The Real Ascended Master
My name is Michael. Hi folks all around the world its time to wake up big time. Haven’t you noticed something is wrong in the world? They have gone mad! I ascended and came back to help you to figure it out. If you help mankind you help the animals and all living species including plants and mother Earth. Well where do you begin, at the beginning? There is no beginning and no end. If you astral through the universe and keep on going through the universes you will hear a different sound in each universe this one has a drum beat the next one a flute and so on and so on. If you keep on going past all the universes, there is not that many, and keep on going and going and you will come to the three absolutes. The three absolutes are absolute darkness, absolute coldness and absolute space. If you took the hardest object of the universe up to the absolute coldness it would then turn into gas, now keep on going through the coldness, the darkness and space now stop. Once you’ve stopped look in the distance and you will see a spark, follow the spark to the left and eventually it goes out. The spark turns into gas, watch for the next spark, there is one every 20 seconds, you don't get one spark you get two. This is called the duality, one goes to the left and one goes to the right. One is negative and the other is positive. After billions of years you have one big positive ball of gas and one big negative ball of gas. Eventually they hit each other and go bang and then you have got two suns and two big ball of light. Eventually it goes out and is a big ball of gas again. This goes on for neons of years until it makes enough suns to keep it warm enough and eventually you get a universe. It takes neons of years. Now go back to the spark the spark is a soul being born it is an atom an inside the atom there are particles the particles are thoughts an it takes trillions an trillions of souls to make a planet so you are everything. The spark is a new soul, it is an atom, it is energy and you can’t kill energy. Now where does the spark come from? The spark comes from; absolute coldness, absolute darkness, absolute space and deep in the middle of the absolute coldness there is a very deep compressed spot where the energy builds to such a peak; you get a spark every 20 seconds. Everything comes from the three absolutes you might call it god I call it everything you can’t imagine how powerful you really are. There is no such word as cannot. What is the essence of every living thing the plants animals the essence of life is feeling special if you don’t feel special you’ll wither and die so tell your children and everyone you know that they are very special. We are all unique and we are all here to lean to ascend to the higher consciousness.

This came from the hall of Records
The sun of man holds the key to all. The stars you can see will reveal it all.

I hope you can see it in a waterfall. All the great men and women of time will return to you all.

The big picture

Hi folks please send this in a e-mail to your friends. The big picture. We us human beings have been killing each other for thousands of years and its time to move on and to be nice to each other. We watched Israel turn palatine into rubble and slaughtered thousands of innocent Human beings. and the Israeli soldiers looked the little children in the eyes and shot them dead with their rifles while their parents were holding a white flag and we, the whole world, watched and listened for three weeks. And guess what, Starbucks and McDonalds dedicated several days' profits to Israel for their dirty deeds. Like you and me and all like-minded human beings are disgusted, we are ashamed. Why have we got the United Nations? They have never done a thing. All they do is cost us a load of money. Jobs for the boys. Only a hundred and so many years ago the farmers had a revolution and they hung them by the neck on a post by the farm gate until they rotted by the hundreds. We had a peoples' revolution. They went to sign the treaty and they cut off one of the revolutionaries' heads and they all ran away. And who do they get to do all their killing? Yes, that's right, it's us, us human beings. There were 7,000 Buddhist monasteries in Tibet, which had been there since recorded history. They take the monks by there thousands, tens of thousands, and they sell their organs and we buy them. They destroyed all the ancient texts and scrolls and all their recorded history. They did the same to the Ascended masters. They killed them all (bar a few), destroyed their monasteries and a huge
Libraries with hand-written books, scrolls texts as far back as humans have lived here. Jack straws and Tony Blair passed a bill to torture terrorists. They fly them to a country where they can get away with it and boil them alive. And Africa have been slaughtering one another for years. I could go on for days, SO THE BIG PICTURE I, am trying to keep this simple, in the beginning we knew who we were come from the oneness, the oneness of everything. We lived in harmony, and as time went on some of us wanted to live a different way of life. Hence, they separated from the true oneness. So now they have their true inner being and a separate self, and, as time went on, they started to get selfish, and selfishness is the greatest evil on earth. And now they have their true inner being and a separate selfish self. It was their choice. These groups are called the Baalians, and as time went on, the fallen angels visited the planet. This species are very dangerous. They destroy everything until they destroy the planet. The
new visitors made friends with the Baalians by trading technology for labour. As time went on, the true beings still connected to the oneness and lived in Atlantis. The visitors did not like the Atlanteans, because they could not control them, and the visitors had a big slice of luck. The planet flipped, the magnetic poles reversed and the planet started spinning anticlockwise, and when the planet settled down Atlantis was gone. When the planet spins anticlockwise you get a lower vibration, a lower level of consciousness. It was then easy to programme the Baalians because they had a big selfish separate self. The visitors could not believe their luck. Their ego got so big they thought they were God and ever since then they have been running amuck. Some of the Atlanteans hid away and kept the knowledge right up to this day. And one of these beings of the oneness keeps reincarnating back here using different names, one being Jesus. And the visitors know when he's coming back. It's revealed in the stars, a sign in the stars. It's there now. Go and look. That big bright star is not a plan. And where do the visitors get their knowledge from? They stole it from the Atlanteans along with lots more information. And Jesus, or whatever name he was using, gathered groups of people together and told them who they really were and how they separated from the oneness and become programmed into the separate selfish self. And showed them the way back to the oneness. And the visitors asked Jesus: are you the Son of God, and Jesus replied I am the son of man, because he knew the visitors had a big ego and thought they were God. And the visitors told their soldiers to nail Jesus to tree. And the people said: hang on, Jesus was only showing us the way back to our true being, our inner being. And the visitors said: we know God, we know the way, so stop being so silly and go away, otherwise our soldiers will nail you to a tree. And it still goes on today, right now, right in front of our faces. If we came up with free energy, which we have,, the visitors would not let us use it. And if we ask, why not? the government will say: it doesn't work, go away and stop being silly. You see, the people that tell you the truth end up in a wood, sitting against a tree with their wrists cut, or under a train. Grasp the nettle. The governments and the military, and big corporations, are run by the visitors telling them what or what not to do. Hence the big mess in the world. When Jesus was nailed to the tree, he said to the people, forgive them, they know no better. He knew they were programmed into a selfish separate self by the visitors. So, why does our mate, Jesus, keep coming back? He comes back to give us hope, to put hope into our consciousness. If he had not come back, we would have blown ourselves up, and the planet, by now. We think he's coming back to save us. He keeps on trying, but we are so programmed to fear, we run and hide behind a bush. I mean a tree, not that dip-stick the ex-president. So I am saying, let's give our mate a hand and come back to the oneness, come back together. We can do it on our own. Let's stop listening to these lies. Let's demand the truth, let's ask the government, where did all the money go? And they say people could not pay their mortgage. Well, it's like this folks. We all need food and water, warmth and shelter. So, a family finds a house, and it is on the market for one hundred thousand pounds. They go to a bank and get a mortgage, and the final payment is three hundred thousand pounds. So the bank is making two hundred thousand pounds. Not bad, eh? The family modifies the house. Now it is worth one hundred and ten thousand pounds. The family pays thirty thousand into the mortgage over three years, and then one of the wage earners goes sick and they cannot pay the mortgage. By this time, the house is worth one hundred and fifteen thousand pounds. The bank take the house and sell it, and they have made one hundred and forty thousand pounds, and the family still owe the bank one hundred and seventy five thousand pounds. So you see it was a big lie. So, demand the truth. Don't let them keep getting away with it. Our government spends two hundred or more pounds (a day?) on keeping a prisoner in prison. And that's our money. Where are the morals and standards and common sense. The prisoner should be keeping us. Demand morals and standards and common sense. So let's all of us get out there and demand a better world to live in harmony. If you stand up to a bully, they run away. If you want to get out of the programme, look up at the universe and say and mean it: I am everything, I am part of the oneness. Smile and be happy and see a nice future and the universe will send it. But if you are frightened and unhappy and negative, that's what you will get back. You are what you attract, you are what you reflect. So, if you're saying: oh, he doesn't mean me, I am mister nice guy, I go to church every Sunday, and give all the other excuses, well I have got news for you, if you kick someone you are kicking yourself. So, sit there praying to your god to slay all the wicked people if you want stay separated from the oneness. It's your choice. You will stick out like a sore thumb What other knowledge did the visitors find in |Atlantis? They found prophesies for 2013 and they went like this: several years before 2013 the stars will line and will put great pressure on the planet Earth and it causes huge waves of water, earth quakes, volcano’s erupting, high winds, diseases and poverty. Does this sound familiar? And in 2013 Earth lines up with a wormhole, stops rotating for three and a half days and nights, and then starts rotating clockwise. All karma goes to zero and everything goes into the fifth dimension. It's a high freq1uency of consciousness. It is the frequency of the oneness. So it is very important to get your frequency to vibrate to the oneness. Or, you have the choice of bad thoughts, like killing someone, and with that thought you kill yourself for ever, and you won't reincarnate into a body ever again. You will go back to particles and atoms. But it is your choice. The visitors know all this and made up a plan or two. And it goes like this: they keep us in a low, negative frequency of consciousness. And they do it like this; Diana said my husband is going to kill me. And she dies in an accident. Diana gave us hope. Well, Jesus gave us hope, and we watched the visitors nail him to a tree and we watched them nail Diana to a wall. They brought down the world trade centre and went to war on a pack of lies. i could go on and on. They do it so we have no hope and it keeps us in a low frequency of consciousness. So the visitors have been making underground cities all over the world and stockpiling them with food. Well, the next big plan, this is the big one. It’s no good hiding behind a tree in fear, waiting for them to go away, because it is you next. Your time is up. When they go down their holes, they don't want 6 billion people filling in their underground entrances with concrete. Well, they have Obama now, and they will build your hopes up and up, and then they will fake his assassination, point their fingers at a group of white people and, hey presto, you have a civil war, and it will go on for years. Don't fall for it, they’ve been setting it up for years. I suggest you go to the browser and type in: freedom of knowledge, the power of thought, then click on US concentration camps. Fema. Project Blue Beam. Blue beam are based in the Himalayas. They slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Buddhist monks and destroyed 7000 monasteries while we watched TV. Well, visitors, and all you people going underground, we won't be filling in your exit because your big bosses, the ones who thought they were god, and many others left the planet some time ago, and that is why we had a big hole in the ozone, and they are destroying some other planet now. Well, they told you they were going, but they didn't give you the right reason. They left because they really know what is going to happen. So listen very closely. When the planet stops rotating and then rotates clockwise, we all ascend to a higher frequency. What they did not tell you is that when that happens, the planet Earth breaks up into large pieces and goes back home to the cosmos to be healed of all your crap. So, if you want to go down your holes and go off to the cosmos, never to be reincarnated again, and to be stardust again for ever and ever, that's fine. I can see you laughing and pooh poohing this. All I am saying is you have three years to be nice to people and to have nice thoughts, and join us in the higher frequency. The choice is yours. I am only the messenger. Lots of love. mick this can help
mick enlightenment without religion hi we are approaching the 5th dimension. Please have very good thoughts and that will hold you in the 5th dimension. if you have lots of bad thoughts your vibration will hold you in the 4th dimension and that’s where the demons live

This is unbelievable, but true!
Can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 600
employees and has the following employee statistics .

29 have been accused of spouse abuse
7 have been arrested for fraud
9 have been accused of writing bad cheques
17 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
3 have done time for assault
71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
8 have been arrested for shoplifting
21 are currently defendants in lawsuits

84 have been arrested for drink driving in the last year

NOW. Which organization is this ?
It's the 635 members of the House of Commons, the same group that cranks out
hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us inline.
What a bunch of b*****ds we have running our country - it says it all.
And just to top all that they probably have the best 'corporate' pension scheme in the country!!

If you agree that this is an appalling state of affairs, please pass it on
To everyone you know. It's time to stand up to this lot

Ziggurat: Dubai Pyramid Will House One Million People
This quote from Sitchin's book: "The Twelfth Planet" . . Commanding the city and the royalcompound was a step pyramid called a ziggurat. It served as a 'stairway to heaven' for the gods."
The fallen angels. there starting a civil war in the next two moths. so we haven’t got long now
The media are starting it right now in England so get into groups of twenty or so and learn to be a team and start growing your own veg. Find a bolt hole like an underground reservoir its no good fighting them look at Waco. The planet will rock and role so you will need high ground
My book it’s a short one. It tells you what is in the Himalayas lots of love and may the oneness be with you

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