Mexico. Sure enough, the New York Times reported it accurately. They 'have to confess the truth at least once, through one source's. Then they can lie and cover up with ALL THE REST, as they do and as you can see for yourself. When I saw the N.Y.T. article, I heard in my spirit "The cry of the innocent has reached Heaven itself! The earth will no longer cover up it's blood!"
The voice from Heaven in my dream said 'Jesus Christ is King in Heaven and on earth and judgement has come!", then the earthquake began.

So...keep an eye on Montreal. Roe vs Wade was introduced on a 13th. Today is a 13th. My eye is on 7:10p.m. tonight. As usual, I'll be happy to be wrong. No problem with that. But even if it's not tonight, it's coming. My gut is VERY RARELY WRONG on these things, even if timing is slightly off! Canada itself has abandoned God in Heaven and bows at the alter of the fallen god of psy-ence now and 'politically correct' arrogance, so judgement is coming to this land regardless.

Funny and strange, I've had birds calling out to me since rising. And all day I've had drones CONTINUOUSLY flying over me repeatedly, one after another. They seem to know Father in Heaven has talked to me, and they seemed to be highly bothered. I'll leave it with them though. 'THEY' can keep the sentiment. I refuse to be either bothered or intimidated. I posted many screenshots and pics in my pictures today and a few days going back as it all came to me.


yours truly;

worm/roach/luggnutz/Goy Brian Pearce/Who-Am-I-Yah

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